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Beijing 2008 - Volleyball

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Volleyball is just one of 28 sports being fiercely contested at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

This is where you can talk about all things volleyball in the build-up to and during this summer's Games of the XXIX Olympiad.

Whether you want to tip someone for one of those precious gold medals, talk about the quality of competition, or debate its merits as an Olympic sport - this is your forum.

Over 10,500 athletes are expected to compete in 302 events across all sports - here is where you can get involved.

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posted Aug 8, 2008

Get it on...!
Roll on 2.00 am Saturday morning when the fun starts biggrinbiggrinbiggrinbiggrin

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posted Aug 9, 2008

I'm finding that the live website coverage of the vollyball keeps switching to the equestrian event.

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posted Aug 9, 2008

Women's game are such great competitions. I guess there are some pro-leagues around, Italy for one.

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posted Aug 10, 2008


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posted Aug 11, 2008

6 a side Hard Court Volleyball does pretty well in British Schools.

I started playing when i was 6 and was representing my country by the time i was 15.

Problem is, no one here understands it, so once you get to about 21 you are almost too old to play because you cant afford to not work and train full time and you will never be good enough to compete at the highest level unless you train every day. Our Juniors do quite well and as a Junior we gave some good european teams a good run for their money, but when it gets to senior level its all about the money im afraid. As my my training went from 6 hours a day to 3 times a week the distance between us and the big euro teams such as Italy widened to the point when in our last match against a Greek side we hardly go a point off of them.

Ps Germany will win it!

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posted Aug 11, 2008

I've said this on other posts, but I would like to know why there is such limited volleyball coverage on the BBC's website (the lack of TV goes without saying, really; VB's not a mainstream sport in the UK). I've tried repeatedly to watch any matches and the only one i've had luck with thus far is the China-Switzerland beach match between 11-12 on Saturday - which was repeated throughout the day, when the live coverage of other prelims was listed to be broadcast. It was scheduled to be live streamed on the web between 1600-1700, but when i clicked on the volleyball button next to the video all I got was tennis. Can anyone recommend anywhere I can go to see the Beijing matches - indoor or outdoor.

I am relying on the web for this; I don't have digital sadface

Any help - anything! - is seriously welcomed. Many thanks!

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comment by hot-pig (U3248481)

posted Aug 14, 2008

I love one of my favourite sports. Unfortunately here in the UK it is very difficult so find a channel that shows the tournaments leave alone the games in the olympics. They keep showing badminton that frankly I couldn't care less about it and I don't know one person who does.

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comment by Ally (U10610300)

posted Aug 18, 2008

Thanks for setting this discussion up Aimee L.

However it would be much easier to talk about the quality of the competition if we could actually watch it!

Where is the TV coverage?

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