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Tour de France - Stage 19

Tour de France
by Pranav Soneji (U5268639) 25 July 2008
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Carlos Sastre

Right then - we could be in for an interesting day in the saddle as the Tour reaches a potentially enthralling crescendo.

The smiles will slowly return to the faces of the sprinters as the 165.5km route from Roanne to Montluçon is relatvely climb-free, with points on offer at Chanetelle at 102.5km and Commentry at 143.5km.

Music to green jersey holder Oscar Freire's ears, especially after the gruelling, monstrous climbs of the past few days.

But more importantly, the stage could present a intriguing cat-and-mouse game between race leader Carlos Sastre and Cadel Evans, who lies one minute 34 seconds behind his Spanish rival.

However, Sastre said he doesn't intend to attack, preferring to keep his energy for the 53km individual time trial, which could settle the race.

No doubt Frank Schleck and Bernard Kohl may have a thing or two to say about that.

So what are your thoughts about today's stage? Is it the calm before the storm - or could we be set for some unexpected fireworks from one of the main contenders?

Let me know your thoughts, as ever.

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posted Jul 25, 2008


Wegmann, Feillu and Flecha didn't make it in time, and are out of the race.

So presumably Wim is safe for the LR, thank goodness.

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comment by Froggy (U10436677)

posted Jul 25, 2008

Tomorrow TT, Wim will start the first. Right ??
Well, it won't be comfortable for him, unless he extrapolates from last Tour ...

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comment by jmb (U1574246)

posted Jul 25, 2008

Isn't Eisel the Lantern Rouge now?

TdF official site is being tardy in updating the GC but from yesterdays standings I do believe Eisel lost nearly 13 mins making him the first starter tomorrow.

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comment by TourFan (U4830280)

posted Jul 25, 2008

I think Eisel is actually now the lanterne rouge?

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posted Jul 25, 2008

Ah yes, but only by 40'.... Wim can lose that in his sleep!!!! Come the time trial tomorrow, Wim will be back where he belongs!

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posted Jul 25, 2008

+++Unexpected News+++

As reported earlier by several posters, Wim has lost the Lanterne Rouge going into the penultimate stage.

He is currently sitting 144th in the GC, at 3h 46' 29" behind Carlos Sastre. Last rider after today's stage is now Berhard Eisel of Team Columbia, who finished at 14'45" adrift with a small group of nine riders who made it to the end without being eliminated.

Eisel now sits at 3h 47' 11" behind Sastre, in 145th position on GC.

Tomorrow's Time Trial should be the showdown for the coveted Lanterne Rouge - many of us wil be watching and waiting in the hope that Wim can retake his rightful place at the tail-end of the race.

Wim! Wim! Wim!

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posted Jul 25, 2008

>Come and join us we're the best team in the Tour.. and the worst....<

I have to defend my man Wim here... being last is not the same as being worst!

Previous TT's: this year
148 Bernhard EISEL OOS THR 00:40:01
173 Wim VANSEVENANT BEL SIL 00:41:01

2007, both about the same length as now
70 Bernhard EISEL AUT TMO 01:14:04
119 Wim VANSEVENANT BEL PRL 01:15:53

116 Bernhard EISEL AUT TMO 01:12:06
134 Wim VANSEVENANT BEL PRL 01:12:45


Much more exciting stuff than Cadel vs. Sastre!

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posted Jul 25, 2008

Thanks for looking that up, GSGirl - Wim looks as if he's well-placed even after today's "bad day". laugh

I'm just off to check the likelihood of a change in the white jersey after the TT. Kreuziger and Andy Schleck are close enough (1'58") that it might make it interesting there as well.

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posted Jul 25, 2008

Kreuziger ran one minute slower than Schleck in the previous TT:

A. Schleck 14 06' 10"
Kreuziger 14 07' 10"

Nibali is better than both, but he's too far behind to make an impact at this point.

Andy should probably keep the white jersey, but we shall see what happens.

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posted Jul 26, 2008

Can someone remind me about the TT rules: are riders allowed their computers? Are they in radio contact with their teams?

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