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Gold War II: The Weekend

by Ollie Williams (U9048777) 22 August 2008
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We're into the final two days of the Games and Britain are clinging on to third place in the medal table by a single gold, ahead of Russia.

On Friday I published a list of the day's gold medals, with British and Russian chances in each. So here's the same thing, but for Saturday and Sunday, as the Olympics draws to a close.

It looks to me as though Team GB will have their work cut out to hang on to third place.

In all, Britain could win nine gold medals before the Games finish. Russia have 17 opportunities for gold.

Trimming that down to gold medals where I reckon either GB or Russia have genuine potential to win (very subjective and you may not agree), Britain have four golds they could feasibly win, while Russia could win eight.

Here's the full list. Can GB hang on?

Women's high jump - Saturday

Rus Anna Chicherova (2.03m)
Rus Svetlana Shkolina (1.98m)
Rus Elena Slesarenko (2.06m)

Russia's Anna Chicherova and Elena Slesarenko are two of 2008's top performers, but Blanka Vlasic, from Croatia, is in a league of her own when it comes to the high jump, so the Russians will have their work cut out to take gold.

Men's javelin - Saturday
Rus Ilya Korotkov (84.04m)

Ilya Korotkov's 2008 best of 84.04m is at the lower end of the spectrum in the men's javelin final. Australia's Jarod Bannister is a more likely gold medallist, having thrown 89.02m in February this year.

Women's 1500m - Saturday
Gbr Lisa Dobriskey (4:03.22)
Rus Anna Alminova (4:02.02)

Anna Alminova has the edge over GB's Lisa Dobriskey on personal bests, but both are behind others in the field. Bahrain's Maryam Yusuf Jamal, the world champion, is favourite.

Women's 4x400m - Saturday
Gbr season's best is 3:20.04
Rus season's best is 3:18.38

Russia won Friday's first women's 4x400m heat in 3:23.71 with Britain taking the final qualifying spot. The US set the time to beat in their heat, winning in a time of 3:22.45 ahead of Jamaica and Belarus.

Men's 4x400m - Saturday
Gbr season's best is 2:59.33
Rus season's best is 3:00.14

Britain's men were the fastest qualifiers in the men's heats, in 2:59.33. The American men won their heat in 2:59.95 with Russia a strong second.

Men's marathon
start list unavailable at 0045 BST Saturday


Britain's James DeGale faces Cuba's Emilio Correa Bayeaux in the middleweight final at 1346 BST on Saturday. Then, at 1421 BST, Russia's Rakhim Chakhkiev takes on Italy's Clemente Russo in the heavyweight final. On Sunday, Russia's Alexey Tishchenko fights for lightweight gold.

Men's K1 500 - Saturday


Britain's Tim Brabants aims to add a second gold to his tally in his secondary event, the K1 500m. Russia's Anton Ryakhov is up against him.

Men's C1 500 - Saturday

Maxim Opalev became World and European champion in his discipline in 2006, and has previously won Olympic silver and bronze at Sydney and Athens in the C1 500m event.

Women's K1 500 - Saturday

Britain's Lucy Wainwright and Russia's Yuliana Salakhova will duel for medals in the women's K1 500m. Wainwright qualified second from her semi-final in 1:52.580, fractionally faster than Salakhova, who qualified second in the next semi-final in 1:53.603.

Men's C2 500 - Saturday

Sergey Ulegin and Alexander Kostoglod finished eighth in their C2 1000m final but get a second chance at a medal over the shorter distance. Germany's Christian Gille and Thomasz Wylenzek, silver medallists over 1000m, may be a better bet for gold.

Women's mountain bike - Saturday


Irina Kalentyeva and Vera Andreeva represent Russia in the women's mountain biking. Kalentyeva is ranked fourth in the world, but Canadian duo Marie-Helene Premont and Catharine Pendrel are big medal contenders alongside her.

Men's mountain bike - Saturday

Britain's Oli Beckingsale and Liam Killeen are 21st and 27th in the world respectively, and they have outside medal chances in the men's event. Europeans dominate the men's start list but Russia's only competitor is Yury Trofimov, a real outsider for a medal, ranked 217th in the world at the start of the Games.

Men's 10m final - Saturday


Gleb Galperin, Russian ace diver, came through fifth best from Friday's preliminaries. Britain's Pete Waterfield was right behind Galperin and 14-year-old Tom Daley also made Saturday's semi-finals.

Women - Saturday


Norway are narrow favourites going into the women's handball final against Russia.

Individual all around - Saturday


Russia and Ukraine are the only two nations with two entrants in the all-around rhythmic gymnastics. Olga Kapranova and Evgeniya Kanaeva go for gold. Kapranova was ranked highest after Friday heading into the final, with Kanaeva right behind her at the top of the pile.

Group all around - Sunday

Russia will be strong contenders in the group rhythmic gymnastics finale.

Team free final - Saturday


Russia's synchronised swimming team head into Saturday's team final ranked first.

Women's +67kg - Saturday


Sarah Stevenson is an outside medal shot for Britain, drawn against Jordan's Nadin Dawani in her opening match.

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posted Aug 23, 2008

A little friendly banter.....
Lets get it right, Squirrelhunter. It's the Chinese that top the table with 47 Golds, and not, as according to MSNBC and all US-based websites, the USA (because they are good at coming in 2nd & 3rd). But seriously, well done to the Great Britain team. It has been a hugely entertaining two weeks. Thank you BBC.

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posted Aug 23, 2008

I think it has been a fantastic olympic games for team GB. And it doesn't relly matter if the Russians overtake us in the end because we were never expected to come above them before the start of the games.It would be great to finish in front of the aussies and the germans though. The only thing I have been dissapointed with is that no one has said thank you to the british people who spent their hard earned cash on the lottery to help fund their training.

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posted Aug 23, 2008

oh no! ive only just gotten to check bbc and i can't believe waterfield didn't make it to the finals!

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posted Aug 23, 2008

I agree except on the Lottery thing...
We did not spend our hard earned cash on the Lottery.
We GAMBLED our hard earned cash on the Lottery.

And the proceeds of our gambling went to them.

I mean if we had given up our cash, then yay- good for us- but we only did it on the hope if winning a few million...

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posted Aug 23, 2008

As someone who has sailed a bit, rowed a bit, never rode a bike for any period, but realised some time ago how good GB is in the velodrome, it was obvious that Team GB would have a quiet first 5 days or so, a likely stupendous first weekend, with all 3 of these sports in final stages, and then a quiet second week.

As Russia is a country with high standards in a wide range of sports, it has surprised me that we have stayed ahead of them for so long after the first weekend bonanza for GB.

Thus, I shall be amazed if GB finishes third. However, given that finishing fourth in 2012 was the pre-Beijing target, hats off to all Team GB for an amazing performance. And who knows maybe third in 2012?

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posted Aug 23, 2008

Is the obsession with the medal table a new thing? I don't remember all this attention in previous Games, but was that because it's not been an issue until this year? Can we not concentrate on the fact that we've done amazingly well rather than roller-coastering between smugness and despondancy at the thought that another country might "beat" us at the last minute or vice versa? We're much higher than we thought we'd be - that's great.

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posted Aug 23, 2008

If anyone want's to start contributing to our glorious 2012 campaign any time soon, it's a Double Rollover tonight. If I win I'm emigrating to the Caribbean, but I'll keep a house here and I'll be looking for tickets to the Sailing, Rowing and Cycling in 2012.

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posted Aug 23, 2008

If Killeen had hit a Russian instead of a pole we might be in better shape.

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posted Aug 23, 2008

Team GB have done brillantly. 3th or 4th in the medal table does not matter. It is a shame that some judging decisions were dodgy to say the least. Hopefully they will be fair in2012!

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posted Aug 23, 2008

Sarah woz robbed! Tell me when will she get Gold? Tell me kwondo kwondo kwondo???

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