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Live - Monza GP

Formula One
by Sam Lyon - BBC Sport (U7305341) 14 September 2008
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Only this week Lewis Hamilton has been telling anyone who would listen that "I'm a racer, I overtake, and I'm one of the best at doing it. I don't feel I need to change that."

Well he's going to have to prove that today if he wants a podium finish - and he may want err on the side of caution in doing so unless he wants to run the risk of another demotion like at Spa last week.

A disastrous qualifying session will mean the young Briton starts 15th on the grid and will have it all to do to overhaul the Ferraris of Kimi Raikkonen (14th) and Felipe Massa (6th).

However, with rain and sunny spells forecast we are likely to see one of the most unpredictable and, hopefully, exciting races of the season and it is literally all to play for.

One curve ball that has been thrown into the mix this morning is the news that Massa has played his 'joker' and changed his engine ahead of the race - much like team-mate Raikkonen did at the British Grand Prix following his exhaust problem in France.

Traditionally, when you play a 'joker', you do it before qualifying and not after - but, hey, there's the spirit of F1 and then there's the letter of the rules. And this is Ferrari at Monza, after all...

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posted Sep 14, 2008

Raikkonen needs to brush up on his overtaking skills if he does not want to end up losing seconds to slower cars... look how fast he is in the dying moments of the race

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posted Sep 14, 2008

There is an F1 God. Vettel was superb, but more than that, his atitute to others makes him stand head and shoulders above some other young drivers. Lets all pray that he never lands a McLaren seat and the corporate monsters turn him into a Hamilton. Did anyone see Hamilton being interviewed after the race, and he didn't know who had won? I think that says it all about Lewis, and the ITV 'Lewis Hamilton' show.

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posted Sep 14, 2008

Jesus, get you guys all jumping on the Vettelbus. Hamilton's drive was absolutely A1. He was given the wrong tyres for quali and made utter mincemeat of every other driver on the track. Had he not had to have changed his tyres again he'd have destroyed Vettel too. Hamilton is easily a better driver than Vettel. Anyone can lead a race from the front. Don't get me wrong, it's no easy task, but given a competative car (as the Toro Rosso was today) and a CLEAR TRACK WITH NO SPRAY AND NO CARS TO OVERTAKE and it's a darnsight easier than what Lewis Hamilton did today. Idiots. Oh, and the BBC focus on a driver who finished in 7th because he's British. Who would have believed the BRITISH Broadcasting Company would like to focus their news that a largely BRITISH audience reads on a BRITISH driver...

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posted Sep 14, 2008

Did anyone see Hamilton being interviewed after the race, and he didn't know who had won? I think that says it all about Lewis, and the ITV 'Lewis Hamilton' show.


Shock horror a British TV station focusing on the British drivers! how dare they...

Nevermind the Driver of the day being Vettel or that Brundle was saying Vettel was probably the driver of the season. Obvious British bias there.

At least they didn't cut back to DC every second lap and show all three of buttons pitstops when he was way back, oh wait yes they did, another nail in the Hamilton bias coffin.

As for Vettel being the best in the wet, why was it that Hamilton was catching him at 2 secs per lap when not behind traffic? Maybe because he is a very good driver no matter how much the haters would like to think differently.

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posted Sep 14, 2008

hamilton would have won if he did not have to pit again.....simple as that

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posted Sep 14, 2008

You mean the David Fore, Ardigo and Cesetti who drive toy cars if they are so good then maybe they should step up to the real world and drive some international formula as have previous karting champions, only then can they be judged against the guys who have already graduated.

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posted Sep 14, 2008

O.K. I'm a McLaren fan and a big Lewis Hamilton fan but I like to think I'm not (too) biased towards him. I admit he does say a few things that would rub some people the wrong way but he has to have confidence in his ability to be a good driver. (sometimes even a little arrogance!)

Nobody can deny (some people still will, but oh well!) that he has great ability for a driver in his 2nd season, (granted, drivers like Vettel, who drove an awesome race today and thoroughly deserved his win today, and Kubica and others also have great ability) but i just look back to the 07 season when there may have been factors in his favour here and there but on the whole, he matched world champion Alonso in the same machinery on points. This season, i believe that he has also continued his form by being consistently fast at all the circuits in wet and dry (besides qualifying at Monza!!)

I believe that the last two races have been as excting as any other race i have watched before and i believe that Lewis' punishment last week was very harsh. In the spur of the moment while they were racing each other, the stewards expect Lewis to completly stop on the track or to wait before overtaking again! i mean, come on! he's a racer, he wants to get racing as soon as possible! On that note, that also means that the whole Massa/Valencia issue for example shouldn't have been in doubt. I don't believe Massa should have been denied the race victory (which he wasn't) as many other people do exactly what he did in the pits and aren't even investigated!

(sorry for the rambling on but....)on today though, i wish it had started raining before both Lewis' and Sebastien's pit stops so we could have seen a straight fight for the win between the two drivers of the day, Vettel and Hamilton!

LH for the WDC!!

P.S. we need ex-drivers who understand the pressures of racing, to be full-time stewards who are in contacts with all the teams so u actually get an opinion from someone who actually has a say in penalties!

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posted Sep 14, 2008

if it had rained he would have won on the one stop!

ham raced very well

even had to change tires- with the burden of a full tank

just look at the diff between him and raik

differnt league

but vettel did well- well done dood!

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posted Sep 15, 2008

i just hope next yeat the Lewis hamilton show doesn't continue on the BBC, yeah hes a decent driver but his sheer arogance over who won on sunday was just plain ignorance,
AS for him leaving i would hate it, i'd have no body 2 cheer when he crashes, just like i did for Shumi
No body likes a winner !!
but i do believe he has enough to win the drivers title this Year, Massa wont pip him 2 the post,
Hamilton has the makings of Shumacher so lets see if he lives up to his potential

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posted Sep 16, 2008

Hey, SAM the MAN!
Thank you so much for the super live commentary on where the important action was; please come back and spare us the Sarahs who don't seem to understand what's going on. (Oops, Holt, I mean Alaska's Palin of course, but if the cap fits wear it winkeye)

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