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Ramos replaces Schuster at Real Madrid

Real Madrid
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Sacked after dragging his spineless Spurs side down into the Premier League relegation mire, Juande Ramos is back having just landed one of the biggest jobs in world football.

Seconds after ruthless Real Madrid announced they had axed coach Bernd Schuster at a Tuesday afternoon news conference, beaming former Seville boss Ramos strolled into the hottest hotseat in European club football.

His first league match in charge of the Spanish champions? Runaway La Liga leaders Barcelona at the Nou Camp.

"We have to confront every game with the will to win," Ramos told the gleeful press. "This is every coach's dream."

That first comment, of course, came in light of the ill-fated declaration from Schuster - "right now it's not possible to win at the Nou Camp" - which ensured the German fell on his sword.

Fifth-placed Madrid sit nine points behind arch-rivals Barcelona and a win for the Catalans this weekend could put them out of Real's sight for this season...

Can Ramos prevent that from happening?

And, looking towards the rest of the season (that is how long his initial contrast lasts), is Ramos the right man for Real Madrid? Can he make them a feared force in the Champions League again?

As ever, let us know your thoughts right here on 606.

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posted Dec 9, 2008

Suits both sides, really...Madrid's board is used to sacking managers after short periods and Juande Ramos is used to getting the sack after short periods.

That situation is not even disguised in this transaction, given that the contract is for only six months (even shorter than Joe Kinnear's.)

Comparing Ramos to Moyes and Redknapp is not relevant, since neither of those would be in the frame for the Real job. Rather, compare him to men who have held the Real job in recent memory, such as Schuster, who won La Liga and Fabio Capello, who won it, too and has a Golden CV.

In any event, good luck to him - I'm happy he is gone from Spurs and now, I am sure, HE is, too!

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posted Dec 9, 2008

comment by BuffonIdol (U13668132)

posted 1 Hour Ago

What are people talking about. Ramos was still a decent manager pre-Seville with Vallecano (promotion to La Liga) and Real Betis (6th in La Liga). And on the point of Win %s, the guy who many of you claim is a decent manager, Harry Redknapp, has a far inferior win % as a manager only bettering 40% wins during his spells at Portsmouth (I can't include Spurs as this is far too early). I'm not saying that Arry isn't good, he is, but come on give credit where credit is due, Juande is decent. And for Christs sake please don't use statistics that if anything prove contrary to your point
Well said! let's not forget though, stats are great if you haven't got a clue, innit?

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posted Dec 9, 2008

I am sorry to see Schuster go as he is leaving for all the wrong reasons. Mijatovic lost interest in him at the end of last season and there has been a war between them ever since. It was not a question of if but when. Schuster has been far more lucky than some of his predecessors in that he has a well balanced squad packed full of talent at his disposal. But with 10 players out with long term injuries has meant that he has seen the team fall away from Barca by 9 points.

However Schuster has jumpbed rather than be pushed even though there was some leverage behind him. In that the Manager of Real Madrid cannot say in press conference the week before the derby against there greatest rivals, Madrid has no chance of winning. That will not be tolerated and he has paid the price.

As for Ramos only time will tell how he gets on, but I will say my judgement is not clouded by his time at Spurs. He failed for many reasons other than his own capability of doing the job. I think he will succeed in some shape or form. My biggest worry is where Schuster will go and if he will be back to haunt Madrid in a few years time? I would not put it past him.

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posted Dec 9, 2008

And what responsibility does the Real Madrid director of sport Pedja Mijatovic carry? How many times has he failed to deliver the right manager for this job? If he does'nt think about his position at the club then someone should do so on his behalf. Every time a manager fails then surely he has failed too. Except he gets chance after chance and no one calls him into question. Time they did.

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posted Dec 10, 2008

"And what responsibility does the Real Madrid director of sport Pedja Mijatovic carry? How many times has he failed to deliver the right manager for this job?"

Er? Hasn't the club been winning trophies lately?

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posted Dec 10, 2008

Ramos has done well before in Spain, so there is no reason why he wont again. His main problem in England was the launguage and Spurs selling thier best 2 players, 2 problems he wont have at Madrid...Good luck to him and thanks for the victory over Chelsea in the cup.

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posted Dec 10, 2008

Overated ???
What about the other 4 times they won it and a couple of UEFA cups too.
Plus a few runners up in various Euro Comps. They are always there or abouts.
Not many teams can beat that.

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posted Dec 11, 2008

Rittter (U13735071): There is no doubt that Mijatovic has to take some of the blame for why Shcuster has left the club, but that was personal issue between them both. However he is not responsible for all the changes with the Manager at Real Madrid as he only became Director of Football in July 2006, so has in fact only seen the demise of Fabio Capello and Bernd Schuster. That is not a bad stat for Real Madrid. His predercesor Emilio Butragueño was changing manager every year.

But really this is all about the pros and cons of the two footballing philosophies for how to govern a Club. In England you have multi rich billionaire playboys involved in the team and treating like real life Pro Evo. Such as Abramovich that saw the demise of Mourinho, etc. But in Spain the big clubs such as Madrid and Barcelona have a oresident in charge that has been elected. As such they have pressure on them every year to bring in the next big name and make change when things are not going well. These decisions are not just about football but about there own survival in the Club. It remains to be seen which is better?

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