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Update: Boycotting The QPR Game

Derby County QPR
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QPR have only just introduced a new price scheme. You wont be happy about it!

We play QPR on September 27th at Loftus Road, here's a statement issued by QPR yesterday:

You have to feel sorry for the QPR fans, 50.00 in some areas to watch Queens Park Rangers play at Loftus Road in the Championship.

I have it on good authority that our tickets for QPR should be on sale as you read this but due to the ticket prices being 40.00 for an adult away ticket and 20.00 for a childs away ticket, DCFC are refusing to take the tickets. Also the away end is classed as a gold category area which also backs this up.

One 'good' thing is that they charge differently for 16-21 year olds, but they will also have to pay 20.00.

Now bare this in mind, it cost less to get to places like Sunderland, Blackburn, Bolton, Middlesborough, Liverpool, Everton, Newcastle, Fulham, Villa... In fact it costs less to get in any Premier League game apart from Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea - with their away tickets ranging from 42.00-48.00, let's face it 2.00-6.00 isn't a lot considering those clubs are in the Premier League and have very good stadiums, no disrespect to QPR fans mind.

Will you be going to the little match box for 40.00?

I know I wont, and if you do then you are one of the nuttiest folk around.


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posted Sep 19, 2008

I cannot believe the QPR fans on here thinking they have won the league already & stating how they are the best team in the league! (Not all fans I hasten to add). You sit 4th after 6 GAMES!!! Who cares?!

What sheer & utter arrogance as well as disrespect to plenty of other clubs that could turn you over (mine included).

There are 40 games left to play & plenty of time for the pressure to get to your boys. Cardiff were top for ages & completely fell away.

Getting far too carried away, and only making yourselves a target for all the other team that will want to give you a hiding.

Also - on what basis do you assume you are playing the best football - you haven't even seen many other teams play yet!!

What will happen if you don't go up - will ST's go up to 800?!! Shameful & I feel sorry for the genuine less arrogant QPR fans on this forum.

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posted Sep 19, 2008

I can only apologise for the arrogant nonsense that is being spouted by certain 'fans' of my club. As I stated in my previous post, the vast majority of QPR fans are in support of Derby's decision, and as this article highlights our supporters' groups are also expressing their opposition to the actions of our board:

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comment by fatfox (U9023559)

posted Sep 19, 2008

***40 quid well spent to see the championship winning team***

Can't see Derby doing that well this season...

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comment by Besian (U10668474)

posted Sep 19, 2008

so you think its right to charge fans more than what was originally agreed to at the beginning of the season, people will not pay that sort of money to see football at your club, your own fans agree to this! You are charging more than some premiership sides, I for one will not be going to away games that charge that sort of money, I don't get to many as work commitments keeps me at home, but yours is off the list!

And if that means my team playing only with home fans in it so be it, they are professional football players they will have to just crack on with it.

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posted Sep 19, 2008

What I don't get is that you cannot currently fill up the ground, so how the hell will price rises fix this issue?!

Yes you may say people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones (Reading only got about 18500 on Tue night), but in all honesty, that will be one of our lowest league attendances this year. On Saturdays, we get at least 21-22k in the ground, dependent on how many away fans come.

We are not ripping our fans off, and the ST prices were substantially reduced this season. We were also offered payment plans for those who couldn't cough it all up at once. We are always encouraging the kids through the doors, and there is some kind of ticket promo most home games for all types of fans including adults.

Now when I walk around the local area, I see loads more kids with Reading shirts on & it's great to see. We are trying to build for the future, and up until this season, our ground has been a sell out pretty much for 2 and half years.

Yes you may get some jumping on the bandwagon, but every club wants new fans, and if they pay their money then good on em as far as I'm concerned. Some of those supposed "gloryhunters" will stick around for the long term, and that is the key.

Any young kids thinking of watching QPR for the first time, won't go because their paretns can;t afford it.

I appreciate QPR might say "oh well kids are cheap" BUT THEY CAN'T GO IF THE ADULTS CAN'T AFFORD TO BLOOMING TAKE THEM!!

Totally pricing the fans out, and it is fundamentally wrong.

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comment by old8oy (U7766943)

posted Sep 19, 2008

Preston fan here. Disgraceful prices. Good on Derby...

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posted Sep 19, 2008

THAT IS MY NEW POLICY. I WON'T PAY MORE THAN 25 FOR A TICKET.comment by StaunchReadingFan (U13374422)..

Well said my man ,and people wonder why they call it rip off Britain..Apathy is a dangerous thing..and gb is full of it ..but some good may come from the impending end to apathy and greed.

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posted Sep 19, 2008

It's not stamford bridge with all the millions upon millions being spent on the side of world class players & even so for a championship game & not the top clubs in the premiership its plan robbery!, they are in the wrong league if not sport!!!!

I went went to reading with my club plymouth for 23 so why almost double! ROBBERY

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posted Sep 20, 2008

I was a passionate QPR fan as a kid in the 70s and early 80s,and now I have a nine year old son I would like to renew the faith and take him to the Rs...but now I'll have to think again. These are ridiculous prices,and QPR is no longer the plucky little family club I once loved. If I was a real fan who had been going through all the years of failure over the past decade,I would be livid. As it is,with my attachment not THAT strong anymore,I shall try to develop a new alliegance to Barnet, Orient or some other proper club.

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posted Sep 23, 2008

50 quid to watch the likes of Barnsley play at 2/3 full Loftus Road? Come on do me a favour. QPR will just haemorrhage their younger fans to Fulham.

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