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Premier League Liverpool
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Anyone seen this player?

So will he join the reserves and allow Pacheco or Nemeth to join the 1st team?

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comment by RIEPER (U11334820)

posted Jul 25, 2008

very good young player - seen him a few times last season and he looked like an excellent prospect - probably a bit more like anelka - has the same kind of scoring record that he had before he joined arsenal - could be a good signing

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posted Jul 25, 2008

What are some of you people talking about,i am a red and followed them home/away for over 20 years but benitez fails time and time again in buying real prospects/quality - torres,agger,garcia(sold),mascherano(overpriced),crouch (the best plan B a team could have-but so under used-esp in athens when even milan were honest to state they feared him)apart,the near 160 million he has spent (wasted) so far is a joke-josemi,nunez,kromkamp,gonzalez,lucas,benay, voronin, are just as bad as the ferri,dundee,diao,le tallec,pongolle,cheryhou,
He has been lucky on the basis his best players being inherited to him gerard and carra and some luck from above (dudek save in the final, - i was there for the miracle-and without gerard we would not have a 7th fa cup -FACT)which has brought him the success he has had
to point out to anyone who would not want a manager like wenger in charge of their transfer kitty is a fool he has proved time and time againt,the man is a walking slot machine in producing the best talent and his
3 prem titles-1 of which in a season were they were unbeaten (5x runners up) and 4 FA cups is not a bad return for what he has spent,even when he spent big on players like -
henry he was already a world cup winner when they signed him -proven quality at a team like juve,veira was at milan,bergkamp was not his signing per say,fabregas,adebeyor was already hitting the net in france
we are going backwards now with benitez and his signings last year we were 4th and with arsenal selling every player they have, i think we will defo finish above them like in 2006 but thats the only progress made this year-even if ronaldo leaves man ure there is not enough quality and depth in our squad to compete with them or chelsea,he has sold some quality to buy not so great players risse-i have not seen anything in aurellio to claim that he is better and dossena is not going to set the world alight,sinama pongolle now at athletico doing very well in the spanish league better than most of the strikers rafa has signed,john welsh,warnock,guthrie all young and english will come back to haunt us,hamman sold a year to early-lucas the boy watches games pass him by/too lightweight very much like zenden was and masch cant pass but is great as wants to win everything even throw ins and speaks up for his team mates against the big boys when feels cheated by biased refs but pays for the crime(chelsea/mancs) when its a captain's job to do but he seems to go missing and loses his voice in them games- a thing a manager needs to address but instead takes him off in a derby match saying that he is giving the ball away when sissoko/benay/voronin were on the very pitch giving it away with every touch so no wonder he doesnt feel appreciated and form suffered in the last 2 years,the amount of times we have been linked with keane and said thanks but no thanks - he will be rafa's last resort with the overpriced by 12million barry neither will be the final piece in the everlasting jigsaw to the prem title and at xmas all we will be hoping for is the cups,
how i hope i am wrong

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comment by MurphyE (U6088812)

posted Jul 25, 2008

lfcsimmo, what the hell are you on about. I agree that some of Rafa's signings are a bit dubious and he seems to be playing Championship Manager every year, but you can not knock him for trying to invest in young players. Looking at pre season some of those players are going to be knocking on the door this year. The english players he has sold have gone on to do what? They have not set the world alight at all. In response to Gerrard his form the last two years. Last year he was awesome linknig with Torres. Keane would add a touch of class we dont have in our side right now, you are moaning about all the foregin players Rafa brings in then moan at a proven Premiership footballer that scores 20+ goals a season

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posted Jul 25, 2008

warnock is now on the way to being englands left back,welsh was the driving force of hull being promoted,guthrie has held is own in the prem league,carson is future england keeper-that brazilian keeper he signed looked awfull,,these players are better than most of the youngsters rafa has bought and sold except for say for agget,skertal and what has happend to any of our fa youth cup team players-no one seems to be coming through the ranks to establish themselves in the 1st eleven really
i am not saying keane is bad he is quality but is so overpriced at 20+million very similar to owen-who we could prob get on a free next year,their are some tremendous players avail to take a chance on without the big expense
henry- avail at around 6/8 million - 4 times top prem league scorer

crespo- his movement in 1st half at istanbul was the best i have ever seen and him and torres could be amazing and he's on a free

if you think gerard has improved as a player or played any better than he did in seasons of 2004/05/06 when he carried the team you are wrong and its not his fault,its most of the time players around him-once there was a mcalister,hamman,garcia, alonso(in his prime) around him in last 2 years lucas,benay,zenden,poor form alonso,masch who cant pass,if you play football or a sport you realise that playing around poor players/people in a team they can bring you down to their standard,which is what i think is happening,
and for all the people who claim about benitez recouping this and that which means he has spent only half of what i stated should stop playing champ/footy manager because what you need to relise is that these players are signed on 3-4 year contracts on quite an attractive salary,which adds up to a few million that you must pay in full when you sell them on when it hasnt worked out - such as nunez,kromkamp,josemi, barraghan,gonzalez never mind the morientes,bellamy deals which eats up money for the big transfers we crave and need to buy better quality players such as the villa's and alves of this world

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comment by Kapnag (U11006724)

posted Jul 25, 2008

1 goal in 18. Did you not watch the other 17 matches? It could easily have been 25 in 18. Honestly, he is that good. Unbelievable bad luck

Ferocious pace, faster than Henry in his prime. There were rumours he can run 100m in 10 seconds

This could be a huge signing for Liverpool, their final piece of the jigsaw

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comment by arab87 (U1796880)

posted Jul 25, 2008

keep taking the pills lfcsimmo

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posted Jul 25, 2008

n'gog is ron atkinsons best friend


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posted Jul 25, 2008

1 goal in 18. I don't give a sh** if he was unlucky in chances he missed, he still missed them.

And if he can run 100m in 10secs then he should join the olympics because his goalscoring record proves he really can't play football.

Also, if he was so good howcome no1 knows anything about him. I don't even know how 2 pronounce his name.

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posted Jul 25, 2008

"1 goal in 18. I don't give a sh** if he was unlucky in chances he missed, he still missed them.

One goal in eighteen for who? Answer that then examine his international career to date.

"And if he can run 100m in 10secs then he should join the olympics because his goalscoring record proves he really can't play football."

If you knew about Ngog and watched him, you would have more of an idea about his football than you have clearly shown.

"Also, if he was so good howcome no1 knows anything about him. I don't even know how 2 pronounce his name."

You clearly are ignorant in this respect. Clearly. This is to also answer your first question. Samir Nasri has shown good potential, produced something like 10 goals in over 100 games for Marseille, none at U21 level for France and for the seniors something like twice in twelve appearances (off the top of my head).

Yet he is touted as a star in the making, makes a move to Arsenal and he is looked on as an exciting prospect to emerge at The Emirates because it's Arsene Wenger. Now Ngog is another who has excellent potential, rated amongst a few clubs and because YOU don't know anything about him you have to disrespect his name.

You know nothing of anyone unless they are featured on ShowBoat, scoring goals for a top club, runing rings round the opposition, at which THEN you can say 'I know of that player'.

The prospect of Ngog learning off Torres and co to coincide with his pace is very interesting indeed. You need to broaden your awareness in the game. It is not always the likes of Ronaldo, Drogba for Adebayor who win games.

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