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The Original, Original Morning All!

League One Leeds United
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Thanks to exile for letting me take this one ;)

How's everyone today on yet another day which will almost definately involve the 'chopping-down' of Gary Mac?

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posted Dec 17, 2008

Morning Chorley, created another thread for today!

See you on there smiley


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posted Dec 17, 2008


I'm sorry to butt in on your little club within a club by introducing you to reality but Shouldn't a man be qualified for the job he does?

It's like setting a guy on as a lifeguard who can't swim and saying it's not a problem cos he can soon pick it up on the job; Meanwhile people are drowning.

At what point between now and relegation to the fourth are you people going to turn around and say. "As nice a guy as he is" and he is a nice guy "He's ruining the club".

Sorry for the interuption.

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comment by U9331459

posted Dec 18, 2008

Shako you craaaaaazzzzyyyyyy!

Excellent song though,it will become my party piece,oh yeahhhh biggrin

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posted Dec 18, 2008

Why am I still getting comments on this thread?!

Fair point Koppite but you can't say that the likes of Alex Ferguson and Scolari were born to be Managers...

And neither was Gary Mac! He wasn't born to be a player either - he picked up the necessary skills as a youngster to become the legend footballer that he was.

They pick up valuable experience along the way do they not?

So I dismiss your views haha smiley

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posted Dec 18, 2008

For every 100 people who try to be a manager 1 might succeed. When Fergie arrived at OT he'd served his apprenticeship at several clubs knocking the old firm off the top in Scotland and taking the Cup-winners cup.

Macca has no experience and nothing to suggest he could be good. Looking objectively he might be too nice a guy because people are born with natural characteristics which equip them for certain tasks and looking at those who have succeeded being nice doesn't seem to be a common link.

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posted Dec 18, 2008

Fair comment...but what would you class as succeeding? erm

Depends entirely upon what you aim to achieve imho.

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posted Dec 18, 2008

the problem at leeds is a lack of ambition. leeds are a massive club and it is outrageous that people are accepting the fact that they are in what is in reality the 3rd divison of english football...even forest have gotten their act together. people need to stop accepting where leeds are and inject some ambition and enthusiasm into the club... a perfect example of this lack of ambition is their lack of interest in the cup competitions over the last number of years... it frustates me as a fan... i'm sorry but two play-off final defeats should NOT be accepted and people need to stop feeling sorrry for leeds and get them back into the premier league-where they belong!!! somebody put some money into this club!!! and get ridn of that joker ken bates

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comment by alchos (U8269205)

posted Dec 19, 2008

the day the earth stood still.
when ken bates bought a round of pints at the local.

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