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Props at Bath

Premiership Bath
by forwardpasser (U10752637) 21 January 2009
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Very sorry about the problems Matt is in, and hope people just keep this all in perspective, after all he's not robbed anybody, or beaten anyone up. He's young enough to come back, and the club will support him, despite his irresponsibility.

However, I think it is clear that to be a top team in the premiership, a side needs four front line props, and Stevens, Bell, Flatman and Barnes have been doing an outstanding job.

I was wondering if we have a good enough tighthead in the squad to take up the slack? Perhaps someone in the know could forward their views.

Incidentally, what is the situation with Nathan Catt? (I know he's a loosehead) - has he been injured, or is his scummaging not yet up to speed - he was very impressive in the loose for the Barbarians.

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posted Jan 22, 2009

'Interesting only two BAth players have publicly backed him, and they are Australian Harrison and Lipman'

And Abendanon. Let's face it.. if every Bath player came out and said he was offering his support there wouldn't be any room left in the papers.. it is a close knit squad and I suspect every guy there will help as much as possible. As for not making any big performances.. perhaps not for England because they have been dire and play a gameplan which simply doesn't allow Stevens to play to the best of his abilitys.. but if you had watched him for Bath over the last 3 seasons you'd withdraw that comment.. he has been simply awesome on many occastions. No prop is capable of doing what he does in the loose in the NH.

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comment by benjjj (U6564075)

posted Jan 22, 2009

RugbyDump - I'll certainly bow to your Bath knowledge about him.
If you want to chat further I'll be at the Rec in my Toulouse shirt on Sunday!( - in the corner of the Kronenbourg stand.)

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posted Jan 22, 2009


If this is so typical of South Africans, then why do the clubs keep employing them? Can you give me a few more examples? Do you have any examples to the contrary? Or are you just angry?

I'm not quite sure about your comments about these two Australian players either. Why do you find this interesting? Are there other examples of this also? Or are you just angry?

Good luck.

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posted Jan 22, 2009

'If you want to chat further I'll be at the Rec in my Toulouse shirt on Sunday!'

I look foward to it.

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posted Jan 22, 2009

He has made a mistake! Hopefully he will come back stronger for the experience. A very stupid mistake but nobody is perfect Suntjorge.

As for those who criticise - he has, as RugbyDump says, on a number of occasions with David Barnes and / or Duncan Bell taken apart the best that Europe has to offer in club games at The Rec. Perhaps not so much this season. But he is undoubted quality.

I find it interesting that Mike Tindall gets a 3 year driving ban for being drunk behind the wheel and few bat an eyelid. Oh yes alcohol is OK because its legal. I do not condone Matt's use of Cocaine but Tindall's problem with alcohol seems to be fine and supported by his bosses - including Martin Johnson.

Let's not be too hasty to judge!

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