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To sell or not to sell??

Premier League West Ham United
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West Ham owner and chairman Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson could consider selling the club, his vice chairman has admitted.

could this be the news we have been waiting for...
or could it be the news that many west ham fans fear...due to the influx of foreign owners throwing money around losing traditition etc..

no debt as icelandics wiped them off :)
but the possibility of 50m handing over to sheff utd (wrongly)
but given the owners current situation, should he sell??

also notice zola saying he will sell players, due to the squad being big,

so... you want the icelandics gone?
3.who do you think zola will sell/bring in??

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posted Nov 6, 2008

I don't want us to turn into a Man City where we sell our soul and buy every player going in the market in the hope of immediate success.

I'd much rather we had financially secure owners who invested consistently, yet prudently, as opposed to mega-rich, outlandish signings. Villa seem to have struck the right balance.

Adding one or two decent, progressive signings per transfer window seems to be the way to go - not an influx of superstars at one go.

Back to the point at hand, i think its becoming increasingly likely we're going to be sold, and i don't know if BG is going to be too concerned who he sells to as long as his pockets are full.

I just hope we get secure owners who build season on season, rather than outlandish, extravagant ones who try to buy our way into Europe or the top 4 in half a season.

Not too keen on the "boom or bust" philosophy after what the economy crisis has shown us!

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posted Nov 7, 2008

not sure we have any alternative if we want to do well and stay in this division. under the current owners will simply will not receive new funding for players or anything else for that matter.

personally I have liked them, its sad the world has gone belly up at the complete wrong time.

I think BG will view us as one of the few assets he holds that he can get decent value for, so for that reason if a half decent offer comes along, I can't see he has much option.

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posted Nov 7, 2008

It will be a shame but I think it is inevitable that the club will be sold. Who buys it bothers me more than anything else.

I can see the sense in Zola selling some players in Jan but really hope it is some of the non performers and high wage earners...(Bowyer and Neil come to mind)but if we sell the likes of Green or Noble then i'll be furious because it will show the club has no ambition and is taking the P*** out of the fans yet again !

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posted Nov 7, 2008

Rumore has it that Mukesh Ambani wants to buy us (i think thats his name). he own about £250m in India and he would have the finances to keep us stable. plus we have so many people in our first squad doing nothing. get rid of them. buying someone like Quashie was a waste of money.

we need someone who will support zola completley in the transfer window and allow him to do what he thinks is best for us. with steve bruce or brown or whtever, we have gd leaders.

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posted Nov 7, 2008

Steve Bruce <monster> go wash your mouth out.

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posted Nov 7, 2008

I don't think, or at least hope, that Zola would allow any key players to be sold. I know things are looking dire with the Chairman but hopefully someone will come in and buy us and keep stability. Selling the likes of Green would be disastrous but what are your thoughts on selling Deano? I said no in August when rumours were rife but he spends more time out of the team now?

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posted Nov 7, 2008

Selling is the best thing that could happen to us since we have been taken over i was hoping things would get better but if anything things have got worse!

On the sheff utd thing lets face facts its a joke and if they were that good would they not be back up by now i mean please give up the ghost as for there players they are even more of a joke!

And on zola it has to be by far the worse thing that has ever happened to the hammers and i think i'm the only hammer that see's it i have to say the day curb's left was a sad day i believe we was fine until that point zola come in and apart from beating newcastle which was not hard lets face fact a sunday 5 a side team could have done that and he just smiles loss afetr loss and says it will get better please the main reason he came in was so that it would be eaiser to sell our better players as he would just let them go at the end of the day he is using us as a stepping stone to go else were!

In full we have had it the wrong board wrong manager and the only way for us now is down and looking at it i can see us going down this season and staying there for a good few years unless something is done soon!

Just for once i would love to see some one that loves our club atke over get us a manager that wants to be there and players that want to play for us rather then a fat pay pack then we might get somewhere until then down we go!

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posted Nov 7, 2008

I'm unsure how to take this news to be frank. West Ham are a club that feeds off it's history and tradions and to see us sell that for a pot of gold would sadden me.

I defnately do not want a Man City or Chelsea situation happening at my club and I would prefer someone who can make us stable and build us up season by season and maintain our academy.

I personally think that the Icelanders would have been fine had they arrived sooner, but ultimately we were shot down by the credit crunch on that score.

As for the debate raised by Bobs above. I too was a Curbishley fan and I feel he was another manager that was treated poorly by the club. where I do disagrethough is with the comments regarding Zola. I think he done well with the side he has when considering that the strikers are way off form. certainly the opportunities for them to score are being produced and if we had so much as one of them on target we would have accumulated a lot more points than we have over the last five games.

Honestly though - what would we give to have a Lyall back in the dugout? Personally my right arm would seem cheap! :)

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posted Nov 7, 2008

I can't see anyone buying the club until the possible compensation has been resolved. Even if it's far less than the 30m being talked about, it could still be several million. As far as the players' claims for compensation are concerned, their lawyer(s) obviously thinks they have have a case, but I suppose much depends on whether West Ham overturn Sheffield Utd's claim.
The problem is the delay - any would-be investor will wait and that will weaken the owner's position. Does he cut and run now and sell at a bargain basement price or wait to see if he can successfuly appeal and be able to bump up the selling price?

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posted Nov 7, 2008

I think it will all hinge on the CAS decision on whether to hear the case. They are supposedly going to make an announcement this month after hearing the cases put by WHU to review it and SU as to why the judgement should stand. If it goes in favour of SU, I can see a deal being done between WHU & SU but this will be tied into the selling of the club, so will not be announced until that happens. Something along the lines of SU accepting the payment (undisclosed) which includes no further action from them (or their players/manager at the time), BG will sell the club for howewvermuch (£150Mil if he can get it) but the compo of £30Mil will come from that, so BG actually only gets £120Mil.

If it goes in favour of WHU the BG will hang on in there unbtill after the CAS have fully looked into it and come to a decision.

Personally I am sort of hoping that a couple of big American concerns will get involved (in order to pull favour with a certain influential WHU fan over there) and not interfere too much, apart from supplying money occasionally.

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