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London Grand Prix - Saturday

International athletics
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Usain Bolt

Here we go again then, an unprecedented second day of London Grand Prix action with some great viewing (hopefully) in the offing.

Today we've got new GB women's 100m record-holder Montell Douglas up against the likes of Lauryn Williams, Torri Edwards and Kerron Stewart.

The men's 4x100m relay should give us a preview of the preferred British team for Beijing, and Usain Bolt goes in the 200m with GB's Christian Malcolm and Alex Nelson also running.

There is plenty more from a British perspective - Kelly Sotherton's remaining events, Mo Farah in the 3000m, Chris Tomlinson and Greg Rutherford in the long jump, Marilyn Okoro among three Brits in the 800m, and Goldie Sayers in the javelin - and a host of top international stars, so who are you looking out for today?

Plus I notice yesterday's athlete anagrams carried on well after I'd left. I'll be picking a few more belters out for the early stages of today's live text, but feel free to carry on slamming those online anagram websites for the best.

Athlete names to try today:
Brigitte Foster-Hylton (Jamaica, 100m hurdles)
Kelly-Ann Baptiste (Trinidad, 100m)
Greg Rutherford (GB, long jump)
Christian Malcolm (GB, 200m)

And there are many, many more. As ever, your thoughts, stories, puns and more are very welcome.

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posted Jul 28, 2008

I cannot believe that Richard Yates has not been included in tean GB for the Olympics. Such a young talent should be applauded and encouraged. He has met the standard and the rules of selection by UK athletics show a clause whereby, under special circumstances,atheletes who make the grade after the date of selection can be included. Surely good management is about identifying talent, encouraging it and providing opportunities for it to be built upon. Richard has shown that he could be a medal winner and given that we are not entering anyone else in the mens 400m hurdles, it seems to be a very strange decision to leave him out.

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comment by shivfan (U2435266)

posted Jul 28, 2008

A great run by BOlt on Saturday!

The Jamaica relay team not only didn't feature Bolt and Powell, but Frater and Carter were also rested....

I got the impression the team that they put out was just to see who would be the alternates.

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posted Jul 28, 2008

Easy alternative to the dire BBC coverage, go to Eurosport like many of us do.

No boring, trite "didn't you do well" meaningless and often cringing sychophantic interviews, no pontificating by Cram, Edwards and Jackson, just plain speaking and knowledgable commentary from Tim Hutchings and his fellow commentator.

Give me Eurosport everytime!

Two day event!!! Utterly pointless for the fan.

All the Beeb is doing is helping the demise of British Athletics. Simply does not compare with any other GP coverage.

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comment by NTA123 (U12778938)

posted Jul 28, 2008

I have read BBC sports' article about 'medal prospect Chris Tomlinson'. WHAT A JOKE!!! I can't understand why everyone is so hung up on him as Britain's No.1 long jumper. Greg Rutherford is so much better and has shown it by whooping Tomlinson's ass competition after competition. Tomlinson's form going into the Olympics is shocking and whenever he is jumping against Rutherford, he chokes and can't handle the pressure.
In my opinion its about time people realised who the real No.1 long jumper is in the UK and I believe Rutherford has a jump in him that will mean he will be coming back from the Olympics with a medal around his neck.

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posted Jul 28, 2008

I agree with the comments about Chris Tomlinson v Greg Rutherford. . What on earth were the selectors thinking of when they made their decision not to select Richard Yates. A poor show.

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comment by wale09 (U9416594)

posted Jul 28, 2008

Again agree with everyone's comments based on Richard Yates. Not only has he proven himself this year and is more than a good prospect for Beijing; the experience at age 22, would be perfect to take him into the London 2012 Olympic games as a real medal hope.

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comment by Dave (U2441824)

posted Jul 28, 2008

Sad news for Tomlinson if he can't go, but let's be fair, it's no big deal for UK athletics. Apart from his world indoor silver early this year, his best jump is six years behind him and he has a history of under-performing - a history that is endemic amongst many UK athletes.

It's only really the Beeb and their sycophantic "talking up" of all our athletes (to justify the fact that athletics is one of the few sports they have left) that would see him as a medal contender.

Until Auntie Beeb stops treating athletics as a rest-home for has-beens (Mark Lewis-Francis now 5Live's co-commentator anybody? Strewth!) their coverage will continue to be to atheltics what ITV's is to football - a joke.

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comment by thor (U12155247)

posted Jul 28, 2008

"No fitness in F1? What are you? Some kind of half-wit?"
Bwahaha another fool who believes that you need endurance and strength to drive a car for a couple of hours. If F1 drivers are so fit then how come you never see them in programmes were pro sportsmen from different sports compete against each other like Superstars?

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posted Jul 29, 2008

Would you be surprised to hear that Jenson Button recently completed a major iron man event (windsor)finishing 119 of 1600 with a time of less than 2:30 hours?
He did that for fun, just because he could.
Take a look at these links.,dwp_uuid=1d7d1f1a-2041-11dd-80b4-000077b07658.html

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posted Jul 30, 2008

Why do we have to put up with totally non-constructive comments from football fans in EVERY thread. I don't watch athletics regularly, but have found this afternoon's competition very entertaining (on TV). There is great skill and co-ordination and much more genuine competition than you see on MOTD. So please, comment on the actual action

Don't tar all football fans (or football) with the same brush.
We're not all as narrow minded as the baldeagle individual!

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