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Kev backs Barton!!!

Premier League Newcastle United
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Good news there!!! lets face it,he is our best central midfielder and will play an integral part in our side next season!!

I say forgive and forget,give Joey our full support and 1 last chance. He can be great if he knuckles down.

Well done King Kev,no rash decision,a sensible one instead!!

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posted Jul 31, 2008

Ok so what you are saying is that because he is a good footballer then he deserves to be given a second chance, as opposed to mr average who deserves what he gets.

He has brought shame on himself, football and your club. He is nothing but a thug with money and I hope his footballing days will be over very soon!!!

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posted Aug 1, 2008

hes a knacker, he might be a good player but he doesnt have the right mentality, i dont like the idea of him gettin away with things so easily

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posted Aug 1, 2008

Barton has had more than a "second" chance, goodness knows how many he's had already.

The courts failed society.
Keegan/Newcastle failed society.
It looks like we're banking on the dear FA to do us justice.

If Cantona was banned for 9 months (?), Barton should be banned for at least 12 months.

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posted Aug 1, 2008

If Cantona got 9 months for assualting a fan I think a minimum ban of 6 months would be reasonable given that this was against a fellow professional. Personally I think Newcastle should just get rid of him. He can't be doing then any favours by playing in their team.

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posted Aug 1, 2008

"When you do that with footballers like he did against Dabo and when you do things like that against a kid from the youth team - I've kept really quiet but I'll tell you something, he went down in my estimation when he did that. I have not resorted to that but I'll tell you if he's watching now we're not fighting for him and he's still got to go in front of the FA and get something and I'll tell you, honestly, I will love it if he gets banned for two years, love it!"

Kevin Keegan c. 1996

"He is a changed man" Keving Keegan 2008

In all seriousness, Cantona was banned for 9 months for ONE kick that didn't make contact. For knocking a player unconscious, beating him while he is defenceless so you have disfigured him (Dabo's words) you should get 2+ years. Taking his other actions as a footballer into account (cigar & eye, hitting a young Everton fan) should make that figure rise.

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posted Aug 1, 2008

Hopefully this is last time for Joey Barton, perhaps now he can rise above all of this and can turn out to be the excellent midfielder he was once tipped to be?

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posted Aug 1, 2008

I can see why KK has given his support to Barton, as i mentioned on the previous pages.

You cant help but think that when Barton was signed by Newcastle, these cases were pending, and even though its a different manager, the Newcastle board and owner, would have been aware of the risk of such charges, him being jailed and so on.

I some how feel that Keegan is being instructed by the board down this route, and i feel sorry for the Newcastle fans, who are currently and for the last few years, being led from one idiotic descision/situation to another.

The link in this?
Is it not your current board & owner?
Surely they are the ones to shoulder the blame of your club being in this situation.

What do you think?

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posted Aug 1, 2008

comment by desertwalker (U2496067)
posted 19 Hours Ago

I wish there was a Roy Keane character out there who would do him justice- Haaland-style


What a mug.

You must be ten years old.

Because what Keane did to Haaland was justice wasn't it? Or was it someone with a lack of discipline exacting revenge for a perceived slight.

Totally idiotic comment.



If no justice can be served in your highly acclaimed British High Courts and if your judicial system is weak, then why should revenge be not one form of justice if the other form of justice fails you in society.

He should be serving 5 years prison sentence and not play a part in professional football whatsoever. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence knows he got a way with it because he is a rich footballer with a career ahead of him.

So yes, if a fiery character who perceives this as grossly unfair decides to take matters in his own hands, in the Keane sense of justice- then tackling him so hard that his ligaments and career falls into pieces, is in fact the only just left thing to do. If your British magistrates can't do the right thing, then the ordinary Joe has to oblige. I don't prefer it, but I perceive it as the only way.



Whilst I disagree with the court's decision, it is not my, or your, place to accept, or not accept, a court's decision. The magistrates are appointed to uphold laws made by our democratically appointed governments. As with all mechanisms operated by humans, mistakes can be made. However, revenge is not the same as justice (An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind - Gandhi).

How would we re-act when this player wreaked his revenge? applaud him and encourage him to have free reign on any other player who had acted against society's concept of acceptable behavior?

The incident in question (Keane's career ending foul on Haaland) had nothing to do with justice. Please explain what heinous crime had been committed by Haaland to deserve that? But I suppose, in your view, that Keane was just being a 'fiery character' taking the law in to his own hands.

It is not the role of professional footballers/members of the public, to play the role of vigilantes.

Not sure which dictatorship you hail from, but I hope to God I never have to witness your tyranical idea of justice.

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posted Aug 1, 2008

I think cultures are far too easy on violent crime, and perhaps too tough on property crimes. Take the Southampton group who purse-snatched. It's about as dumb a thing as could be imaginable, and a perfect example of young people acting badly. It also did no lasting harm, and is the sort of mistake which, let's face it, we all (or almost all) make at some point. I shoplifted a candy bar when I was 10.

I haven't beaten anyone after he's down, broken anyone's teeth, stubbed a cigar out on another person, or punched a child. I've got very little sympathy for those who have, and think my society needs to send a strong message that this is unacceptable. When the Joey Bartons of the world get a free pass on multiple incidents, it encourages them to do it again. When they're given another chance to play for a professional team, it ruins the team's appeal for many, certainly for me.

So I'm disappointed and a little angry he's playing at all, let alone so soon. I also think it's a case of not wanting to admit ever having anything to do with him was a mistake.

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