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The Real Match Thread SPURS v LIVERPOOL

League Cup Tottenham Hotspur
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Sorry its late but the only other one was created by a WUM and I know if I posted on it I'd be deleted (just like he will be on here). First time I've tried a thread so bear with me and have some patience if I forget to bump it.

01 Gomes
02 Hutton
20 Dawson
22 Corluka
03 Bale
07 Lennon
04 Zokora
06 Huddlestone
24 O'Hara
09 Pavlyuchenko
18 Campbell
21 Cesar, 05 Bentley, 10 Bent, 14 Modric, 16 Gunter, 23 Boateng, 33 Rocha

01 Cavalieri
02 Dossena
04 Hyypia
05 Agger
27 Degen
19 Babel
21 Lucas
24 Ngog
28 Plessis
09 Torres
31 El Zhar
42 Gulacsi, 11 Riera, 14 Alonso, 15 Benayoun, 22 Insua, 23 Carragher, 32 Darby

Ref: Mike Riley

Good first 20 for Spurs with some dangerous crosses mostly from Lennon. JOH and Corluka playing well and (gulp) Dawson playing football! Spurs zipping it about and closing down well.

Not even a flap required of Gomes yet. COYS!
1-0 Spurs Pav 38 mins
2-0 Spurs Campbell 41 mins
3-0 Spurs Campbell 44 mins

HT 3-0

3-1 Spurs Plessis 48 mins
4-1 Spurs Pav 51 mins
4-2 Spurs Hyppia 61 mins

FT 4-2 Spurs

Man of the Match Votes - Lennon 2, Pav 1

Thanks for your contributions Spurs fans and (most) others. Only one numpty involved and it seems a compulsion for him

Thread closed, Cheers


Edit - bumped one last time as amazingly its still getting comments!

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posted Nov 14, 2008

Gomes is a liability. He is going to kill one of his centre halfs i he doesn't watch it

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comment by h4mpo (U12815485)

posted Nov 14, 2008

Bishley I don't think he was talking about you mate, think it was aimed at the fans who are saying LFC are rubbish, and really slating us as if you out played us for the full 90 mintutes!

Honestly mate if more fans where like you then football would be alot better off, its ok having a bit of banter but some people on here take it way to far!

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comment by h4mpo (U12815485)

posted Nov 14, 2008

That is exactly my point, was playing Fifa online with a mate from work last night and he was talking about one of the lads in our office who had brough up Hillsbourgh when they where working a Saturday, the lad who brough up Hillsbourgh is 17 and based all his facts on a documentary that said Liverpool fans where drunk and that it was all their fault and even then tried to compare it to Heysel!

People like this disgust me and should be banned from all forums! I mean if somebody said something about Hillsbourgh in the street it would cause a riot!

Its like Everton fans blame us for ruining them after the Heysel incident, they don't want to remember that their chairman stopped putting money in!

Its people who decide to spread BS that are causing trouble between fans!

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posted Nov 14, 2008


I didnt say that All Spurs fans cant accept a win with grace, I said that I hadnt seen any on this string.

People have pretty much the right to say what they want on these strings, and it ends up a shame, in a lot of cases.
It seems more so these days that people are using it to throw insults instead of talking with fans.

Thanks for the compliment on my eyes though - How did you knowsmiley

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posted Nov 14, 2008

RobbieKeaneisIrishCream - ok

The 'mods' on here saw fit to delete the very post you are referring to - good one as well. Funny thing is I copy-and-paste the paragraphs from that ID's comment so I didn't make it up and yet it's my pasting that's deleted and the original comments still remain:

So it matters not how out of order and insulting these comments were, they remain while if you copy and paste them, it gets deleted. Bewildering.

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posted Nov 14, 2008

RobbieKeaneisIrishCream -

Cheers smiley

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posted Nov 14, 2008

Not quite sure if the BBC reporter who posted the website match report actually watched this game... It was not "thrilling". It was very low quality and most Premiership sides would have swept both teams aside.

Liverpool were shocking (LFC fan) and Benitez must have drawn lots to pick this side as they looked and played like strangers. He might as well have followed Wenger's lead and put in the promising teenagers at the club - God knows how many youth internationals he has signed in the last couple of years.

Torres might as well gone for a jog in his garden as he was not interested and only made one pass but gave the ball away nearly every time...That's when he could be bothered to go near the ball. Hopefully, he's saved himself for Saturday and will score!

Momentum and confidence are great things and Liverpool could have kept things ticking over nicely by putting out a stronger side.

This game reminded me of a RL game which I saw years ago which ended 35-33. Everyone at the game thought it was crap but the press said it was a thriller! This game had 6 goals but it was just so POOR.


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comment by bishely (U4489360)

posted Nov 15, 2008

@ portlandbill and RobbieKeaneisIrishCream

Agreed, the majority of people on boards like this tend to take the rivalry too far, and resort to insults... It's a part of Football though, and deleting all posts that stray into 'my team's perfect, yours is rubbish' territory would make these boards a lot quieter (if perhaps a bit more interesting).

However, people talking BS about sensitive matters like Hillsborough is incredibly distasteful, and you'd hope the Mods would nip that sort of thing in the bud... Well, we can dream. (Must be rubbish being a Mod, they're like referees, making quick decisions on divisive matters... All too easy to make the wrong call)

Really, the only hope is that by rising above the pettiness, the more reasonable fans can set an example to the rest, while retaining a sense of humour and avoiding being too smug... We're all guilty of writing things that rankle at times, the important thing is to be able to hold up our hands when called out for them. I admit I hadn't read many of the other Spurs fans' posts when I grumbled about the 'winning with grace' comment. But my point was just that if you are to 'rise above' such stupidity, it helps not to make broad statements, or at least hold your hands up when 'called out' on them.

For these reasons, I doff my hat to you, Gents.

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comment by bishely (U4489360)

posted Nov 15, 2008

just read that back again. shouldn't attempt to write when slightly drunk...
apologies for repeating myself winkeye

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