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Premier League West Ham United
by BONZOGAZ (U13754939) 21 December 2008
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posted Dec 30, 2008

Gabbidon (just doesn't match our current defenders)
Cole (4 Mill i reckon, good, but not that good)
Boa Morte (get him out of here no matter what)
Stokes ( don't think i've seen him play at all)
Lastuvka (surplus)
Bowyer (Mug, get him outa here)
Walker (Surplus)
Quashie (Rubish, scottish Kaka my butt)

Illunga (might of slandered the club or so the papers say, but he is class.
Giovinco (if he plays/ed for Juventus them he should be pritty good, worth a shot)
Sol Campbell (class defender and may be leaving portsmouth. if upson, heaven forbid left us, he would be a fine replacement)
Tuncay (classy midfeilder, just what we need)
Frazier Campbell (young striker to replace cole)

we'd need to sell to buy though, we are in debt so i hear
@ whufc_adz
If Benayoun sold us out to liverpool and now they don't want him (kinda like how Tevez is wasted at united) i think i can speak for most of us hammers fans when i say that turncoat made his bed and he has to lay in it now.

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posted Dec 30, 2008

Some of you arn't aware of the situation we are in. We will not buying any player that will cost us millions. If we make any signings it will be players that are free agents or loanees.

A lot will leave. Fringe players like Davenport, Boa Morte, Faubert etc will all be leaving. And unforunatly at least one of Bellamy, Parker, Upson, Green or Behrami will leave.

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posted Dec 30, 2008

OUT: Boa Morte (Pleeeeeeeease!)
Lastuvka (who??)
Bowyer (well past his best)
Quashie (let Brum have him)
+ any other surplus and hopefully release a few of the sick notes.
IN: Sol Campbell (Loan with option?)
Bullard(hard working,honest, but poss too much money)
A striker to replace Cole if poss, but genuinely hope its a quite one. Could do with trimming the squad of the hangers on & sick notes and give Zola/Clarke a hardcore to work with. Lets not kid ourselves, its not as if we need a huge squad for any European ventures any time soon which is what the previous owners we're deluding themselves we were aiming at.

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posted Dec 31, 2008

Possible 2 Left Backs:
Make Ilunga A Permanent Signing
Daniel Fox (Coventry) [1-2m]
Gareth Bale (Spurs) [P/Ex in Bellamy deal]
Joe Mattock (Leicester} [1-2m]

Possible Strikers:
Marlon Harewood (Aston Villa) [Loan/2-3m]
Giampaolo Pazzini (Fiorentina) [Loan]

Nigel Quashie (Birmingham) [Nominal/Free]
Jimmy Walker (Colchester) [Free]
Tony Stokes (Dag & Red) [Free]
Julien Faubert (A French Side) [Loan/3-4m]
Matthew Etherington (Anyone) [1-2m]
Joe Widdowson (CCC/L1 Side) [Free]
Jack Jeffrey (L1/L2 Side) [Free]
Freddie Sears (CCC Side) [Loan]
Zavon Hines (CCC/L1 Side) [Loan]
Marek Stech (L1/L2 Side) [Loan]

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posted Jan 1, 2009

Under NO circumstances are the following to leave: Green, Upson, Parker, Ashton and Bellamy.

Get Rid of: Cole, B-Morte, Neil (wages), Quashie and a few (but not many) reserves.

Bring in: S. Appiah (Free Agent), Giovinco OR Pazzani.

I like the idea of a Bellamy <-> Bale switch but not sure about Defender for an Attacker.

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comment by mironke (U9352388)

posted Jan 2, 2009

we may lose a couple of our better players (money talks),fringe players will go and we will get loan deals makes sense. I like what zola/clark are trying to do with the team . if we can get to mid table again and finish the season in style I for one will settle for that(in these troubled times).

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posted Jan 5, 2009

You say under no circumstances can we let Ashton go, but I reckon if we got a good offer I think it would be worth it cause last two seasons he's been well injury prone. Maybe get someone who won't get injured the whole time.
Glad to hear interest in boa morte, get himm out asap. Can't believe he gets a game.

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posted Jan 7, 2009

Whatever happened to the good old days when maybe one player left at the end of the season and another joined ? Only one sub,that sperated the good managers from the average ones with who to put on the bench. I remember games when you really didnt know how they would turn out at the end, all the big teams are too powerful now and have benches with more talent then other teams first eleven.As for even contemplating loosing any of the spine of our team disgusts me and shows that accountants and businessmen run football and not true supporters, how do we bring up our kids with the same loyalty we have towards our clubs? Do the players feel any loyalty to the club or do they not have a say any more, Trevor Brooking had the pick of clubs throughout his career and stayed with us through thick and thin RESPECT thats why he is a Legend !!!

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posted Feb 3, 2009

Glad Bellamy's gone, he did not cover himself with glory in the manner of his exit. Shame LBM didn't leave, but if he would only show the same (or any) ability as much as his professed desire to play for WHUFC then we'd be happier fans. Overall- content. The new signing (Ugandan-German) looked pacy against Arsenal. Bowyer- past his best, and a thug, Etherington- had become a fringe player, Davenport, likewise, and was probably influenced by McCartney's presence. Plus- held on to Green, Upson, etc.

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posted Feb 5, 2009

Seems to be one common thread here - LBM should have gone. I haven't seen him do a good thing yet. Seems he could not agree personal terms - perhaps we should have had a whip round to help him on his way (out).

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