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A few interesting points...

Newcastle United
by LesserHeavy_P (U8366436) 14 September 2008
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A few points to discuss:

1. Why did Mike Ashley not realise the financial state of the club when he bought it?
He blindly promised big name signings, then quickly realised that this would not be possible.

2. Was the plan all along to adopt the "Arsenal model"?
Or did Ashley have to abandon his big name signing plan, and look to long term sustained investment?

3. Why would Mike Ashley appoint Kevin Keegan under false pretences?
The whole Director of football thing... Why not let your plans be known to the future manager?

4. What has Dennis Wise actually done to be so hated?
Yes he is responsible for the signings, but don't they look to be some of the best in a long time?

5. Why are a lot of Newcastle fans so blind to the fact that you can't get success without building towards it over time?
Seriously do you really want some foreign owner with no understanding of English football let alone your club and then have him pull the plug?

6. Why has it took Mike Ashley so long to come forward with his intentions for the club?
Looking back from day one of his ownership he has failed to communicate with key people (read: fans and manager), and act on things in a timely and planned manner.

7. How many more chances does this football club have before it's driven towards relegation, and ultimately extinction?
The squad's paper thin already, the owner wants out, morale is at an all time low, and who knows what another new owner would have in store for the club...

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comment by JimmyJJ (U3021199)

posted Sep 15, 2008

I can't believe there's still so much slagging off of Mike Ashley on here.

The original article is great - they are all legitimate criticisms, and by all means he hasn't been the most professional owner. But he's pumped a lot of money into the club, and he's now trying to do the right thing. Geordies who think he is going to deliberately screw the club up are just being dumb. He'll genuinely try to leave it in as good a shape as possible, he won't just run off in an instant like Keegan did, despite the fact so many fans now seem to hate his guts. I'm not trying to paint Keegan as the villain either, but he's not exactly a noble hero. He didn't like his situation, he quit. All that reveals about his character is that he is proud and impulsive, and we knew that already.

Hope NUFC get through this, but only for the sake of the sensible fans who are honest and realistic, and don't feel the need to blindly idolise or vilify everyone.

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posted Sep 15, 2008

spot on.You only havre to look at Ashley to see what kind of man he is.His statement was so much hype,anyone who falls for it is stupid.

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posted Sep 15, 2008

ashley bought the club for 135 mil ,now he wants 400m-but he's 'not trying to screw the club'?????

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posted Sep 15, 2008

(Realistic Question)

Do you think Newcastle will have a relagation battle this season?

Their squads good, but this saga has destroyed the club.

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posted Sep 15, 2008

Shoot me but this needs saying,as a fan of Arsenal and a resident of Grimsby I see both ends of the football spectrum,good managers are a very rare bread, both Grimsby & Newcastle are in need of one, neither will get one.Both will get managers but of the discount variety.In their interviews the'll listen to the board explain how money is very tight and the team will have to be built around existing players with the judicious buying of others, He'll reply that he understands that, but he must be given a reasonable amount of time to create the team he needs bring a winning style of football to the club.Both will end up disapointed.The board will panic because of the grief coming of the terraces, and the manager will complain he's being presurised for a quick fix and he needs more time and resources, the transfer market is impossible, because other teams are asking silly money for average players.
Grimsby are going to struggle because teams in the lower league's don't sell ther're good players so we buy 'joe average'
Newcastle have always struggled because successive administrations have cowered to the fans.Stop telling us NUFC are a big club with a 52,000 average gate and they deserve to be in the premiership, no they don't. Leeds won a great deal,look at them now.Yes they went mad with money they didn't have and thats the reason they got the crappy end of the stick. But they were only trying to keep there 'deserved' status at the top of the league to make the fans happy. No team has the right to top flight football. Newcastle and it's fans are in need of a reality check,Championship football is probably a better reflection of Newcastle's legacy to the last 50+ yrs of football.
Go ahead Geordie vent your splene

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posted Sep 15, 2008

You know what and i don't mean to sound sinical,i am fed up to the back teeth of these big money take overs.Football has lost its way in this country.Its all about control and greed.My advice to you all is to get on with your lives make the most of what you have and forget about why Keegan walked and will he come back or not.There are more serious issues around the globe than this ONE MAN!.I don't wanna sound rood but get a LIFE!!!

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posted Sep 18, 2008

I agree with pomeo60 it wash a shame about Bobby Robson the sack.

Bobby can still be seen in the crowd, at Newcastle United home games, despite the way he was treated. Bobby is a life long supporter of Newcastle United.

I was sad to see Bobby go; there were some protests when he was sacked. A lot of fans gathered outside of St James' Park that day, & voiced their support of Bobby.

Unfortunately, Bobby was getting along in years when he was brought in to clean up after the crisis brought on by Ruud Hullit. And, maybe only had another two or three years left in him. Sadly, Bobby is now fighting cancer for the second time in the last few years, & has said it'll get him sooner or later.

Its a pity Bobby Robson couldn't have taken over when Kevin Keegan walked ou

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posted Sep 18, 2008

Whoops, sorry I mistakenly published my comment too early by pressing a wrong key!

I was saying it was a pity Bobby Robson couldn't have taken over when Keegan walked the first time, but he was tied up elsewhere. Had he been able to do so things might have been different now.

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posted Sep 18, 2008

I do fear Newcastle United will end up in a relegation battle this season as mentioned in one of the other comments.

It all depends on the next few games. If we can get behind the team, & try to put the last two week or so behind us, we might survive in the Premiership. But, if the controversy rages on I fear the worst.

Another factor is the injuries Newcastle United players seem to be plagued with. If key players keep getting injured, & a makeshift team has to take the field, due to lack of strength in depth, with midfield players having to play out of position in a defensive position this too will have a negative affect on our chances of Premiership survival.

Whatever the outcome - Come on Newcastle United!

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posted Jan 8, 2009

keegan in!

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