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by anjawnaymiz (U6640200) 15 January 2009
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Thats right folks, according to the daily mirror frank warren and amir khan have almost signed a fight with marco barrera for march at the 02 in london, massive fight! barrera isnt the fighter who once beat hamed anymore but is still a legend, i think he may still have a bit in the tank to put khan on his pants again though.

barrera is currently ranked no2 by the wbo so its a clever move by mr warren.

your thoughts?

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comment by robzaba (U2159929)

posted Jan 16, 2009

The weight/reach/height argument might be nullified here by... timimg.

Barrera has magnificent timing, shown many times, not least against the agile and durable Hamed. Khan is in a fight...

But both have a chance to win, Khan will need to box maturely, with ego not-in-tact, because B thinks he can win this, and then retire with kudos, and the world watching, Khan if he uses mobility and brain can win, and step onto the world stage with a lot more credibility than even a year ago... a must-see fight...

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posted Jan 16, 2009

Amir Khan can't win! His critics say he fights nobodies but now he is fighting Barrera. Strangely, Calzaghe made "history" against Roy Jones Jr. Funny that considering Roy Jones Jr. was five years past his best trying to make a comeback after brutal knockout defeats. Yes, Barrera has lost two fights to Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez but both of them are pound for pound number one & two. And it's not as if Barrera was out classed. I thought Barrera did well in both fights and that was a year ago! There was talk about a big fight between Barrera and Nate Campbell so give Khan some credit. At least Khan is stepping up. It took Hatton nearly 40 fights to fight someone half decent for a world title. It took Calzaghe 9 years. If you think Khan is cocky then take a look at James DeGale. All of this talk about Khan being too big for his boots? Calzaghe was talking about wanting Roy Jones Jr. at a time when he was fighting Richie Woodhall <doh>

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posted Jan 16, 2009

comment by @ (U13645595)

posted 5 Hours Ago
I think Khan has the talent of a Floyd Mayweather and Oscar De La Hoya....


Now that's funny.

Warren's trying to clear the decks for his new Olympic medallists by giving Khan a win or bust fight, even an aging Barrera should have too much ring craft and guile for an average Khan.

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posted Jan 17, 2009

The suggestion that Warren is putting Khan out to pasture with this fight so that he can be (over-)patient with the Beijing medallists seems terrifyingly accurate.

Although it is difficult enough to gauge Barrera's ability right now that we can't rule out anything, but the suggestion that Khan will take the early initiative before Barrera comes good in the end seems viable enough.

Here's my prediction: Barrera by knockout, but with Khan leading on points at the time. Khan will be the aggressor and land a lot of punches, but Barrera will catch Khan's glass jaw and it'll be game over.

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posted Jan 17, 2009

Time to bid Amir Khan goodbye.

Barrera is still a tough guy, and still able to go 12 gruelling rounds.
Unless Barrera is out of shape then he will win. This is more of a test to see if Barrera is still a hungry fighter.

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comment by G_K___ (U1677408)

posted Jan 17, 2009

I can't help feeling Barrera should already have retired.

What a blot it would be on a great career to lose to a no-mark like Khan! <ok>

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comment by JobyJak (U5992775)

posted Jan 18, 2009

This is actually no win for Khan, if he wins everyone will say Barerra was shot, if he loses it will be expected.

I personally think Khan will either get knocked out quickly or win Sugar Ray Leonard style over 12 rounds. If Barerra has anything left, he should finish Khan quite easily.

BUT Warren is not stupid, he obviously knows something we don't. The name of Barerra on Khan's record will be monumental. I just can't see Khan pulling it off. The only way is of Barerra is severely shot, and if he is, well done Frank Warren.

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posted Jan 19, 2009

I am left in no doubt that Warren is clearing the decks for his new Olympic lot. He recognises that the only way for Khan to win a world title would be never to be hit again which no fighter (Mayweather aside) has the skills to do.

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posted Jan 19, 2009

As much as i like amir khan because of his amazing speed and ability to put combinations together, if he wins this fight then its definately a fix. barrera is a legend of the sport he beat naz easily and naz had great head movement amir khan hasn't got any. Why is frank warren tryin to throw amir khans career away? to rectify himself he needs 2 fight breidis prescott but he will never beat him even with freddie roach in his corner best of luck will be supporting amir during the fight but i know barrera will win.

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comment by Tater89 (U4389224)

posted Jan 20, 2009

Barrera by KO

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