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Best of the Brits at the Olympic trials

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Britain's best athletes are vying for places at next month's Olympic Games at the trials in Birmingham this weekend.

Dwain Chambers is once again dominating the headlines as he targets the national 100m title on yet another comeback to the sport.

The sprinter is seeking a High Court injunction next Wednesday to lift his lifetime Olympic ban for drug offences but first he must perform at the trials.

But away from Chambers, what other athletes have deserved recognition this weekend as well as a place in Beijing?

Don't forget about Britain's Stephanie Twell, who chose to run at the IAAF World Junior Championships in Poland rather than at Birmingham.

The 18-year-old from Aldershot won the 1500m in 4:15.09 on Sunday. Should she be the selector's pick behind Lisa Dobriskey and Susan Scott?

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comment by tim400 (U1822727)

posted Jul 13, 2008

What is all this talk about DCs livelihood being at stake?
I seemed to manage pretty well without being an international athlete.
There are one or two day jobs out there after all.

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posted Jul 13, 2008

The stand out performance for me was Rutherford who battled with the demons of personal problems and produced the goods on the day. Something a lot of others (like Tomlinson - again) failed to do.

Also Williamson's 100m was technically outstanding and I know there is a lot more to come from him (injury permitting).

But for every upside there must be a downside. And that downside is the BBC coverage.

It was diabolical. I thought this was the Olympic Channel - so why are we subjected to watching endless hours of Golf? What was wrong with giving us all three days of events on interactive or on the web. And please don't say it was on radio 5 live. You may have had reporters there, but I only 1 race was covered - the mens 100m. And even then that was heavily biased.

I thought the BBC stood for open and unbiased broadcasting & yet the BBC are the only channel who starts talking about Dwain Chambers as "The disgraced sprinter Dwain Chambers", no other channel does this.

Or could the truth be this ..... the standard of athletes are so poor that it's not worth showing on tv and if it wasn't for DC the trials may never have been shown at all!

This nation's press seems to be using just one name to highlight a sport - Tennis has Nadal, Football has Ronaldo, Cricket has Flintoff, athletics has nobody except Chambers.

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posted Jul 13, 2008

tim400 - I'm sure you have your vocation, and I'm sure would feel somewhat alarmed if you felt you were not able to pursue would you feel if you were to be made redundant or if the up-coming recession affected your ability to make a living from it...

And I know there is a difference between the circumstances referred to - but nevertheless, I am talking about his chosen vocation...Dwain has already lost out a great deal...suffered sufficiently...and yes he did wrong, but it was wrong that put no-one else's wellbeing or life in jeopardy...

I have suggested elsewhere that it seems people are prepared for the man to die on his feet rather than be given the chance to redeem himself...

The 'hating' manifest in some of these threads is amazing...

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comment by tim400 (U1822727)

posted Jul 13, 2008

What on earth are you talking about?
Mnay people find themselves in a position where compromises have to be made.
As for "suffering" what about the people he stole money, glory and fame from?
Why in this country are we more concerned with the so called rights of a cheat but not with the rights of the cheated.
"Hating" in this case is a word used totally out of context and is just an overemotive response.

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comment by JobyJak (U5992775)

posted Jul 13, 2008

With all these differences in opinions, we are all forgetting the key point/issue that this whole debate hangs on.

Does Britain have the legal right to over-rule the IAAF?

If they do then the IAAF, is just about as good as the United Nations as a regulatory body. So all the people who are focussing on Dwain Chambers as a cause of all these issues are taking the easy option.

If they truly cared about this issue they would be challenging and petitioning against the IAAF. But then again, it's a lot easier to blame an individual instead of an organisation.

This whole story smacks of huge hypocrisy from every quarter and Dwain Chambers has been caught right in the middle of all these politics.

He has shown huge personal metal to get through this and therefore deserves his chance. He CANNOT be held responsible for all the governing bodies' inadequacies!

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comment by tim400 (U1822727)

posted Jul 13, 2008

"He CANNOT be held responsible for all the governing bodies' inadequacies!"
Equally well the governing bodies cannot be held responsible for the obvious inadequacies of a cheat.

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posted Jul 13, 2008

to be hones ti think dwain chambres was the highlight of the trials, he run a solid race beating people 8 and 10 years younger than him..
yes he did cheat, but he done the time that has stoppe dhim from running, i think they should pass the injunction as he has came back into athletics with a high chance of succeeding in at least achieving the final of the olympics let alone palcing in it.

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posted Jul 13, 2008

I think Tasha Danvers had a very disappointing performance in the 400 hurdles. She often seems to fail and not live up to expectations. She should never have been womens captain at Euro Cup! Lets hope shes not at Olympics. Lacks mentally and any real grit.

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posted Jul 13, 2008

My Thoughts:

BBC coverage was appalling. Surely we could have had the athletics on the red button?? The olympics is about athletes that can go through heats and semi finals and then perform in the final. Its annoying we can't watch out brits in the early rounds to see if they have this potential.

Good performances:

- Allan Scott in the hurdles
- Michael Rimmer ran a grest race
- Greg Rutherford
- Tom Parsons in the HJ today was awesome.

These people should be talked about more than Dwain.

However I do think that the attention athletics is getting is producing more intrest in the sport that we really need. As long as Dwain is not allowed to run I think this extra publicity the sport is getting is a good thing. People would have watched the trials to see Dwain, but if they saw a few other races as well then it could generate more interest.

Obviously if they make the wrong decesion and let Dwain run then outsiders will just believe the sport is drug ridden. Lets all hope Dwain doesnt get to run. And btw to the poepl saying he needs to make a living, he is cheat, in my mind as bad as any criminal. You wouldnt feel sorry for an accountant who stole money and then couldnt get a job as an account again would you?!?!

What do people think about 100m relay selection?? Will Pickering run with Dwain??

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posted Jul 15, 2008

I for one will not be watching the BBC at the olympics. I am so pleased I have got Eurosport. Take the Tour de France as an example. Live coverage every day with comments from people who nknow what they are talking about. BBC sport is about seeing sport not comments from Jackson and Edwards. Lets get rid of these two idiots talking nonsense. I for one have had enough of Chambers. Why can't he pull a hamstring. That would solve the problem for good.
Lets see some more field events. I do not remember seeing the Hammer, Discus, Shot and Javelin, only one throw from Goldie Sayers.
Good bye to the BBC Sport

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