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Be careful what you wish for

Premier League Manchester City
by IanCheeseman (U12211495) 10 September 2008
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I'm a dreamer - always have been, always will. My wife says my glass is always half full. I'd say my glass is spilling over the sides most days! So when I read the comments of City's new Executive Chairman Garry Cook, a few weeks ago, outlining his ambitious plans for the future I didn't ridicule them like some in the tabloids did.

As Kevin Keegan once said, if you aim for the moon, you might hit the stars (though I think he meant it the other way around!). I love Kevin, he has an enthusiasm that is infectious, but I digress.

City's new owners couldn't have announced their arrival in more dramatic fashion, bids for some of the worlds best players and the signing of a brilliant Brazilian - Robinho.

So what happens now? When I was full of adrenalin on "the day", I was dreaming up my fantasy team - it included Lionel Messi, Fernando Torres and Kaka, and they were just the subs! But now the dust has settled I wonder if that's realistic, despite the "limitless" funds available to Mark Hughes.

I'm certainly hopeful that some of those great players will be appearing at Middle-Eastlands in the future, but I don't want my club to lose it's identity.

As an impressionable boy, and being from a family that didn't have much passion for sport, I latched on to City because their fans had a sense of humour, loved the sport (not just one team) and were local and proud of it. Even then (the late 60's) I perceived United as arrogant and distant.

City's new owners have, sensibly, calmed down their public utterances since the first few days and are now taking the more gracious approach of quietly planning and working behind the scenes. World domination I can handle, but let's do it the City way, with good grace and good humour.

Just like all City fans I've dreamed of the kind of opportunity that has now come to the club, but when I've been talking at supporters club branches in the past I've always qualified the discussion by warning "Be careful what you wish for" - I don't want the new City to change into the kind of football club I wouldn't have supported as a boy.

Incidentally, I'll be doing another blog next week, from my trip to Cyprus to commentate on the UEFA Cup game against Amonia Nicosia.

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comment by ElanJo (U13153655)

posted Sep 10, 2008

I reckon Shaikh Mansour has told Al Fahim to keep his gob shut.

Alot will depend on Hughes. If Hughes wants to keep the academy producing ,and has the full backing of Shaikh Mansour, then we have nothing to worry about.

Wenger has killed Arsenals Youth Academy, which goes to show that having stacks of cash doesnt automatically mean youngsters wont make it.

Not much has changed in my mind, The likes of Richards will make the grade. The only thing that will change are the poorer products, like Etuhu, Flood etc, wont get a look in..... which, considering we are a club aiming for trophies, is no loss.

The cream will always rise to the top. With extra investment in the academy we will probably see even better players coming through, albeit fewer. Barca still manage it, and World Class stars have to be nurtured somewhere. Why cant the Messi's of this world learn their trade at City?

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posted Sep 10, 2008

Nice one Cheesy - well said. <ok>

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posted Sep 10, 2008

Agreed Cheesy, no-one wants us to stop being City <ok>

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comment by John (U12913155)

posted Sep 11, 2008

Great comments and spoken from the heart like a true blue! I still remember my City sports bag being kicked by 2nd year Reds when I was in my first year at High School & it made me more determined to carry on that support - have waited all these years for this opportunity for our club and hope it's channelled in the right way & we dont lose that "only football team in Manchester" spirit and sense of humour.

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posted Sep 11, 2008

As long as Hughes stands his ground and gets to pick/buy the players he thinks he needs and doesnt get bullied into accepting players the owners want. But you never know, look what happend between Roman and Jose over the Sheva thing...this need to be carefully balanced.
CTID is a way of life, the sense of humour and character that goes with it can only come from being a blue. 10 years ago we were in Div 2, how things change !

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posted Sep 14, 2008

I'm with you 100%. In fact all the City fans I know are pleased but realistic about our new wealth. Personally even without the billions behind them I prefer the prospective owners than Dr TS, but we owe him some kind of gratitude for making this happen. I hope that the likes of Johnson, Sturridge, SWP and Richards continue to break through, it would be a shame to destroy the best academy in the land just because it becomes possible to buy stars. Stuart Pearce mentioned this in the week, why buy internationals when City already have great players coming through? The media have hyped this up and talk about the death of football. I hope for once (and we've waited long enough) that the club are going to be run with some commonsense and patiently allow Hughes to build a good side that will challenge for the top trophies in the future. I think it will take a few years but it will be nice to think wild dreams could become reality someday.

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comment by bluwes (U11803994)

posted Sep 14, 2008

Cheesy need to have your commentary on Robinhos goal as archived audio it was a classic

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posted Sep 15, 2008

I share your views entirely. I started supporting City in 1968 and took all the flack that goes with that in a household of Red Devils. I saw my first City match live last February. It's great times and City fans know better that to get ahead of themselves. WE always knew our day would come, only now its nearer. Look forward to your report from Cyprus - enjoy the trip.

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comment by Fuzzy (U9861085)

posted Sep 23, 2008

Wenger has killed Arsenals Youth Academy, which goes to show that having stacks of cash doesnt automatically mean youngsters wont make it.
Arsene Wenge hasn't killed Arsenals youth academy at all, he has imported the best talent from around the world and you can be guaranteed that any British players graduating will be of he highest quality, of which there are many in the reserves at the moment. Jack Wilshere, Gibbs and Randall. Football is a global game and if City want to be a top club they will have to follow suit. I am all for local youth who have an appreciation of the club but only if they are good enough to compete with the best talent in the world.

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posted Oct 3, 2008

Spot on Cheesy... another top blog.

In response to Hogcity, I also reckon we can thank Dr T for getting rid of Sven. Mark Hughes is a far better manager for City, especially since the takeover. It was pretty harsh on a man who attracted a couple of excellent players to the club and had a good honeymoon period. But we were one dimensional and I felt a lot of teams found us out towards the end of the season.

It's also pretty obvious that Mark Hughes runs a far stricter regime than Sven's relaxed training (‘Carrington spa’) sessions. We can't afford to get bullied by teams like Wigan (besides, it wasn't a penalty).

Thaksin was clearly a questionable character given his time as Thai PM. Now we've got some oil barons who allow Indian migrants to be conned into signing paltry construction contracts in Arabic, and then have their passports confiscated. Even my (black sheep) 'rag' uncle hasn't realised that the al Nahyan royal family are possibly worse on human rights than Thaksin. But that's capitalism. Abramovich isn’t exactly Robin Hood.

Ultimately we can't choose the people who own our club. Would a self-righteous 'crusader' like 'man-of-the-people' Harry Redknapp resign if a shady billionaire started throwing money at him? Probably not. In fact, the Gaydamak fortune has fairly shady origins (arms dealing and tax evasion), especially if Arcadi, and not Alexandre, is the one in charge.

We can join Amnesty International and take action against human rights abuse. We can do that wearing a city shirt. Whilst singing blue moon. We should enjoy the moment and ensure that, as Cheesy says, we maintain our identity . I'd hate to see us go down the same route as arrogant Chelsea fans or (shudder to think) the odious prawn sandwich mob from Trafford.


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