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Would Boyd have scored?

World Cup Scotland
by mrmessy2 (U2353516) 11 October 2008
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Why did George Burley ignore the opinion of 3 quarters of the nation to give Kris Boyd a game. Given the chance, and had he been brought on, instead of imalooser do you think Boyd would have scored? In fact let me rephrase do you think he would have missed? It is time to replace Burley, who has neither the skills or the desire of the last two Scotland managers, get rid now, we may still have a slender chance of qualifying but not with him as the coach.

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comment by U5378965

posted Oct 16, 2008

GERSACE - Head out of the clouds mate.

Boyd says he wants to play for his COUNTRY NOT BURLEY.

If you weren't one of those idiotic rangers fans who believe that he is a great player you would realise that playing for your country means playing for your national pride no matter who is in charge!!!

Its obvious who wins in club v country with rangers fans isn't it

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posted Oct 16, 2008

instead of imalooser do you think Boyd would have scored? In fact let me rephrase do you think he would have missed?
No - I don't think Boyd is quick enough to get to that ball in the first place. Fat, lazy and slow. That's why he doesn't play regularly for his club or his country. On top of that, he's a dummy spitter. Good riddance, I say. We want players with pride, fight and bottle, not cry-babies.

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posted Oct 17, 2008

Spoilt brat. It should be the highest honour in football to play for your country. And it's manager's job to decide who that honour should go to. Kris Boyd is a poaching, unfit, whiney wee nyaff and if doesn't want to play for Scotland under a particular manager then in my opinion he lacks the passion that the Scotland team needs.
I've never rated him much domestically - he isn't a strong enough team player so I wouldn't see him in the national team. After this tantrum he should never be invited back.

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posted Oct 17, 2008

Apparently Kris Boyd left a message on Burley's phone saying he didn't want to play any more. Or maybe he got his big sister to do it for him. I'm surprised his mammy hasn't been round to Burley's to give him a piece of her mind.

Did you hear Chick pretending to interview him last night. D'you think if he was still playing for Kilmarnock we'd even be bothering to talk about him.

Or is he a Rangers substitute because he's the best striker in Scotland.

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posted Oct 17, 2008

as anyone who's read this thread or at-least some of it, it quite 70-80% of people think boyd is wrong. many think he sud never play for scotland the last few messages state he hasnt the passion. his lazy and selfish. not a reg at club level. yet thinks his a super-star. right now scotland need everyone, but boyd thinks his different. and he is ,his sad and selfish and very arragant. goodbye boyd

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comment by Pisces (U10274403)

posted Oct 17, 2008

To all concerned,


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comment by db (U2503720)

posted Oct 23, 2008

right now scotland need everyone,
Tell that to George Burley who is one by one alienating the Rangers players in his squad and playing on the general public's hate for all things Rangers to hide the fact that he should have lost his job already. Even though he shouldn't have got it in the first place.

Boyd may be lazy, he may not be a perfect player that's besides the point. He is still our best option and Burley choses to ignore him for untried players in such an important game. What kind of message does that send out to the rest of the squad. It doesn't matter that you have proved you're good enough to play for your country I'm going to replace you with youth players and journeyman who have never been capped and make you 5th/6th choice.

If this had been McFadden, Fletcher or Gordon I wonder who the public would support, but because it's a Rangers player Burley can play on the myth that Rangers don't care about Scotland. Well I've got news for you, I'm a Rangers fan, up until last year (when I moved abroad) I never missed a Scotland game, and always put country before club, and when I return to Scotland I will attend every Scotland game I can. I don't sing Rule Britannia, wave a union jack or wear England/NI tops and I voted SNP. Just because sections of the Rangers fans are unionists/royalists (which is not a crime by the way) does not mean we all are or indeed our players are.

Get over your hatred for Rangers and see that Burley is alienating good players. Look at the body language on the pitch. Players do not seem as interested as they did under the previous coaches. He also picks his favourites who he seems determined to stick by regardless of form.

Burley can't even handle the pressure of having to justify his own decisions and has to resort to bashing players who didn't even play and walking out of interviews. Not to mention the fact he criticised Broadfoot before he had even played him. If your players are so bad George why did you even call them up?

The guy is a drunken old fool who should be immediately shown the door.

If Boyd is not interested in working with Burley he may as well withdraw as his heart will not be in it.

People say you should be proud to play for your country regardless of the manager get off your high horses and realise that is not the full picture. Passion for your country is only half the battle. If that was the case I could manage Scotland through the qualifiers as regardless of what I do the players should have the pride and passion to get the job done anyway, hell why don't we just dispense with the national manager right now? Fact is we need a good coach to motivate players and encourage them to play to their strengths. This often includes stroking egos even if you don't like the player involved on a personal level. It doesn't involve publicly bashing players who have done nothing to deserve it (Broadfoot and Boyd) and publicly backing your favourites who have also done nothing to deserve it (Caldwell, McManus, Brown).

Anyway rant over.

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posted Oct 24, 2008


So that post summarised says Broadfoot and Boyd are great but all Celtic players are muppets?

Good angle mate. Not at all biased.

I like how you felt the need to mention the union jack and the fact that you voted SNP.

What the hell has that got to do with Boyd being a big useless lazy selfish huffy tube?

You're totally missing the point. The debate isn't even about whether he's good enough. It's about his attitude. Which stinks. Gordon, Fletcher etc all have a first class attitude to training and the way they conduct themselves. Boyd can't even speak properly.

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posted Nov 4, 2008

i think that he was wrong to quit but i can see his frustration. Yet he needs to stick by his country or no other manager of Scotland will pick him to represent Scotland due to his lack in passion.

In reply to boynumber 3 i am a rangers fan and i still think he was wrong to do it.

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