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Aston Villa 2 - 1 Sunderland

by kev1973 (U13048277) 27 September 2008
27 September 2008
villa park
Premier League
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another game thrown away, whitehead has got to go(the comments from the two blokes behind me each week about him, are shocking the same as his performances. Where's bardsley andchopra ?.keane is not the man for the job,apart from malbranque, cisse and jones the other players cannot take us to the next level.Richardson was flying in pre-season games hats happend to him?.Another relegation battle ensues this season.

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comment by U7848796

posted Sep 28, 2008

see this is what i dont understand .just because im not happy with whats going on at sunderland .some plonkers think the answer is to support another team.well that might be your answer how ever i think it is important to point out especially in this day and age of the credit crunch.that there is nothing worse than wasting money especially other peoples .roy keane's wish list and acumen is on a par with my six year old daughters list for santa.he hasnt a clue about this management thing .there are far better people out there constantly overlooked who would have done a lot more with the cash he has had at his disposal.

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posted Sep 28, 2008

Deematty - the more you say it confirms the less you know about football.

So your not happy with what Keanes has achieved.

You fail to comprehend that Keane had to spend that amount of cash to stay up as our squad was not equipped to stay in the Premiership.

We will finish mid table this season as Keane has brought in some good signings.

You are making a bad point poorly Matty.

As there is a credit crunch and you do not support keane why not save your money and spend it on aomething you enjoy - however I think you enjoy criticising Matty, don't you.

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comment by U7848796

posted Sep 28, 2008

no you are wrong i dont like being for your opinion on me knowing nothing about football perhaps your right. but there is a nagging traditional feeling inside of me that tells me that it is not right to give a big job and sunderland is a big job well supported great stadium e.t.c. to a novice .for a start its not fair on all the other guys who have had to work there way up from the bottom .all those guys who have learnt the hard way on very short contract's and limited funds who have worked miracles .i did at the time and i still think roy keane was a gimmick if he was doing aswell as some folk say he is .why hasnt he been linked to other jobs ? this is the gauge at which managers are now measured .you might say this is ridiculous as he is a mere managment infant but thats what the press do these days .peter taylor stuart pearce for example .ok he got sunderland out of the champoinship well so did mick mcarthy and peter reid although they never had the money he has had.i know in desperation peter reid spent rashly in his last season but that was as much the fault of the transfer window as it was himself.but i disagree with his policy of buying cast off's it doesnt look good for sunderland as a club it wont attract better players everyone will still think that this is the type of club you come too on your way down .this whole attitude that you have to spend millions to stay in this league only leads to this kind of irresponsible spending .bolton survived for years and with comfort with out having to do this and thus they have proved this can be done .they did this by employing a manager who cut his teeth in the lower leagues and was a great thinker about the game .we need a maticulous manger who misses nothing and prepares for everything even down to how to form a wall at a free please dont pin your hopes on cisse who has lost his pace and has had more breaks to his bones than samuel l jackson in that film unbreakable .and dont presume because he is the most expensive goal keeper in britain that our keeper is the best keeper in britain because he aint .and the list goes on im afraid spurs and man utd rejects all bought in the belief that they must be good because they have had premiership experience .we will see next week how far sunderand have come with regards as to reaching the next level.dont be fooled because arsenal lost to hull who by the way have spent far less than sunderland.if sunderland compete i will not say another negative word about keane .l will keep my indifference to my self

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posted Sep 28, 2008

matty - it is not as simple as saying we will see next seek - we have to wait until the end of the season.

Do you expect instant success just because we have spent so much money?

Err, because that don't happen in the real world(don't quote Chelsea - they were an established Premiership side)

So cast offs from Man Utd & Spurs are not good enough - well where would you suggest he gets players from that will gurantee survival?

The continent - Laslandes, Flo or Nunes Perhaps(all of those signings just about negate anything Reid achieved).

The best siging he made after Phillips and Quinn - Don Hutchison they contrived to let go even though he would have loved to have stayed.

You did not like him buying from Scotland(Gordon) and no doubt the Championship would be no good(Chops, McShane & Higginbotham).

So who would you have had him sign(bear in mind who would have come to the yo yo club we were/are).

And who would you have had as a manager - I think we have had the experienced journeyman managers(McCarthy, the experienced manager(Reid), Allardyce(you see how well he did up the road) so I think Keane was a brave move by Drumaville.

So exactly how why do you think Keane is the wrong choice, bearing in mind he got us out of the Chammpionship(remember we were BOTTOM and went up as Champions), kept us in the Premiership before the last game of the season and has signed players that to be homest have surprised quite a few in the media(but not all Sundeland fans eh Matty).

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posted Sep 28, 2008

patience mate too early in the season. why the hell are you blaming keane hes done wonders for the club. ok hes wasted a bit of money on players such as mcshane but tbf hes done a cracking job. tbf although chopra scored 2 goals the other week id rather see cisse and jones start than him! whiteheads been loyal to the club but i agree that his performances havnt been up to scratch. Although Bardsleys good id prob prefer Chimbonda playing at RB. we deserved to get something out the game but credit to villa they made us pay from some silly mistakes. so dnt get on your high horse yet to ealy to judge.

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comment by dips85 (U7989032)

posted Sep 28, 2008

Did the ballboy get hit with Miller's shot in the match? I thought he did from the MOTD highlights, could be a third eye clip.

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posted Sep 28, 2008

good win for villa, i feel we are gonna need all the points we can get before we play chelsea, man u and arsenal in the coming months. carew is fast becoming a very good prem player, complementing agbonlahor and grabbing some good goals. if young is not in the next england squad then god knows what capello's thinking. he can't pick bentley on form either, so i guess wright-phillips is the other form player. then again, capello will pick the same rubbish squads not decided on form at all, so expect bentley, rooney etc to all be included. until then, COME ON VILLA!

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posted Sep 28, 2008

Having a little dig through comments by deematty (U7848796), and what do we find..

"posted Jun 5, 2008

i think paul ince is one of the best new managers at the moment he started in the lower leagues were you have to rely more on organisation good coaching and inspiration as there isnt a lot of money about.i think it was an absolute disgrace that he didnt win manager of the year in league two.ive got my opinions why he didnt but will keep them to myself.having said that he is far to good for leicester sunderland should get rid of that waster roy keane and bring ince in ""

The bloke is either A) not a full deck of cards

or B) has an ulterior motive and previous feelings towards RK which he tries his best to hide.

Once again, not a true supporter, but quite probably a peg selling, tarmac laying lunatic from the outer hebrides.

Try to ignore them SAFC fans and the troll will disappear as quicky as it has arrived.]

Au Révoir

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posted Sep 29, 2008

I think the worst comment he has made is that Cisse has lost his pace hilarious

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comment by Jesus (U1861925)

posted Oct 19, 2008

"i think paul ince is one of the best new managers at the moment he started in the lower leagues were you have to rely more on organisation good coaching and inspiration as there isnt a lot of money about."

He was managing the then Chelsea of League Two.

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