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Premier League Tottenham Hotspur
by shelfsidespur (U13669978) 06 January 2009
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Well we won but think the scoreline flattered us.

Very disappointed with Bentley thought he was shocking and Bale as well, Frazier Campbell can go back to United as far as I'm concerned.

Is anyone else still really worried? our first half performance was shocking, a performance like that in premiership would have seen the game out of sight by half time

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posted Jan 7, 2009

Didnt seen the game and only seen highlights of the goals, from listening to 5 live it sounded like we were so poor in the first half which just cant be the case. I completely agree with Harrys comments about the squad its not a want for new players its a need, we really need the depth and some more gritty players.

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posted Jan 7, 2009

Hi all.....

Alot of posts here on Bale and Bentley.....I think some of it is a bit harsh....especially on Bale.

Under MJ, Bale was a consistent performer and if it were not for his injury woes could have come on leaps and bounds....I agree with one post here talking about pushing him into left midfield - he is far better there than in defence.

This brings me onto ultimatley putting Bale at LM has an effect on him.....I am really confused with much skill/potential just dont understand why he is not more consistent....

Agree with HR....we do need more depth/strength and I really do think O'Hara should be much more involed than at present. I would put him LM, drop Bentley (which might give him the kick up the ar*e he needs, and for now go with Bale/EK left back.....

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comment by Fordy9 (U9669561)

posted Jan 7, 2009

What's with Harry saying we have too many games, we're in too many competitions, but not using any of our fringe players?
He's publicly stated that the likes of Taraabt and Ghaly are decent players and will get a game within the next few fixtures.
Let's give them a run out, especially against the likes of Burnley when we're 3-1 up by 65 minutes.

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posted Jan 7, 2009

First I would likew to congratualte Burnley and their away fans for providing us with a good cup tie.

In the first half Spurs were guilty of thinking that they only had to show up to win , Burnley took the game to us and destroyed our MF and possibly should have had more than a one goal lead at HT.

Spurs were truely dreadful in the first half. Mos tof the focus ha sbeen on Bale and Bentley ... I agree that Bale's coinfidence is shot, but that is partly to do with the fact that with Bentley in front of him he really has not got any idea what to do. There is no communication between the two at all. Bentley kept on drifting into midfield leaving poor Bale completely exposed and out of posiiton. When O'Hara came on Bale improved dramtically. He knew what he had to do (defend) he did not have to go an stupid over laps, and when Jamie went forward he made it clear to Bale that he was to defend.... brilliant!

The score line in the end perhaps was a bit flattering but Harry got he shape right in the swecond half and when we wnet 3-1 up you could see that Burnley were deflated.

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comment by Simosa (U6694722)

posted Jan 7, 2009

I think O'Hara is really good and every time he comes on e.g. against West Ham he makes a difference. So why is his name never on the starting list. Its as if Harry sees him as a 'John O'Shea'; not good enough unless people are injured. He couldnt be further from it as O'Hara has a great shot, great cross, good pass, decent pace, decent feet, great tackle and great stamina. So why is this guy so underrated? i.e. behind Bentley. Is it because he doesn't have a flair foreign name? or looks standard? I dunno someone tell me...

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posted Jan 7, 2009

Well, the Spurs will meet us in the Final, and take a good beating!

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posted Jan 7, 2009

If spurs play like this in the final, Man United wont stand a chance.

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posted Jan 7, 2009

Don't count your chickens before they hatch ! ! Spurs have to get through another 90 mins at Turf Moor yet ! And I'll be there along with 25,000 screaming Clarets fans !

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posted Jan 7, 2009

jermaine defoe he`s a YIDDO !!! He will be great up from with Pavlychenko much better than Bent or Campbell.good result but poor in the first half but what the hell man utd are 1 -0 DOWN versus Derby tonight !!!
WEmbley here we come I think !!

C O Y S !!!

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comment by bishely (U4489360)

posted Jan 8, 2009

Bale was atrocious for near enough the whole game - for the first 45mins he didn't play a pass that didn't either land at a Burnley player's feet or bounce off one of our boys at speed. He kept getting trapped out of position, was primarily responsible for their goal (why did he turn his back on the winger!?), and didn't seem to be bothering to run as fast as he can when defending (the amount of times he started sprinting to a ball, then slowed right down, putting himself under totally unnecessary pressure...). I think he's an incredibly gifted player, and still very young, but he really needs to sort himself out - at the moment, he looks like he doesn't want to be a left back, and while I'm sure he'd be very good on the left wing, for the moment we need him to do his job rather than sulking around the pitch. In fairness to him, he did pick up in the second half, which probably had something to do with not having Bentley in front of him.

Bentley is a talented lad, and I sympathise with him because he wanted to come to Spurs and help us win things, but his arrival has caused more problems than it has solved. He doesn't have anywhere near Lennon's pace, and his crossing has been way below his standard at Blackburn, while Lennon's has improved a lot... His main asset at the moment seems to be his tricks, but more often than not he overuses them and ends up losing space and time rather than gaining it.

At half time there wasn't a single Spurs player who had turned in even an average performance by their own standards - some had tried harder than others, but they were all seriously underperforming.

Burnley played the kind of football Chelsea and Arsenal fans knew they were capable of.

We started the second half as we should have started the first - lively, committed, passing and moving. More often than not in the first half we saw ten Spurs players standing and watching as their teammate struggled to work out what to do with the ball (before lumping it long). For the first 15mins or so of the second half that wasn't an issue as we began to play football.

Burnley have every right to feel the result wasn't a fair reflection of the game - they suffered a brief lapse in concentration and we capitalised on it.

IF (and it's not really a huge 'if') we make it to the final, it'll be a fantastic achievement considering how badly we've played recently. We keep seeing glimpses of what the squad is capable of, but for the first half of this game we looked like Ramos was still in charge.

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