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Transfer window

Premier League West Bromwich Albion
by Jonathan Stevenson (U1987325) 20 December 2008
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Hi there,

We're putting together a guide to the January transfer window and I want to know what you Baggies fans think.

Who do you need to sign and why? Who should you get rid of? How much money do you reckon you've got to spend?

Look forward to hearing from you. Cheers.

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posted Dec 20, 2008

We need to sign two/three strikers two loans and one signing?

We need to get rid of those players who we dont play like Pele, Slusarski and others.

And I think weve got around 6 Million to spend?

Need to sign a premiership quality player like Kanu? Probably get him on loan as he cant get a nose in at Pompey with Defoe and Crouch and they need the money because ther e something like 90 Million in debt arnt they? He would aslo suit our play.

Hope this helps ok

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posted Dec 20, 2008

6m?? You're having a laugh aint yer Baggie-Boy?

TM's already said this week he's got zilch to spend in the transfer window, so it's the loan market he's gonna have to rely on.

Hopefully get the two Arsenal kids (Vela and Jay Simpson) on loan and possibly a defensive midfielder.

That'll do me!

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posted Dec 20, 2008

To quote Tony Mowbray:

"We won't be buying anyone in January, no."

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posted Dec 20, 2008

I don't we'll spend either and our style of play will stay the same.

Bobby Zamora is struggling with form but I think he might be a decent loan option for both Fulham and us. Change of scenery and all that, might build his confidence. He certainly knows how to put the ball away and has that Premiership experience we crave.

I'll get slaughtered for that suggestion but it's too late in the day to change our style and he could slip right in.

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posted Dec 20, 2008

He's a first team player for Fulham. It's the equivalent of us loaning Carson out. There's no way it would happen. We've got enough strikers who can't score goals anyway.

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comment by aries22 (U1946540)

posted Dec 20, 2008

Moses, you shouldn't fear getting slaughtered for saying anything on here. I certainly wouldn't criticise anyone for coming up with that name. Desperate times, desperate measures, etc.

The more I think about it, the more I wish we'd bought Kevin Doyle from Reading last summer while Steve Coppell was still wavering over whether to continue as their manager. Even if we had the money, I doubt whether Reading would sell him now or if he'd come to us.

If we're going to have rely on loan deals in January (Frazier Campbell and Carlos Vela up front, defensive MF, CB and RB - I can't remember how many loan players we can have) it wouldn't do Albion any harm to have a bit of a clear-out of fringe players now in readiness for our summer preparations. Bart Sluzarski, Pedro Pele, Shelton Martis, Neil Clement and possibly Sherjill Macdonald can all go unless TM thinks Sherjill can cut it at CCC level. Certainly sell him and Craig Beattie in the summer if by some chance we stay in the PL. Same applies to Luke Moore as well if he doesn't score in the run of games starting with Manchester City tomorrow and ending with the Peterborough FA cup tie. I know he's been given limited time on the pitch and I'm prepared to be persuaded otherwise about him, especially by TM laugh.

If we go down we're in serious danger of losing Ishmael Miller, which is why TM must do everything he can to keep this squad together (save for sales as suggested above).

Just my thoughts.

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posted Dec 20, 2008

I don't think we'll lose Miller due to his injury. He'd need the whole season to impress anybody enough to buy him.

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posted Dec 30, 2008

You can have 5 players on loan in a matchday squad, then that can be 2 domestic and an unlimited number from overseas. However, the 2 domestic loans cannot be from the same club, so its impossible for us to loan anyone else from Arsenal along with Simpson.

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