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Dagenham and Redbridge 1 - 4 Leyton Orient

by Dagger83 (U10043379) 22 July 2008
23 July 2008
LBBD Stadium Dagenham
Player of the match:
JJ Melligan
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Ok - result not so good but the performance (at least the first half) was pretty good.
The best team won but the result flattered Orient.

So the team
GK: Robbo
RB: Frey
CB: Uddin
CB: Arber
LB: Griffiths
RW: Saunders
CM: Taiwo
CM: Gain
LW: Green
FW: Strevs
FW: Benno

That team played well together and we carved open Orient a few times, hitting the bar, post and forcing a couple of good saves. Strevs scored a good goal after some good work from Green. We played the ball around very well and really should have gone in leading by more.

Second half came (Boardman on for Frey) and they scored pretty much from the KO, a header at the far post. Then it went really downhill for us. A dodgy penalty for handball against Nurse and then the substitutions (Saunders, Green, Strevs and Gain off for Nwokeji, Southam, Nurse and Graham). After that we looked poor. Losing the ball too often and leaving so much space at the back it was unreal!

3rd goal by the O's was a stunner and the 4th pretty good too. Must be said they also hit the bar and post.

Overall a much better performance to that at Thurrock and the first team linked well. Green looked good, as did Taiwoo. Still a bit of work to be done at the back and Frey may not be the answer for RB.

Must also say that I was bitterly disappointed with some of the tackles going in tonight. It was a friendly and the Orient players fouled far too much, some pretty dangerous. There was no need for it. We also had a few shockers and in a competitive game there would have been a fair few cards.

Anyway - well done to the O's. Classed showed through in the end and a deserved win. Also good to see Paul Terry make an appearance.


Hi all,

Just wondered who is going to come along to the game tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to make it, looking forward to it.
Seeing as we are playing a league team for the first time this pre-season, im hoping we put out a stronger team to see how they gel together.

Im hoping for a team like
GK: Ed
RB: Frey (I want to see this guy)
CB: Uddin
CB: Arber
LB: Scotty
RW: Nurse
CM: Taiwo
CM: Gain/Huke
LW: Graham
FW: Benno
FW: Nwokeji

Thats almost a first team so doubtful it will be that but fingers crossed!!

O's fans - do you reckon you will put out a decent team? How many fans do you reckon will make the journey? Will your new loan signing Dawkins make an appearance?

This is about as close as we get to a local derby these days so fingers crossed for a good game (at least better than the rubbish served up against Thurrock).


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posted Jul 22, 2008

Orient fan here

This is my first game since the final fixture of last season, and I, like the rest of the Orient fans, can't wait for this one to start.

I'm sure this will also be the first game for many Orient fans as this, our third pre-season outing, is the first against a so called 'local' team.

Our first pre-season game took place in Belgium against a good little team called KFCO Wilrijk (we won 4-1), and our second game was a pointless trip to Boston United (drew 0-0).

Our new loan signing, Simon Dawkins from Spurs, is yet to make an appearance in Orient colours. Moments after we signed him a Tottenham fan made a comment on our official messageboard saying that Dawkins is 'made of glass'. This gentleman was proved right hours later when Dawkins went over on his ankle in his first training session with the O's, and he hasn't done anything since. Although I have a feeling we might get our first look at him tomorrow night.

Finally, I can tell you right now that there will be plenty of Orient supporters inside the ground tomorrow evening cheering the boys on to victory.

Good luck to D & R for next season.

As they say, Onwards and Upwards.


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posted Jul 23, 2008

I'll be there as usual, pint in the clubhouse, oh how ive missed watching the daggers.

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posted Jul 23, 2008

Excuse my lack of excitement over a friendly anyone REALLY excited over this match????????????

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comment by scowapl (U1562567)

posted Jul 24, 2008

Hiya dagger83

i'm going to the game v Colchester on Sat and am looking forward to it. Orient are a good side but i have to say (although it must be tough) i am very disappointed with our lack of transfer activity thus far. I reckon Stilly thinks most league 2 players and the like are either too expensive or not worth the risk but after letting a few go we need quality and we need depth. Honest i am not getting a big head here but i would think some league 1 players who wud be OK fer L2 would think about coming to Dagenham, if only for Stilly alone.
I dont doubt Stilly is working his bum off and i'm sure he is stressing himself out with all that is going on ahead of the new season. Actually , i'm going to support my "Daggers" by getting sum polo shirts at the Colchester game. But without a few new signings i am concerned ahead of the season , especially given the 6 or 7 that have gone. Dagger what you think bud?

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posted Jul 24, 2008

The problem is, the league have restricted us in that you can only spend a proprtion of your income. This in theory is a good idea to stop a Luton happening again but it just hinders us further. We probably have the lowest income in the league and means we can only spend a tiny amount.

As for new signings, I see on another thread you asked about Frey. Think he got released by Palace. I have only seen him once, against Orient and TBH, I wasn't that impressed. Positionally he was poor but did make a couple of good challenges. We shall see though, not going to be too harsh on him.

The 6 that have left were all fringe players apart from Rainford. We will miss him but the others not too much. What I would like to see is either a new RB or CB (if RB, play them, if CB, put Uddin to RB and the new CB in the middle), a new central midfielder (a hard takling type with an eye for a pass) and a RW. Nurse is OK, Saunders was inconsistent last year and we had no real penetration there.

We shall see though. I cant see many signings and we will have to make do. Vernazza may sign on but in my opinion is poor, Frey may be given a contract but apart from that, I just cannot see where they will come from.

We shall see. Signings or no signings, I am eagerly anticiapting the new season

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comment by weeman (U12460813)

posted Jul 25, 2008

We play them tomoz!!

General view from Aldershot fans is that you will get chances, you just have to take them!

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