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2018 world cup team !!

World Cup England
by maradona86 (U13635394) 24 October 2008
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I hear England are bidding to host the 2018 World Cup finals i was thinking this would be team:-
gk-Joe Hart
rb-Nedum Onuoha
cb-Micah Richards Manger: Paul Ince
cb-Stephen Taylor
lb-Jamie O'Hara Asst Manger: Alan Shearer
lm-Ashley Young
rm- Theo Walcott
cm-Tom Huddlestone
cm-Michael Johnson(C)
lm-Ashley Young
cf-Wayne Rooney
cf-Gabriel Agbonlahor


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posted Mar 18, 2009

after reading the vile here by jealous australians and americans..let me tell you something. unlike you, england is one of the rare number of countries to have been blessed with a world cup win. can the same be said for you? no. therefore, we're better than you.

furthermore, the passion here is so intense and electrifying that the same cannot be said for either you two countries. dc united and toronto fc!? pfft, give me united-liverpool anyday of the week. i'm sure more people around the world would watch the latter over the lame former. and lacking english talent? well, how come we're still in the top 10 world rankings, and how could we have beaten other world beaters such as croatia? and americans, get over yourselves, your team will never develop into world beaters, don't make me laugh. and your racism toward africa and accusations of poverty and violence is quite funny considering you're a country recognised for nuking, invading and raping other nations and dragging all of us down in this credit crisis. if i was fifa president, i'd ban you from entering the world cup permanently! oh, and england are better than you, as proven in recent matches in 2005 and 2008. should they draw you in the world cup, they'll educate you and crush you to oblivion.

also, it annoys me to no end that americans would use the stadia and finance argument to say they can host the tournament and these alone would define the 'best' world cup. look, i dont want the beautiful game to be dumbed down to a commercial venture whereby a 'quick buck' can be made, you got that? this is sport, not stupid wall street. football is like a religion to some parts of the world, especially europe. people are nuts about it. the leagues and top class. players are icons who are remembered for generations. theres alot more to a successful world cup than merely shallow interests of numbers and money. a good world cup is something truly remarkable and memorable. you lack any sporting substance for the sport, and 1994 was a total bore. and to have football matches in nfl stadiums just doesnt feel fact it feels awkward and makes the sport look stupid. i remember watching an MLS game and saw american football markings on the 'soccer' pitch, boy was it pathetic and amusing, it made me laugh so loud and frankly was embarassing to watch! oh, and your stadiums are old and ugly. i wouldnt consider the usa for a second. stuff that country.

england 2018 is becoming an obvious choice each passing day. the burning tension and love for football coming home that year, plus international visits from the worlds best all to the 'home' of football, playing in venues either carrying magnificent histories (old trafford, anfield, wembley) or freshness, would surely mark it a great event. and hopefully england will win it then. stepping into england would be stepping into a footballing nation carrying great substance and history. it would feel rich and very appealing, as opposed to shallow and corporate.

2022 - while it'll be outside europe, i'll be going for australia. australia 2022 is like a leap in the unknown, and has exotic appeal and will help boost the profile of the sport there, which fifa likes to do..hence choosing africa for 2010.

americans thinking the usa will host it in either of these years should get a grip and quit the pipe dreams that are in your heads only.

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posted Mar 18, 2009

England 2018 and Australia possibly 2022 should be the way to go.

The sheer size of Russia is problematic. With Australia there is the time difference. In Europe for example all the games would be taking place either in middle of the night or first thing in the morning. That would kill viewing figures.

People might make the effort to watch big games but others would be practically ignored.

But I have a horrible feeling Sepp and Co will screw us over and do it the other way round just to make us wait thirteen years (think about it!) for the WC.3

And he likely as not won't be around to see it.

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comment by LME (U13634054)

posted Mar 18, 2009

blkaladdin - you really should think before posting your American comments.

'South Africa is full of crime, exenophobia, poverty, corruption and it lacks the fundamental facilities to host it.'

do you think you refer to things that are not common place in the great USA. you may have the facilities but you also have all the other things you refer to.

taking the World Cup to Africa is a great plan and will put it in a country that is fanatical about football or sorry soccer!

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posted Mar 18, 2009

As an Aussie, Hosting the WC would be a HUGE boost for the game. Not only would it inspire more fans (like myself, until this year I was a rugby player/fan through and though) But also help elevate our national league, which I will admit, is pretty average. Not only would it benefit our domestic game, but it would be one of the best places in the world to host it. Beaches, beautiful cities/scenery, as well as passionate supporters. Australia for WC. Why not?

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posted Mar 18, 2009

"where Italy won on a so called 'free kick' in the last minutes of the game."

Sorry, just picking up on the fact that it was a penatly, not a free kick. I watched the game on T.V, am English, and clealry now more about Austrailia's soccer history than you do...

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posted Mar 19, 2009

rob_LFC_fairbairn (U10902027)
posted Yesterday

"aphexrephlex you are extremely misguided. 'english football' refers to the way football has always been played in britain, fast-paced and powerful with less emphasis on the skill"

There you go! So you have answered my question. English football is football played in England in general. Not football played by English players specifically. Therefor there can be no direct correlation between the quality of football played in England and the quality of football played by English players in England. Translation: The quality of the EPL has minimal effect on the quality of the English national team. Other than the fact that playing in the same league as highly talented foreigners has a positive impact by raising the quality of club football.

I struggle to see where I can be misguided.
Rather, I think you are struggling to put your hyper-nationalism aside and can't handle anyone pointing out that the a large part of the EPL's success is due to foreign imports. Denial is a wonderful thing.

"and the fact that you think people wouldnt watch the EPL for steven gerrard if foreigners left means all opinions you hold are void because steven gerrard is the greatest player in the world. ask zidane."

If you still think the EPL would have the same allure, the same global appeal if you took away ALL foreign players feel free to think that. I am not going to go all Lord of the Manor on you and tell you your opinions are all void. Unlike yourself and your typical EPL snobbery.

Yes and Zidane is the sole authority on who the best player in the world is. So why doesn't he choose player of the year every year if he is the sole decider?

Seems to me that someone is showing their age. "Stevie G is best, Ask Zidane!!"
Thank you for giving me that little chuckle. Next you'll be telling me that a player is good because they are good in Football Manager. ;)

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posted Mar 19, 2009

Thank you for your correction sir.

What do they say?

A slip of the tongue is no fault of the mind.

I have no doubt sir, you would not have 10% of the knowledge I have on football in Australia.

Do you realise we are the only country in the world which has 4 football codes?

Football, the two rugby codes and AFL (running basketball).

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posted Mar 19, 2009

I refer you to your post sir where you comment on the standard of the local Australian A-League competition where you say:

'elevate our national league, which I will admit, is pretty average'.

As a fellow Aussie it is disappointing to read inaccurate comments like this. Our league was only formed 4 years ago and has made great strides so far.

The managers all strive to play bright attacking football to entertain the crowds and TV audience not bore them to death with English type standards of play. Terry Butcher found that out recently when he was sacked by Sydney F.C. trying to get his players to play a 'style' of football which was 15 years out of date.

He was a disaster and deserved to be sacked.

If the standard as you say is 'pretty average' then why are so many of our players both young and medium age being enticed to play in Europe, England and Asia.

Any player who shows such skill and technique is immedately whisked away by bigger European clubs and in most cases are undervalued.

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posted Mar 26, 2009

My apologies to the Aussies out there, but World Cup 2022 will be in the United States.

There is a simple reason for this: FIFA is a money making organization. No World Cup has made as much money as the 1994 World Cup. No other country can provide in 2022 a dozen stadiums with a seating capacity of 80,000 or more. No other county has to invest so little in order to host a World Cup. While I fully admit that football is currently the #4 sport in the USA and will be, at best, the #3 sport in 2022, the fact remains that FIFA can make at least half again as much money, if not twice as much, from a World Cup in the USA than in any other nation.

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posted Oct 16, 2009

although at my age I am very familiar with the distate that most australians and americans view the english, but am sad to learn that this antagonism extends to trying to scupper our world bid. one cannot argue with the opinion that it is all about money as far as FIFA are concerned, but to have our footballing ability slagged off by veritable newcomers is most offputting. australians should know; if they have any perception, that there is a lot more to what they see than meets the eye!!!

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