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4X100m Was it in doubt?!

by IzzyMiyagh1 (U10377853) 22 August 2008
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Awesome performance -

We all knew that if the Jamaicans could get that baton around smoothly then the world record would be obliterated...

37.10 seconds - knocking off .30 off the previous best...and could've gone faster if there had been decent competition in that final...

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posted Aug 22, 2008

"for me powell was faster than bolt."

Yes Powell ran a faster 100 than Bolt's, but i'm sure thats only because the home straight is quicker than running the bend. All four put in a solid perfomance from start to finish, but special credit to anchorman Powell, committed all the way to the tape, absolutely amazing. And they could easily have gone under 37 if they weren't playing it safe. The only regret is the Americans were not there, it would have been much more sweeter with them in it and would've shut any arguments(if there were any!) once and for all.

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posted Aug 22, 2008

The documentary "Colin Jackson the making of me" last night was informative.
The program said - all the talk of fast twitch muscle - yes, 98% of jamaicans have it but so do 80% of then was shown clips of the sport regime in Jamaica - from a young age, talent is scouted for...and nurtured...for sprints...

The preponderance of sprinters from Jamaica and the USA suggests it's more the environment (nurture) than anything genetic (nature).

Look at Champs in Jamaica...30,000 plus in the National Stadium to see the specatcle each year, likes of Donovan Bailey coming down to watch...the american scouts...look at the names from the World Juniors that you see - they may be in London in 2012 and surpassing Bolt!

The interest specifically in track there is like nothing I see here. From primary to high school...inter-form, inter-House competition...

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posted Aug 22, 2008

When we come to the Olympics it's going to be track athletes.

The facilities aren't that much, or there's not too much awareness, of cycling velodromes...or swimming pools despite surrounded by water...anymore than we'd know about slalom...

Maybe it's a chicken and egg...coaches/people in the infrastructure/past Olympians,...Bert Cameron, Don Quarrie, Herb McKinley, MVP club, University - UTech, GC Foster College,...Champs, Penns,...

Look forward to us getting some quarter milers back on the world stage...

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posted Aug 22, 2008

I'm pleased for all of them. Carter I've never heard of but he didn't need to do much, just run his fastest and make sure Frater didn't drop the baton. Frater ran the fastest I think I've ever seen from him. Bolt looked like he was going about 90-95%, probably out of safety so he wouldn't risk dropping the baton on the changeover, but he still managed to get a few metres ahead quite comfortably. Powell made no mistake, ran his heart out and finally had his moment of glory, which was long overdue and well deserved.

A fantastic moment for athletics.

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posted Aug 22, 2008

Once again I must say I am a proud Jamaican. I am please for the Jamaica team they have done our country so proud. I cant wait to see them in action in London for 2012.

Congrats all Nesta Carter ran a strong first leg before passing the baton to Michael Frater, who handed on to Bolt before Asafa Powell brought it home.

I enjoy watching that relay so much, the highlight of this olympic for me is watching the jamaicans breaking records and winning golds.

We are a country to reckon with when it comes to sprinting, and I know Jamiaca has got more to offer for 2012.

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posted Aug 23, 2008

I said it was going to be a ''lightning''BOLT triple!

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comment by NeilG42 (U1826671)

posted Aug 23, 2008

dnjoh1 (U13056123)

Do you honestly think that after that performace the USA have any answer.

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posted Aug 23, 2008

Didn't the Jamiacan running the second leg run into the outside lane before handing on to Bolt? Is this allowed? Great relay and Jamaican team can obviously go faster with better baton changing.

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comment by shivfan (U2435266)

posted Aug 24, 2008

A great Games for the Jamaicans!
The small island picked up six gold medals, three silvers, and two bronze medals in the athletics events. Compare that to Britain's ine gold, two silver, and one bronze in athletics too....

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