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Formula One
by Ayrton_Prost (U8996574) 27 July 2008
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Before you all start moaning, I would like to make something VERY clear. This is not another Ferrari fan trying to discredit Lewis' achievements. I just want to explore him from a different angle. I bear no grudges towards Lewis in any way.

We can all recall the way he took on the F1 world last year. Maiden season, 100+ points, runner up in the Championship. No other rookie has come close to such statistics. In fact, not even many experienced drivers have done better in a single season throughout their careers.

But then again, not many drivers have started off their career in a McLaren. Yes Lewis was fortunate enough to do so, being on the McLaren programme from a young age. But is it credible to say that any rookie could have done what he did? Provided with the same car?
Possibly. Put someone like Vettel in it, give him an incentive to win (ie he'll be dropped if he doesn't, or something like that) and you may find he'll manage to pull off the season in the manner Lewis did. But then again, maybe not. Maybe Lewis is unique. But only time will tell that.

All great drivers have worked themselves up the F1 grid. Alonso from Minardi, Kimi from Sauber, Senna from Lotus, Schumacher from a breif stint at Jordan. The list is endless. Just imagine the heights they would/could have reached if THEY had started their careers in a McLaren (or even a Ferrari).

I cannot help but think that if Lewis went through the humble origins they did, I would respect him much more as a driver and a person. Imagine the headlines caused by a 22 year old rookie consistently hitting the top ten in a Honda. Or finishing consistently in the midfield pack in a Force India. Lewis would be a star in a reasonly priced car from the moment of his graduation into the highest level of racing. Breaking one of the old taboos in the sport: "The driver is only as good as his car".

Maybe however, he wouldn't perform as well in such cars. Maybe he'd just be another obscure, lesser driver in the sport. Unable to make a name for himself. Unable to find the pace. Maybe it will all turn out by the end of Hamilton's career, that he was just an ordinary driver. Lucky to find himself at the start, in an extrodinary car.

But for all my incoherent speculation, I will be hard-pressed to change the views of the British public. Let alone to get the majority of them to at least think. For as long as Hamilton wins races, he will be your infallible hero.
Nevertheless, for all my doubts (or as you may see it, prejudice), I still think that given his package and guts, he's a good driver.

And a note to all Lewis supporters, don't be blinded by your adoration for him. Try and keep an open mind to other people's thoughts and/or suggestions.

Addressing everyone, please read the previous comments. This saves yourself from the embarassment of bringing back up a settled arguement, repeating what countless others have said, and other minor but irritating things.

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posted Jul 29, 2008


Spot on mate.

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comment by lesjar (U4487064)

posted Jul 29, 2008

We should not forget that Lewis has made some howlers in errors as well as the near perfect races he has produced. Yes he has got talent you dont get to be in an F1 car for nothing. I am sure that given that should the F1 boys ever do this for a Grand Prix in that you drew lots for what car you could race as they do in some of the 'Charity' style horse races, then Lewis would not be far away from the podium id not on it.

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posted Jul 29, 2008

Okethornton, Schumacher did make a splash in a Jordan, his F1 GP was driving the 7-Up Jordan. He qualified it in the top 6. Even before he got to the next race he was signed up by Flavio for Bennetton. Great drivers get great drives. Hamilton rose to the challenge of being in a top team on his debut. That is a very difficult challenge, not a gift. There are many good drivers who could not rise to the challenge for whatever reason (Zanardi as one example). I think Ron though did miss a chance with Vettel, he does look good, but still not consistent which may not be all down to him.

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posted Jul 29, 2008

Hamilton has made the absolute most of the opportunity that looked to be there for him since he was about 8 years old, i.e a Mclaren drive. He`s good, he`s done some amazing things in his short career. He has also made some absolutely hideous errors that mean we can jump all over him and be critical. China last year, dreadful, Baharain this year, silly, Canada this year, beyond belief. I praise his good performances and criticise his errors in equal measures. Until he stops the stupid mistakes he won`t be a true great, or until he pulls the same results off in a mid grid car ! He`s just a bit too blessed by the hand of Ron to get most fans respect and I suspect most of his peers. The people I know who adore him have watched F1 for about, Oh yeah, since Hamilton arrived !!!!

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comment by ferris (U12795457)

posted Jul 29, 2008

No can hold it against Hamilton that he was offered a drive in a Mclaren is his first year, this is just a testiment to how well he performed in the junior formula's. He can hardly have been expected to reject the offer in favour of a drive in a force india or torro rosso! Also Hamilton can only race the people that are one the track and currently he is beating them. Schumacher is consider as one of the greats and during most of his wins he was racing damon hill (my favourite alltime driver), Eddie Irvine and jacque vilnerve in my opinion these drivers are no beter and possibly worse than kimi Raikonen, Felipe Masa, Robert Kubica ect. I am not saying Hamilton is one of the greats this is impossible in one and a half seamson but he does has the potential to be a great! People should stop critising him, he's leading the championship he can do no more. Even though he came second last season he should have won the title, forget his mistakes, if his tyre had not have blown in turkey, he would have had an extra two points, if in monaco he was allowed to race alonso he probably have gained an extra two points. Meaning he would have won the title. Hamilton is a very good driver as he proved at Silverstone and Hockenheim.

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posted Jul 30, 2008

al long as press will be around him he will be able to get the multi-million deals and get the chicks for free (well kindof "free")

The very day the press won't there anymore they will end up like DC :

after bernie, other embarassment for the island hillbillies

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posted Jul 30, 2008

I like how while Massa, Trulli, Alonso and even Kimi speak to Martin Brundle on his ITV gridwalk yet Martin is not allowed to speak to Lewis. Even Schumacher spoke to German TV on the grid, I have to admit it does annoy me!

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posted Jul 30, 2008

How often does Brundle speak to Kimi and what sorts of things does Kimi say? winkeye

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posted Aug 1, 2008

The car is designed for Hamilton. That is it.

Same situation had Fisico while driving with the ´´same´´ car as this matador did.


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posted Aug 4, 2008

There is a word I use to describe the attitude of people like Lewis Hamilton, regardless of their profession, The word is "commited"
The reason that Lewis has demonstrated such success is because of his commitment to success and superlative achievement.
He has a personality that will always strive for perfection. No, I did not say he was perfect, I said he will always "strive for perfection". Such is his character. No, it isn't just luck, nor that he is driving one of the best cars in F1, afterall the two time world champion, with all of his experience, could not beat him in the exact same car in 2007. Heikki Kovalanin, as good as he is, and he is very good; cannot beat him in 2008 in the exact same vehicle. It takes the likes of drivers of the caliber of Raikkonin and Massa to compete with Hamilton. I'm not saying he is better, but he sure looks good and his driving and competative attitude are surely entertaining. He is great for F1, and perhaps his performance will encourge the F1 teams to give the same opportunity to more deserving young drivers. Wouldn't that be nice.

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