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Raikkonen hits back at 606 critics

Formula One
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Raikkonen has hit back at you 606ers who have questioned his motivation.

"What's happened has happened, there's no use crying about it"

"We'll go there next weekend (Spa). I love that circuit, I'd love to race there all year long.

"It's the best of them all and I hope to have a good car there. I'll do my best to win there once again."

"If anyone doubts my motivation they can be sure of this: I want to win, now more than ever."

"It does seem that the street circuits haven't been favourable to me. In four races I've only claimed one point, in Melbourne, in a race I didn't manage to finish because of an engine failure.

"Then there was the incident with (Adrian) Sutil in Monaco and Hamilton crashing into me at the exit to the pit lane in Montreal.

"And now the latest retirement in Valencia."

"The truth is in a couple of races (Hungary and Germany) I made some mistakes that relegated me to sixth place while in Valencia I missed out on third place by a hair's breadth,"

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posted Aug 28, 2008

i think the car is probably better suited for massa than kimi, both drivers are equally matched skill wise poss kimi has the edge, my only concern would be kimi himself, how many seasons is he going to last 1 2 who knows aslog as his heart is in it kimi will still win races, if not then we have another mika hakkinen after his kid was born.

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posted Aug 28, 2008

I dont think that Raikkonen's motivation is flagging, he has found it hard to set up the car but he had similar problems last year

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posted Aug 28, 2008

Surely Ferrari need a leader which Raikkonen just does not seem to be. His shrugs and monosyllabic nature must make him like an alien to most of the arm waving, 1000 decibel italians that still make up the bulk of the team. I suspect that Schuey does not go to far to help an old foe in terms of support but maybe the old team mate Massa gets a bit more help....?? I see Kimi sliding away from F1 to race drag snowmobiles or whatever it is he does on sundays off. Look for Massa showing Alonso the ropes at Ferrari in 2009 before Massa gets shovelled away himself for a new young kid, Rosberg, Kubica, Vettel maybe in 2010.

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posted Aug 28, 2008

There's always a first time <blush>

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posted Aug 28, 2008


you are missing out the pizza, sun and mandolino and then your stereotyping of italians is perfect.

Arm waving in particular is a classic. Really defines your intelligence (lack of)

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comment by stwl (U4284084)

posted Aug 28, 2008

Bit strong, antoniosignore (and what did you mean about 'island of hillbillies' in an earlier comment...?). I would have thought Raikkonen might have a better case if he were to take exception to the description of him.

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posted Aug 29, 2008

I meant sicily

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posted Aug 29, 2008

Formaula one drivers have 3 simple rules...

1. finish first
2. finish ahead of your team mate
3. dont crash into your team mate

The only exception to these is if your 'doing a prost' and playing the long game.

Kimi obviously isnt playing he long game, he can hardly claim he doesnt have the experience to set the car up - or the car is slow as his team mate is consistantly out performing him. He doesnt even have the decency to crash frequently to prove how hard he is trying...

The sad truth is he is demotivated because he expects to be fastest and cant deal with the fact that Massa isnt playing the game and playing second fiddle and that Hamilton is just plain faster.

Ask your self this IF Massa had qualified where Kimi did would he have jsut sat there - would Hamilton?

Frankly his performance just doesnt warrent his pay packet - perhaps a year in a mid range car would remind him he has to work for the money.

Maybe David Coulthards drive would do (but he wouldnt be as ammusing as Coulthard!)

I dont beleive for a second his car is slower than Massa's - the difference is the hands on the wheel!

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posted Aug 29, 2008

I think Raikkonens problems this year comes down to a combination of several factors.

First of all there is no doubt whatsoever that he`s not as determined as he used to be. In the past he was the guy who drove the wheels of everything he was sitting in. These days he doesnt`s seem to bother and put up an effort unless the car is close to perfect. There can be no other explanation to this than a lack of motivation.

Secondly I believe that the development of the Ferrari is not to Raikkonens liking. He would prefer a more aggressive car than the 2008 Ferrari. But here Raikkonen has a problem unless he`s able to mount a strong challenge and start to win races again. The car will be developed according to the prefferences of the strongest driver in the team during the season. And if it becomes clear that Massa will be Ferraris challenger for the championship this year the car will be developed more and more the way Massa wants it. And that will not suit Raikkonens driving style.

So basically Raikkonen has to put the bit between his teeth and put in a better effort. He`s got his chance now at his favourite Grand Prix.

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posted Aug 30, 2008

The plain truth is---------------- Raikkonen would rather be in a VMM.

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