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World Cup tickets

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Fifa has announced it will be changing its ticketing system for the 2010 World Cup, which should mean more genuine fans get into the matches.

You can read more here:

Fans get World Cup ticket boost

What do you think? And is Fifa doing enough?

Let us know.

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posted Jul 10, 2008

"88% not going to the fans should have been the headline. A disgrace."


Erm, more than 12 per cent of the stadium capacity will go to fans. Just that number will go to the fans of the nations that are playing in the stadium.

The other people at the games will be the suits and many other football fans.

But 12 per cent for the competing sides' fans is still very low.

However, this comes up all the time, Champions League Finals, FA Cups, European Championships and World Cups.

But think back to Moscow in May. There was a sea of red and blue.

The Euros had a sea of orange and blue when Holland were playing Italy.

Eventually, the real fans do get the seats.

The question is, at what cost?

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posted Jul 10, 2008

> The Euros had a sea of orange and blue when Holland were playing Italy.

Eventually, the real fans do get the seats. <

A lot of those orange fans were Swiss fans who's team had been knocked out and liked the atmosphere and style of the Dutch team.

Secondly, it's 12% to the fans of the competing teams. That means most of the rest goes to local people (South Africans in this case). Imagine if the World Cup was being held in England and you couldn't go to see any of the games; I doubt people would find that acceptable, so why does everyone expect it to be like that when the tournament is held elsewhere?

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posted Jul 10, 2008

The big disgrace is giving tickets back to Travel agents after the fiascos of 94 and 98. 800 for a Hotel room for a night and a ticket for Italy v Ireland. these days are back. I can understand why the sponsors get so many tickets given the money they pay but remember why you took the tickets off the travel agents.

The 12% allocation for competing countries is welcome. Should be more but a big help.

Only issuing tickets in south Africa appears to be trying to stop the scam from Germany where certain countries got tickets re-issued 4 and 5 times and sold them all on the black market.

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posted Jul 10, 2008

This report is the usual inaccurate BBC. The FA state: The interview with David Will goes on to say...

"Will said a criteria had been established to ensure each country's allocation went to fans through supporters clubs"

However this was not picked up the in the BBC story.

FIFA have yet to produce a full outline of how the whole process will work, however we have already met with officials from FIFA and MATCH to ensure that they are aware of the englandfans ticket allocation process.

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posted Jul 10, 2008

FIFA are not doing enough for 'real fans'. as far as I see it: the tickets should be split 50/50 and given to both competing countrie's FA's and be sold through the FA's. before Blatter has said "the tickets will be cheap enough so locals can afford to go to games", does blatter not realise this will just encourage ticket touts.

Imagine: A local (who has no interest in football) gets a ticket for a big game, gets thier ticket for peanuts, then will sell the ticket to a real fan for about 2000.


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posted Jul 11, 2008

IainMacGrfc, you just saved me from sayin that mate.

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posted Jul 12, 2008

Each team/Country in all Club/International Competitions should get 40% of the tickets with the remaining 20% on sale in the local area of where the game is.

People should get a voucher for each game they go to so that as a tournament progresses the people with vouchers that have been to the earlier games get the first chance of tickets for the latter games. This would help cut out touts and give the REAL fans a better chance to get tickets.

With regards to Sponsors, why do they need tickets? Do you really think that events like the World Cup watched by over 100 Million people on TV would not be able to get Sponsors just becuase they don't get free tickets to the games?

It is a disgrace to only give fans 12% and why do they go back to 8% when there will be more interest?

FIFA needs a clear out with some new fresh people coming in that are not just interested in thier own self interests!

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comment by DPanna (U4000762)

posted Jul 14, 2008

Tickets for the 2006 final were going for 10 grand.

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posted Oct 21, 2008

2 Words. "NO SUITS"!!! Leave it up to the real supporters and not the ones who just go for the sake of been given a free ticket from there work clients etc!

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posted Mar 28, 2009

The best way to stop ticket touts...give the tickets to the real fans (ie members of national team supporters/travel clubs). Most of the touted tickets are from the suits and locals who get them dirt cheap and sell them on the web or outside the stadium to the real fans at a massive mark up. But there is no way that the real fans would waste a ticket to a match so they can get a few quid. Why not just give them the tickets in the first place, they are normally the ones paying the touts for tickets at massive mark ups? Sepp Blatter, FIFA et al are all so stupid, this answer is staring them in the face!!! It happens at every world cup, real fans forced to pay over the odds cos allthe suits get them first and sell them on, so give them to the real fans in the first place, simple!!

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