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Why We Won't Win The League Under Benitez

Premier League Liverpool
by U13725876 05 December 2008
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Here are a list of reasons that prove we can't and won't win the league under Rafa

1)He's not instilled the winning mentality we had under Houllier
2)We don't play the classy football we used to under Evans or GH
3)He's not good enough in the transfer market
4)His rotation policy is disgraceful and ruins team balance
5)His formations and tactical knowledge of the game aren't good enough.
6)He still doesn't know his best team
7)The players don't believe in him
8)He has no belief IN his players
9)Benitez never makes a player feel good about themselves eg he never praises them even if they score 3 goals in a game
10)His English isn't good enough and the players can't understand him
11)He has no respect for the fans
12)Diehard fans like me want him out
13)He is too overconfident of his ability
14)He has his own set of rules for himself that are unfair on others(he thinks he can just declare interest in players publicly and unsettle them like Barry,Keane,Torres and Aurelio)
15)He doesn't understand the culture of English people and he doesn't understand the footballing culture of Liverpool.

This is why we won't do it under him!

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posted Dec 8, 2008

Please take this troll off the home page.

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posted Dec 8, 2008

Sometimes I don't understand a minority of fellow Kopites who, despite us leading the league without hitting top form wish to throw out such negativity.
Don't get me wrong, I am not one of those dreamers who will simply say that "This is our year", however, we already have the scalps of Chelsea and United under our belts this term.
1. No winning mentality? We've won just about everything but the league under Rafa already.
2. Classy football and GH should never be mentioned in the same sentence. Give me an ugly 3 points over a "pretty" draw anyday.
3. Torres, Masch, Riera, Benayoun, Kuyt, Babel, Reina, Arbeloa...shall I continue?
4. How many times must we endure this garbage? Stats in from last season show that ALL of the "Big 4" managers utilise their squads. If anything, this season Rafa should be commended for keeping the same spine and making only tactical changes or ones forced through injury.
5. I'm stopping now as this point shows that you know nothing about football. You aren't a diehard fan, but rather a bandwagoning bozo.


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posted Dec 8, 2008

Aussie_Kopite (U9757323)

The author of the article is a WUM who has once again been banned...

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posted Dec 8, 2008


You are obviously not a "Die Hard" fan, or you would remember, that by then end of GH's reign, as sad as I was to admit it, all he was playing was counter attack football, jsut inviting pressure and hoping we burst out on the break, that's not the way to win the title.

As for ugly football, and I refer you to Alan Hansen ripping up apart of MOTD this weekend, saying we were poor, it's not reality to think we can play rubbish every week and win the league, but if this was a crazy world where we could play rubbish every week and win 3-1 I would take it!

I certainly wouldn't be jumping on the 17 back into the town centre every week moaning that we played badly, but we won 3-1 and are top of the league.

This guy is nuts, let's see a good match against Hull this weekend, and all stop moaning about we could have done this we could have done that.

Some people need to realise, that no matter what we do, some days things will go our way, and other days they won't we spanked Spurs for 90 mins (league game) and lost , Boro were all over us for 90 mins, and Stevie and Carra stepped up, and we won.

Let's argue about whether Rafa is good enough to win the league at the end of the season.

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posted Dec 8, 2008

I have to chip in here....what a pile of garbage. I wasn't even a member of the BBC website but joined purely to include my complete and utter distain to this individual who clearly knows NOTHING about football. It really angers me to hear those kind of comments about Rafa after all he has given to the club and due to the fact he dedicates his life to football and LFC. Here is a response to every single useless point that imbecile made:

1)We won the European Cup and we are top of the league - please clarify?

2)Under Evans we had a great team that i will remember fondly, we certainly didn't have a true 'winning mentality' though. We played very boring football under GH.

3)Name one expensive bad signing that Rafa has made? If you say 'Robbie Keane' then i will hunt you down and destroy you.

4)He hasn't rotated much this season, you may be thinking of last season?

5)Rafa is a master tactician and has demostrated this consistently in Europe when we have beaten better teams thanks to his tactical nouse.

6)Please see point 4

7)Gerrard, only this week, took time out to specifically say how much he believes in Rafa and how there is a fantastic atmosphere in the club

8)Not even worth answering this ridiculous comment

9)The great thing about Rafa is is ability to improve players. He doesn't need to pat players on the back all the time to get the best performances out of them. They get get that from their grannies.

10)Sorry, I don't understand you - the irony

11)I have no respect for you

12)I want you to dissolve

13), 14), 15)I dislike you immensly

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posted Dec 8, 2008

this is the most ridiculous thing i have ever read on the internet, in fact i think you are more of a mank undercover then a die hard fan, u silly siily little idiot.

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posted Jan 7, 2009

Rafa is a pure legend and the fact that we're at the top of the table to show that we have more than what it takes to win the premiership. His tactical knowledge is second to none. Call yourselves LFC fans...ptshhhh

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comment by Piano- (U10379443)

posted Jan 12, 2009

Did you not watch the Istanbul game?!

Let's see you win the Champions league with Traore, Smicer and Baros in your team from 3-0 down against one of the best sides in the world.

"Die hard fans like me"??

Die hard fans appreciate and support a manager that wins major titles and puts his team in the reckoning for more titles. He's got no support from the board, his players play for him and new players come, because they respect him and respect the club. He brought Torres, he kept Gerrard.

Rafa ticks the boxes mate. He's a legend.

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comment by Piano- (U10379443)

posted Jan 12, 2009

And as for saying his players can't understand him in the dressing room...


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comment by U10891573

posted Jan 12, 2009

Thats not his point, the name of this article is 'Why we won't win the League under Benitez'. We can talk about Rafa winning CL all day long, but he has never won the PL.

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