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Ade signs long term deal...

Premier League Arsenal
by Lamb Gooner (U4995169) 18 August 2008
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Good news. He's a good player with an attitude which can leave a bit to be desired. But its still good news in my opinion

Wonder how much he's on though...

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comment by rs (U1785882)

posted Aug 19, 2008

pointless contract

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posted Aug 19, 2008

This is a good move by Wenger. For the first time since Henry left, he has acted like he really wants to keep his squad together.

Extending the contract ties down the player, and if he still wants to leave, it must be of high benefit to Arsenal atleast financially.

On the part of loyalty, we can assume that the club has again shown some loyalty to one player since Henry left, and we can now expect the player to act likewise.

The tendency we've had of waiting till players are running out of contract, before we renew or part with them has always been very exploitative of the players. We've always used them to their bare bones, paid them below market value, and then let them go at the slightest hint of age or ambition. Its time we showed some reasonable concern about their welfare in the club.

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posted Aug 19, 2008

A lot has been said in a negative way about Ade's attitude. Much can be accurate as far as loyalty goes but it should not be so. I think he should be given the benfit of the doubt on the grounds that a professional football player has relatively a short earning span and all bar none want to improve their income even if it means changing clubs. We Arsenal fans should support Ade and not boo him.

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posted Aug 20, 2008

I'm an Albion fan and have no axe to grind, but it makes me smile and not in a good way when ade starts saying he's happy to be part of the family and it will tie him to the club untill 2012. In what way does it tie him to the club, he already had 3 years left and was about to go for a few extra carrots elsewhere! All he has done is feather his huge nest a bit more!

Also, out of the top 4 he is probably the worst of the strikers and probably cost you dear when he and his agent started toting him around.

Good luck though, you play the best football in Europe!

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posted Aug 20, 2008

comment by jenius99 (U8677413)
posted Yesterday

"Im pretty sure any forward in last years Arsenal team"

Absolute nonsense. Adebayor lost form just after Jan (probably tiredness from over use). We then proceeded to have a string of poor results against average teams.

Why didn't Bendtner step? He is 'any' striker.

I think people fail to understand that its the 'players' and in fact Adebayor who CREATES the chances in the first place! Without someone to hold up the ball up there would be ZERO goals.

Its sad that Barcelona and Milan fans appreciate him more than some of our new brethren. Adebayor can hardly be considered a typical Barca player. Why do you think the most creative, fast flowing team in the world were desperate to sign him?


Bendtner didn't play anywhere near as many games and in my opinion looked in much better form pre-season. If Adebayor hasn't scored at least 5 goals by the end of September then i think my point 'il be proven!

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posted Aug 20, 2008

Bendtner had plenty of time to prove himself.

In fact if RVP had not got injured Arsene would have replaced Bendtner with Edin D˛eko in Jan.

Good strikers do not grow on trees and the ones who score 30 goals a season in the top leagues, are priceless.

Or £32m anyway.

Adebayor is not an out and out goal scorer. Thats why his partnership with Eduardo had started to look good. His versatility, hard work and hold up play outside the box makes him the most in demand striker in the world.

In fact ahead of Etoo, Drogba and David Villa. Thats not only my opinion. Most scouts and agents feel the same way.

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posted Aug 20, 2008

I can't believe how Adebayor has been applauded by most Arsenal fans after everything he said about the club and showed all the desire in moving to Milan in the summer.

Yes if Adebayor scores a goal Arsenal fans should cheer as football is a team sport, but not chant his name when he blazes a 6 yard shot over the bar.

Arsenal have a tight wage budget which has taken a hit since Adebayor has signed a new contract. The media speculate he is now taking home £80,000 per week. I mean, any other player mention to Arsene about a wage increase they would be out the door in the next transfer window.

It will take time for Arsenal fans to forgive Adebayor and he will have to do something Thierry like, who Adebayor thinks he is better than now anyhow, for Arsenal fans to be behind him again.

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posted Aug 20, 2008

Clichy, Sagna were given new contracts after moaning at the end of the year. RVP is in negotiation at the moment after threatening to join Mourinho at Inter.

Cesc was given a new contract last year.

Every player worth anything moans. Thats true for every club. The difference is that Adebayor has a big mouth.

Most of us gooners can see that. A minority fall for the negative media bias.

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posted Aug 20, 2008

comment by Promote from within. (U11999038)
posted Yesterday

Liverpool and Arsenal play boring predictable football, their managers are about as sour as a bag of lemons and 95% of their players are imported.

Sounds a lot like Chelsea to me....

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posted Aug 26, 2008

Adebayor is on 80million now because his salary was doubled

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