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Ryder Cup - Day One

Ryder Cup
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All the talk is over, it's time to play some golf.

The Ryder Cup gets under way on Friday with some tasty looking foursomes.

In recent years the USA has struggled on day one, but things rarely run to plan at the Ryder Cup.

Here't the pairings for the opening day's foursomes and some random predictions from me:

Mickelson/Kim v Harrington/Karlsson USA WIN
Leonard/Mahan v Stenson/Casey EUROPE WIN
Cink/Campbell v Rose/Poulter HALVED
Perry/Furyk v Westwood/Garcia EUROPE WIN

How do you think the opening day will go and where do you think the Ryder Cup will be won and lost?

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posted Sep 20, 2008

its exciting and competitive. Its still wide open. Come on the Euros. Will Westwood or someone complain to the referee? I wonder how it would affect things if Faldo or some of the team complain about the Weekely stuff. It might be an interesting early strike to try to hold the us team antics at bay....

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comment by Stuart (U7627208)

posted Sep 20, 2008

Not sure if anyone has pointed this out but we halved three matches yesterday and lost two on the 18th. In other words a couple of breaks either way and it could easily have been anything from 7-1 US to 6-2 Europe.
Having said that looking at the pairings for this am, you would think 7.5-4.5 would be a result going into the afternoon so we would probably settle for a 9-7 deficit going into the singles.
Leonard, Mahan, Weekley and Mickelson were simply too good yesterday. Surely they can't play so well today, and - other than Furyk and maybe Kim - I'm not sure the rest have that much to offer when pressurised.

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posted Sep 20, 2008

oh what ever the sitiation i am lovely this cup!

i am so annoyed i got to go for dinner tonight grrr!

the media might be idiots and created this crazy flado' ryder cup scenario- but its adding to the tension at least!

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comment by WalshK (U9618207)

posted Sep 20, 2008

Well well we have a game on our hands now!!

It's incredible as even though like most, I'm massively rooting for a Europe win its good to see the USA enjoying the Ryder Cup, and having fun.

I'm amazed how strong the USA look as a team and it shows what the absence of Tiger can do and Mickleson is loving the on-course team leader role.

I mean lets me fair, would Tiger of nurtured Kim around the course like Phil has? I don't think he would of.

Phil is leading by example, play great golf and do it with a smile on your face.

But i sense a Europpe comeback today.

C'mon Europe!!!!!

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comment by Golfbug (U1702519)

posted Sep 20, 2008

If America can keep or improve on their 3 point lead after the end of today's play then it looks like the Cup will be staying in America.

Nick Faldo's European team have it all to do.

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comment by Sparkle (U6726749)

posted Sep 20, 2008

The captain's role in RC has always been totally over hyped...if the players don't play well and can't motivate themselves it's their own fault.

Thought the Americans celebrated Cup victory during the last few holes yesterday, that might come back to haunt them.

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posted Sep 20, 2008

Personally I think the European team believed their own press and felt that they only had to show up to win. Well, looking at the score at the end of day one I hope they now realise they are in for a fight and show the spirit and determination that was required to win the cup on three successive occasions.

Surprised at Faldo's decisions but ultimately he is the captain and that is what he is there for. He will have more information on the state of Westwood and Garcia when it comes to matters of health, fitness and mental strength so maybe he knows now is the time to rest them.

Only worry for me is that if the Americans retain the current three point lead into the singles, I think the trophy will stay on the other side of the Atlantic.

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posted Sep 20, 2008

Spot of WalshK,

Mickelson is a team player & for matchplay you'd pick him over Tiger who is too self centred for the Ryder Cup.

I'm a bit miffed with the pairngs too. Hopefully young Ollie Wilson will be raring to go, but there's fire missing without Sergio.

Nick Faldo is more of your Sven Goran Eriksson type of leader, wheras Zinger more like Roy Keane (in a nice golfing way, that is) ;)

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posted Sep 20, 2008




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posted Sep 20, 2008

Well ya can't win them all! Thats why its better when the other side win's it now & again but not too often as their heads get too BIG! Faldo will be the Falling on this outing! Sorry Nick but your picks didnt inspire the rest of the team!

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