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Uefa Cup gets new name in revamp

Uefa Cup
by Sam Lyon - BBC Sport (U7305341) 26 September 2008
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The Uefa Cup is to be renamed the Uefa Europa League from next season, with the competition set to be extended.

The new-look league will have 48 clubs in 12 groups of four, with teams playing each other home and away as opposed to just once as it stands now.

The top two in each group then join the eight third-placed Champions League clubs in a 32-club knock-out stage.

However, under the new format beaten cup finalists will no longer qualify for the competition.

Millwall and West Ham have both qualified as beaten FA Cup runners-up in recent years, but Uefa say this will no longer be the case, even if the winners have already qualified for the Champions League.

The competition will also have its TV rights sold centrally, in the same way as the Champions League, which should increase income to clubs.

"I am convinced the new format will give the Uefa Europa League a successful new impetus," said Uefa president Michel Platini.

What do you think of the changes? Will they ensure the Uefa Cup is seen as a more viable alternative to the Champions League? And what about the decision to exlude cup runners-up from the Cup?

Let us know your thoughts.

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posted Sep 28, 2008

I see people complaining about attendances at UEFA cup on here and its only when teams play minnows from other countries. And normally clubs dont advertise it very well so blame it on the clubs.

If more people turned up to UEFA cup games it would be a lot better atmosphere wise but thats not UEFAs job.

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posted Sep 28, 2008

The new format sounds good but i don't see the point in changing the name?!?!?!

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posted Sep 28, 2008

comment by TheGodking (U12878080)
posted 9 Hours Ago

The new format sounds good but i don't see the point in changing the name?!?!?!


It sounds more like the Champions League, and 'cup' has a slightly negative connotation for many (unfairly).

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posted Sep 29, 2008

UEFA can make all the cosmetic changes to the competition it wants; the only real way to improve it is to offer the winners a place in the following season's Champions League. That would really boost the status of the competition.

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posted Oct 2, 2008

This is funny... presently, it is called the "UEFA Cup", much like the Champions League, which is also a cup run by UEFA. Soon it will be the UEFA Europa League, much like the Champions League, which is also a league run by UEFA that takes place in "Europa" (Europe).

Why not give it a name that really differentiates it from the Champions League, and a name that really reflects what it is? Actually that might be a bad idea, it would end up being something derogatory...

I think the new format is a good idea though, the current five-in-a-group, play-each-other-once idea is just silly.

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posted Oct 2, 2008

Comic :-

Wonder how much this re-vamp costs? I wish I could get a job where I um and ar about stuff like this smiley

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posted Oct 3, 2008

So we effectively have a Champions League 'Premiership' and a Champions League 'Championship' now. A Champions League 'Coca Cola 1' will follow, as M Platini attempts to instill new life into Europe's national cup competitions by placing them in a separate European competition of their own once more, get ready for the "Cup Winners Cup Returns" headlines.

More importantly this is a slow evolution to Pan-European and European regional leagues which national champions will be promoted to and from. Complex, but the commercial interests will make it happen!

And at some point in the future this may actually give the World Club Championship some real credibility - another FIFA plan.

So the likes of Manchester United and Chelsea, and the very top clubs from the major European leagues will be playing in a pan-European Champions League , and not in the Premiership or Serie A etc.

4 will probably be relegated into European regional leagues, broadly made up from the current UEFA cup candidates. So top clubs from smaller nations, and second level clubs from larger nations will make up these leagues.

NW Europe for example could have Champions/2nd Level clubs from England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, N Ireland, Holland, Iceland, Scandinavia etc.

This would also deal with the demands of large clubs/cities in small nations e.g. the Glasgow Giants, Dublin, Copenhagen etc - where club development is hindered by the national standard.

Not really a case of 'if', more a case of when, and how the marketers will package it all up for big business!

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comment by . (U13466329)

posted Oct 3, 2008

It will make the competition more boring because lesser and lesser teams will be in it. It seems like a money making scandal. Making the competition sound "more important" than what it "actually" is.

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posted Nov 29, 2008

Why is everyone so negative about the changes, personally i think the change is good. Here are the reasons why
1) By getting rid of the true tinpot trophy of European football (Intertoto Cup btw) they are reducing the safety net for teams who dont do as well as they should in the major leagues
2) With only 48 teams entering the 1st proper phase of the tournament, your club, should they make it of course will get a bigger proportion of money from UEFA as they are spliting the money up between fewer teams. An extra 7/8 Million for your club can be very handy come January you know
3) There are fewer passengers with this format, one of the criticisms of the UEFA Cup is particularly early on when in the first round of the tournament where there are 80 teams, 20/25 of the teams are passengers, teams that despite doing well to reach this far are simply not good enough. In this format an extra qualifying round has been initiated, this will weed out the more uncompetitive teams and with 48 teams in the first round as opposed to 80 there will be less one sided games.
4) By not having Cup Runner Ups you are rewarding league placements which are arguably more difficult to achieve. Well done to Queen of the South for finishing Cup Runner Ups last year yet who would you rather see in European Cup competition representing Scotland and dont forget maintaining your co-efficent and rank. You would probs want Dundee Utd rather than Qots.
It could have been better, a place in the Champions League Qualification Rounds for the winners would have been a nice sweetner and there is the issue of the 3rd placed teams from the group phases of the CL getting a second bite of the cherry but at the end of the day some of the CL groups have very strong 3rd placed finishers so maybe by having them in the UEFA Cup increases the standard.
I dont like what Platini has been saying recently but tbh he may of got this one right.

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posted Mar 22, 2009

Like it but the club needs to be good enough domestically to make it...unfair

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