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Bolt Wins 200m in WL 19.67!!

by djkbrown2001 (U9543805) 13 July 2008
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Usain Bolt has struck again. Bolt underline his claim as the greatest sprinter in the world by winning the Athens Grand prix in a PB and WL time of 19.67 seconds.

I can only see one winner in China - Bolt.

Only injury can stop him.

He now has the two leading times in both sprints.

100 m - 9.72
200m - 19.67

What are the chances of Bolt doing the double?

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posted Jul 13, 2008

On a serious note; Usain Bolt is a revelation...

He is still young, but his talent suggests that the next few years will be an amazing journey...he has the ability to set standards that may be out of reach years beyond...

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posted Jul 13, 2008


Can Bolt live with the raw speed of Pickering or the lethal bend running of Malcolm.

Pickering in 9.71
Malcolm in 19.28

You heard it here first...

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posted Jul 13, 2008

Haha -

I think Pickering's been playing us the last few years...he's gonna unleash...

And Malcolm - yeah - he's gone round the bend faster than anyone...

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posted Jul 14, 2008

There will be a big surprise in the 200m this year.
It will be Walter Dix to win form an outside lane, closely followed by Li Mingxuan with Bolt pulling up in the last 20metres.

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comment by U4313325

posted Jul 14, 2008

Well he has certainly set himself up for a fall if he loses alright!
Who are the other contenders in the 200M, I fully admit to not knowing a great deal about it. I am just trying to pick up as much info as possible before the Olympics.

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comment by JPom (U7630465)

posted Jul 14, 2008

The other contenders are the Americans, to be blunt. Tyson Gay would've most definitely been THE primary competition, but he pulled up injured in the US trials so only goes in the 100m.

Walter Dix as someone else has said could be the surprise package. Having been injured most of the year, he's coming to the boil at just the right time, and 200m seems to suit him better than 100m (which he also goes for). remember, he ran 19.69 last year when still a junior in college.

The key thing will be how Bolt handles all the rounds of the 100m and 200m, because in terms of a one-off race then he's realistically a yard or 2 too good for Dix, but Dix has been through many years of running Championship rounds in both 100m and 200m (and relays) at NCAA level and seems to thrive off it. As far as I know, Bolt has never done this yet.

Will be very intriguing

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comment by richoho (U6925786)

posted Jul 14, 2008

Fabulous time - and on a proper track, too. Unlike the abomination of a track that the Americans laid down for Johnson to do his 19.32 which meant doubling up the 5,000 and 10,000 metres was impossible because of the blisters.

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posted Jul 14, 2008

I believe it would be great that Usain Bolt would have some competition from what's his name? Oh, Walter Dix! Usain would need to be put under pressure to keep him focussed at the very least! The olympics is about being able to handle pressure and Usain has been showing so far that he has the ability to soak it all up since he was a junior and the disappointments that he experienced from the last olympics through various meets since. Pressure for him at this time would be good.

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posted Jul 19, 2008

No M8.
Pickering is not that quick.
He will find it difficult to make it into the semi's in Bejing.

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