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Can't believe it! We got beat!!!

Super League St Helens
by TheGaz1982 (U3184499) 04 October 2008
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Yet again, we have been the best team through the season, won the league leaders shield, the challenge cup, man of steel, top try scorer, beat our opponents easily in the play off, and then get beat convincingly after Leeds had a bruiser agains Wigan a week ago.

What is going on? Just more determination on the night, or are Leeds the better team on their day.

Things will be worse next year when Talau, Fozzard, Scully and our great manager have gone, with little inward activity.

Please discuss.

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posted Oct 4, 2008

I easily believed it coz I was there last year, too. Only last year we had a genuine excuse - we were totally wiped out after playing NZ then world club then the season.

This year there were no excuses at all. None. I hope they were all ashamed of themselves the way they let down the fans, Daniel Anderson and the club as a whole. They weren't worth my 51 and I won't be spending it again next year should they get to the Grand Final.

The only Saints player who turned up to that match was James Graham. He played out of his skin, just as he always does. If the rest of them had played like him we would have beaten Leeds. Our first try showed just how capable we were of doing that because it was brilliant. However, the team need to realise that their egos should be left at the door of the changing room. Leeds are a class outfit and that cup has to be worked for. I'd hoped they had learned their lessons but clearly not and I'm not going to KR tomorrow to welcome them home either.

If they'd tackled well and chased and played the game they are so capable of playing but still lost then I would have respected them and welcomed them home tomorrow. But they did none of that - except for Jammer - so I for one will be showing exactly how I feel by not being there.

It's one thing to lose but to give the flamin game away is another thing altogether.

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comment by Neil (U9701706)

posted Oct 4, 2008

steady on we have won 2 of the 3 domestic trophies on offer
played some great rugby have some cracking youngsters to come through and a top coach coming , losing talu is no major loss to the team.

This has been an excellent season, well played leeds on tonights victory but saints can be proud of their season

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posted Oct 5, 2008

One word Gaz! ARROGANT! an article like this proves that saints think they have a god given right to every piece of silverware. well i have news for you all! that's the back to back! 2 in a row, both against Saints!


how do you come to terms with going unbeaten for so long then getting stuffed on the big stage?!

roll on WCC

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posted Oct 5, 2008

Well thats 1 less embaarrasing fan we have to put up with next season. See you FSF, the only thing we'll miss about you is the irony of your name.

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posted Oct 5, 2008

FSF - you need to grow up. Hurts me to say it, but Long played a blinder. He was closed down every time he got the ball, but he is a class act. Roby really stepped up also. Graham v Peacock? Nothing to choose between them.
I do think though that Leon bottled it.
It will be you and us again all the way next year

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comment by Steve (U974156)

posted Oct 5, 2008

When I saw the weather forecast I knew it wasn't going to be our night. That said full credit to Leeds who played the style of rugby required to win in those conditions.
I don't think Saints will be propping up the league next season, there's enough talent forcing it way through to keep us up there.
I have to say though, I'm still a traditionalist and would take Challenge Cup glory over the money spinning play-offs any season.
Well done to Saints for an entertaining season and 2 trophies, Leeds for being the play-off champions again, but a huge recognition to Catalans.
Here's hoping last night churned up Old Trafford so badly it gives ManUre a headache for a few weeks!

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posted Oct 5, 2008


You started with, as soon as you seen the weather as an excuse, and ended with how the challenge cup out-does the $$$ play offs, whilst trying to congratulate Leeds.

perhaps the word "naive" fits your discription

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posted Oct 6, 2008

Fitness proved the difference at the weekend. The Saints players couldn't handle the pace and leeds kept them moving with some excellent kicks. I was shocked by Long and Pryce's performances but for Leeds Burrow and Donald were very quiet. Saints are an excellent side and I fully expect next season will see another Leeds v Saints grand final. Bring on the World Cup!!!

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comment by nbair (U1701340)

posted Oct 6, 2008

Nowt to do with Saints playing bad as quoted by Mr Anderson, they simply weren't allowed to play. Leeds were heroic in the execution of a gameplan that will always beat Saints

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comment by JBSaint (U8609954)

posted Oct 8, 2008

We got beaten fairly for 3 reasons

1 - Leeds played the weather better than us
2 - Leeds kicked better than us
3 - Francis Meli plays for us.

I don't think Saints were "easily" the best team of the season. We were poor at the start and finished better than anyone yes but the final was always going to be a tough test.

I'll probably get flack for singling out Meli but it's about time we dealt with it. I took a novice RL supporter to the game and gave hime a few pointers on who to watch out for. I also explained that Meli would be targetted as he is about the only consistent weakness in our defence. Yes he's a good finisher but a winger who lets in more tries than he scores doesn't add value. We'd have been better with Tyrer on the wing - at least he can catch.

As for next season, well we have to rebuild sometime. I hope the strong rumour about Jamie Lyon is true - is that why we have space under the salary cap? Maybe Potter will have his eeyes on 1 or 2 others in the close season too. But we have talent that can come through in Eastmond Tyrer and 1 or 2 others. But one thing is for sure - Meli must go.

So despite being hugely disappointed and believing that we do have the better team, well done Leeds. Hopefully we will be back.


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