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McLarens new colours

by keizo-Yamata (U12161658) 15 January 2009
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Just looked at their site and they gave a sneak preview and the car is going to be black/charcol colours. It looks like is going to be a winner

I spoke to a mate who knows a mate of some who works there and he said its going to be different

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posted Jan 17, 2009

NikosBg -

We also have bigotry and xenophobia, something which you're proving the Germans have too. And we know what happened the last time a German came over all xenophobic, don't we?
Post a picture of your car (you have to have built it yourself from the ground up for it to be a fair comparison, I wouldn't want to embarass you) and we'll compare. I attend the Nurburgring regularly, hopefully i'll see you there one day. Careful you don't blink and miss me from your deckchair.

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posted Jan 17, 2009

"She once claimed to be related to Paul Newman which really made me laugh. "
NEVER SAID THAT. You were dumb enough to think that. NEVER said that. you're a liar

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posted Jan 17, 2009

THERE WAS NOTHING TO "be found out" Mr. Gallagher. You lied, I didn't. You said I stated that I was a grandson of Mr. Newman. THAT WAS NEVER SAID.
and you seemed not to mention the Ardigo deal to Ove. you were more interested wasting money, and trying to learn my bloodline(how british), the only liar is you. the record says so

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posted Jan 17, 2009

"the record says so"

the record that says no phonecall was ever made, and you proceeded to make yourself look like a prize turnip? Yep that record exists alright. Which Ardigo deal would that be, the one to drive 300bhp Formula Atlantics at the age of 25/26? WOW, I stand in awe of the man.
As for your claims, would you like me to post my list of all your 'facts' again to embarass you again? 'Facts' such as 'Ardigo will move to Ferrari in 09 once he has paid back Paul Newman in Indycar'?
I will say this though; please keep posting, for a few days just into the new year I thought you'd gone from 606. My entertainment value from 606 would have plummeted if I couldn't read you making a fool of yourself.

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comment by nibs (U13128545)

posted Jan 17, 2009

comment by Mr_Gallagher (U12722442)
posted 44 Minutes Ago

"I attend the Nurburgring regularly"

Oh I see. You're one of those snob Brits who show off at the ticket office thinking daddy's money has also bought them skill but when they enter they're seen to be overtaken by Mazda MX5s.

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comment by nibs (U13128545)

posted Jan 17, 2009

comment by spectacularsteve (U9312355)

"Protest that in Edinbugh and London"

They're not boverd (sic), and they're not allowed to anyway.

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posted Jan 17, 2009

NikosBg - either you can't read or you're just stupid. I built my car(s) myself, certainly not with daddy's money. And what's wrong with a father giving their son money, did your own father beat you up? I can't help that, you need a quack to get over your issues, not a car builder.

Whackoliarsteve -

"you really should call Ove again"

I didn't call him a first time. So imagine my delight and amused when you then proceed to tell me that you have this 'phonecall' taped and how you laughed (in great detail which is actually quite impressive, giving a in-depth account of something that never happened. They call that delusional and psychotic where I come from).
Ardigo was nowhere near a drive in 2008 and you know it. If he was close to a US Champcar/Indy/IhavenoselfesteemandevenlesstalentCar
then he wouldn't be driving Formula Atlantics with 300bhp. My road car has more than 300bhp. If the man had any talent he'd be in F3 at the very least.
Some of your claims;

1) You are the grandson of the most successful Indycar owner of all time. No-one claimed you were Paul Newman's grandson, it was assumed you meant either Paul Newman or Roger Penske. 'Claiming' it would have meant people took you seriously. Which no-one does.

2) You're not in fact the grandson of a team owner, but in fact runa nd manage a team yourself.

3) You are in fact neither of the above, but own a marketing company which markets electric cars

4) But no, you are manager of Marco Ardigo, Cessetti, and Davide Fore.

Make your mind up. Back to those carburettors and the 19th Century (or America as we call it here).

Back to those carburettors and the 18thCentury (or the Deep South as I believe it's called).

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posted Jan 18, 2009

Spectacularsabina - <biggrin> you seem very upset at having been caught out!

Why not try to keep your stories straight in future? Less entertaining for us but not so humiliating for you?

And imagine how upset Marco Ardigo will be if he ever finds out that someone he's never met has made him a laughing stock here!

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