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Mama vs Kitson

Premier League Stoke City
by stokie-potter (U10061300) 05 October 2008
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can't see why Pulis Starts with kitson Hasn't done anything for the last 7 games For me mama is miles better after seeing him against chelsea and will cause some problems and knows how to play with fuller


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posted Oct 5, 2008

Right lads

Today we were just pure awful; didn't try and Pompey walked all over us. This really is not good enough, we should be playing much better as a TEAM if we still know what one of them are.

Pottermouth i agree with you to a certain extent; Rory Delap was the only one causing real problems.

What the hell was Kitson doing !!!! I could have put that away with my right foot; Gerry Francis could have scored that and he was in the bloody stands.

Simmo; well played son our only good player of the game; some good saves and i don't think he could have saved either goal.

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posted Oct 5, 2008


Spot on I think apart from Simmo should have come for that ball before Couch scored, just my view mind. Did you go to the game? cos that's a pretty good summary.. Simmo though did keep the the scoreline down by at least two more he did well.

Keep the faith we have to.. And for God's sake someone tell Lawrence to keep away from dogs in future. Bow, whow..

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posted Oct 5, 2008

and i wish someone would tell lawrence to stop moaning about not getting picked for Ireland, grow up and show him why you should be picked, because you havent so far this season

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posted Oct 5, 2008

I want to be positive but i am realistic

We have signed championship players unproven at this level and continue to play players out of position Cressa for example

The defence is shipping goals which is the most alarming thing because that is Tonto's big strength in the past

We are in danger of becoming detached from the rest if Spurs start to pick up points it is going to be even harder we are now close to the point where a win will not improve our position.

I said after the Chelsea game i dont think Kitson is any better than Mama in fact at a the moment he is not as good

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posted Oct 5, 2008

its annoying cos kitson is a good player and he also has a good goal scoring record. so we should play him for the reserves until he scores goals.

i agree mama is alot better atm and he will cause more problems as he is much better in the air then kitson and knows fuller better.

but it we can get a win at home against tottenham then we will hopfully get going. and although griffin is good he is to slow. i sed this before the season that he is going to be up against quick young players and he is always getting out paced by them.

i would play





i think tonge and soares should get a start

we need a right back for griffin because he aint quick enough and like today he was given a hard time by pompeys wingers

but really now we must get points from are home matches and then fight for points away from home

at least tottenham keep losing. well done hull

come on stoke !!

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posted Oct 5, 2008

don't congratulate hull there luck will come to an end soon. them and wba are 6 pointers for us :D

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posted Oct 5, 2008

To InvernessStokie
Did you see Pompey game on an internet stream.? If so , which one ? It's even colder and windier up here . From a fellow member of the North of Scotland Stoke City fan club.

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posted Oct 5, 2008


Yes i did see the game on an internet stream as it would happen.

Sopcast - You need to download it though; to be honest it's pretty poor. As i don't have sky either i normally watch the games on

Why isn't my hero playing.

Come on Pulis stick Whelan in the side smiley

Be positive lads it really is the only way...the players will be down; they need picking up after such a shocking performance.

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posted Oct 5, 2008

technically sidibe is the worst player in the prem and would be one of the worst in the championship. But he tries and he puts himself about and uses his strength well. All of his goals are either headers or tap ins on the line. You wouldn't see him dribble past 2or 3 players and curling it in the top corner

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posted Oct 6, 2008

They all count !!!

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