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International Fixtures

International England
by emiatss (U11496236) 29 October 2008
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Am I the only one thinking that these autmn/summer internationals aren't really working? Are they becoming simple training excercises for the summer-hemisphere teams? What I'm asking is for suggestions to how we can make these international breaks more competative.

Also, do you think the world cup needs restructuring? I was talking to someone about this the other day, and to be honest how many people watched those mickey mouse games that went on in midweek of the world cup? I found it quite annpying that teams like Scotland were sending out 2nd string sides against New Zealand, which means it ended up as a no-contest. In what way do you think the international break and the world cup might work?

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posted Oct 29, 2008

'It's a bit difficult for the grand dragons of the North to get their heads around but we have no problems with people of different colours being accepted as New Zealanders'...??How did that get in there ? Different argument altogether. We're a nation of immigrants too as it happens.
You guys are very very sensitive about this issue.

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posted Oct 29, 2008

""Are they becoming simple training excercises for the summer-hemisphere teams? ""

I don't think that is a fair statement on the SH teams, at least they tend to field full strength squads which the NH teams certainly don't do in June, I think Ireland was the only squad that had a normal look about it.

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posted Oct 30, 2008

littlejohn which is why I find it staggering that you guys don't seem to understand it. The British Isles have been conquered and re conquered again and again, dragged a whole lot of people from all over the world during it's time as the world's super power and now have a large number of migrants (although half the percentage of NZ).

No Mick, pillaging means going to a place and stealing things typically through violence. Polynesians and Melanesians emigrate here like everyone else (Asians, Africans, Europeans...).

To say NZ pillaged the smaller pacific Islands is like saying NZ pillaged the s%!t load outta Scotland, in the 19th century. NZ didn't, Scots emigrated here of there own free will.

The British Empire DID pillage countries (all Empires did), they WENT to Africa and India and FORCIBLY TOOK people to OTHER places much like the Vikings, the Romans, Persians etc.

My uncles were not stolen or pillaged or poached. They and their families moved here of their own free will to join our country. Much like my grandfather and my great grandfathers and my great great grandfather. This is not rocket science.

As for international fixtures I hope they bring back tours. There is a greater chance for upsets and for strange events and stories to emerge from touring than a one of test. Which means a greater chance of developing folklore and history giving the game more character. Often these games seem soulless. Munster not being able to put out a full strength side is a shame but, I'm still looking forward to the game.

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posted Oct 30, 2008

so why do you say nz rugby has been pillaged? don't understand your logic, dear antipodean

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posted Oct 30, 2008

Obviously I need to insert some childish b@llsh%!t emoticon for you dear Imperialists to get IRONY. It was a weak version of a reductio ad absurdum, to show how stupid the allegations of pillaging and poaching are in regards to rugby. Although, these NZders have been born and raised in NZ and their only ties are ethnic. If there is any example of 'pillaging' in Rugby this would be it.

If you really want though I could give you tuition in logic. It'd cost you though. ;) SARCASM.

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posted Oct 30, 2008

Name your price; only I want my lessons at home, MINE that is <cheers>

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posted Oct 30, 2008

Ochuckles -I do understand it very well as it happens, my reading of the comment was that it sounded a bit er...lofty .

As though we wouldn't understand.

Which we do.

A Imperialist

(that's sarcasm by the way) <smiley>

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posted Oct 30, 2008

I think that there is a largere incentive involved for the Northern Hemisphere sides as the results effect the IRB standings and the knock on of that being seeding / pools for the RWC not so much a problem for the Southern Hemisphere sides as they are seeded higher / positioned higher. I think that there is a certain element of trialling players in various positions involved but where else would a coach be able to do this if not at an end of season tour?

I believe that all roads lead to the RWC - there is no higher accoladde than being crowned the best rugby nation in the world, and what happens in between is of significance - nobody likes to loose, but it is necessary to build and develop, and this is the risk that all coaches accept.

Jake White had a pretty poor string of results prior to the last world cup - tough games at Twickenham and Landsdown reulting in a loss (and that isn't attempt to devalue the better sides on the day), but the boldenss of his stragergies and selections at the result of losses (coupled with tired players) was the forging process to the selections stargergies and galvanising of a world beating squad.

I want to see my Nation win every possible Test Match, but if short term sacrifice heralds long term success so be it.

My sole stipulation is that the players involved show the determination to try and succeed.

You can't make an omlette without breaking a few eggs, and sometimes you need to seperate the men from the boys to determin the make up of your squad at the unfortunate expense of results.

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posted Oct 30, 2008

Well kudos to the replies.

I never meant to seem condescending just close to breaking point. It just seems that the same ignorance is pedaled on these pages every few days.

I'm really looking forward to the AI games, a few new faces in most teams, some teams looking more vulnerable than usual, others looking too break old bogeys..

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comment by dingo (U10536276)

posted Nov 1, 2008

For the Autumn Internationals, the problems for all Northern Hemisphere teams is they are already in the midst of their club seasons. It is extremely difficult for players to re-focus from the clubs to the national teams, and later back again, especially since the club season is so intense and is already 2 months old.

The players involved in the Wallabies, ABs, and Boks come from a long International season which started back in early June. Some of these players had diverted to their local competitions for a few matches, but their main focus was always the Internationals.

It is this structural defect which will always work against the Nothern teams. Which goes back to the old debate about the balance between club and country (and overall matches played).

Just watched the AB-Wallaby match. If they take one of these matches to the US or Japan, it will be a huge money maker. Only other country which could drive this kind of interest/money would be England. So watch out.

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