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Man Utd Fan Just wanting to admit how well I think Torres has done at Euro 2008.

There is no doubt he is a top player, just a shame United didn't sign him before Liverpool did !

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posted Jul 1, 2008

Addict - Globalisation what? blah Keane blah what?

ADDICT get your head around the fact that football did exist PRE 1993. Try to understand that Liverpool FC is a global brand, one of the biggest and most widely supported clubs on Earth.

Try to understand that 99% of this support was amassed by the feats and deeds of those legends I mentioned and many more, all of which occurred PRE-ADDICT globalisation date of 1993, despite the complete lack of TV, Radio, Telecommunication, Telegram, and Post back then.

To suggest we are what we are ONLY because of Gerrard & Owen is stupidity of the highest order, bordering on pure ignorance at best, and complete lunacy at worst.

Also understand that Liverpool rose from the depths 4 decades ago and have never been overshadowed since. United where nowhere pre-1993 despite the odd second place league finish in the 1980’s you were never considered challengers and couldn’t hold a candle to the likes of Arsenal & Everton or even Villa in terms of ability to challenge or domestic silverware. This DESPITE routinely being the leagues top or one of the top spenders. (some things never change ahh?)

We on the other hand haven't won the title in 18 years, yet we are STILL dominating European football (ranked Europe's NO.1 contenders as of this moment) and are sill prominant in UK football despite your dominance and money Leviathan's Chelsea arrival.

As for the rest of your post, I’m honestly shackled from truly conveying my opinion by the Mods, so I’ll leave addressing your post fully for another day

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posted Jul 1, 2008

__LFC__returns (U2355958),

You claim you're one of the most widely supported clubs on earth, yet you can't even fill your own ground. Your average attendance was 5% down on capacity, which meant you were only the 10th best supported club in this country. No wonder you've had your stadium plans scaled back to a smaller design which won't even be as big as OT - you wouldn't consistently fill a big ground like our's.

As for Man United doing nothing pre-1993, we were the FIRST English team to win the Champions League, or does your memory fail you?

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posted Jul 1, 2008

RedAddict - Well done, you were the first to win the Champions League.

However, correct me if I'm wrong, but haven't we now won the competition 5 times, and yourselves 3?

Just making sure.

And you are more than likely right about players like Best, Cantona and Keane being known abroad.

Let's look at the reasons why!
Best - Model of his time. Spent the last years of his life drinking himself to death.

Cantona - More famous for dropkicking someone than playing football.

Keane - Famous for nearly crippling Alf Inge Haaland over an insult.

*clap clap clap*
Well done, an alcoholic, and two violent criminals. Now there's a reputation we all want!

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posted Jul 2, 2008

nchapman1988 (U8757878)

member since: Tuesday 01 July 2008


Hello there, did you really have to go to the hassle to setting up a new account just to reply to me so your other account wouldn't banned? You're even more bitter and resentful than I first thought!

Only in the minds of a bitter jealous envious Liverpool fans are players like Best, Cantona and Keane not remembered for their football.

Saying Cantona is remembered for the kung fu kick is like saying Zidane will be remembered for his head-butt in the final and not the glorious football he played for years.

Here's what some people have said about Best, and believe me, their opinions matter more than the snivelling bitter ramblings of a jealous Liverpool fan.

“What he had was unique, you can't coach it.”, “I think if you talk about Europe, you talk about five or six and if you talk about his qualities he'd always be in there. “It was a short career but if you go back to the basic qualities he was exceptional.” - Johan Cruyff

"George Best invented rock 'n' roll football" - Michel Platini

"From the second best player in the world" - On a signed football left as tribute to George Best by Pele

People don't say "Maradona good; Pele better; George Best" for no reason you know. Geore Best is right up there with the best of all time.

There's countless quotes about Keane. He was quite simply the best midfielder the Premiership has ever seen. There's plenty of quotes from players and managers but I think the best ones came from his biggest rival on the pitch, Patrick Vierira. When your biggest rival can say things like the following about you, you know you're a legend:

"He has been one of their greatest players and one of the greatest captains the game has seen."

"I have massive respect for Roy Keane. He was tough, he was hard but I loved our rivalry. I have a big respect for him as a player."

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posted Jul 3, 2008

dont bother reasoning with Man Utd supporters. Every time I tried, my post was deleted. The moderators are clearly Man Utd supporters. Why else would you put a link like that, saying 'shame Torres doesnt play for United' in the article about the player's recent achievement?

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posted Jul 3, 2008

'the making of a legend'

WOAH, let's just hold our horses, LEGEND!?

He's what 23, 24? and got 24 league goals...that makes him a legend!?

I think people are getting way to far ahead of themselves!

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comment by JeffFew (U9446749)

posted Jul 5, 2008

Best - Model of his time. Spent the last years of his life drinking himself to death.

Cantona - More famous for dropkicking someone than playing football.

Keane - Famous for nearly crippling Alf Inge Haaland over an insult.

No, the term 'legend' refers to what happens ON the pitch, Best might have been an alcoholic in his later years but he never had to stop running up a wing to take a swig of Fosters

No, Cantona is famous for being the best bargain buy in the Premiership, for winning the top flight with 2 clubs in 2 years, retiring at the top instead of playing into mediocrity, and being the biggest terror to opposition defences in his years at MUFC. He kicked a fan, big deal, 9 month ban, ride it out and keep playing - people are injured for that time all the time (ACL's usually result in a 9m lay off, and in women's football pregnancy is the biggest fear and enemy of the manager - similar lay-off and loss of form and confidence as an ACL)

No, Keane is famous for being probably the best defensive midfielder in the country since the Premiership started. The Haaland incident is just a side-note.

And no, he more than 'nearly' crippled Haaland, he put him out of the game for good.

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posted Jul 7, 2008

why say bout torres playing for liverpool there one of the best teams in the world have some class players like mascherano gerrard torres reina babel like they would get into loads of teams with out a problem lik.we made torres a better player like the link with gerrard and torres is special like,like last year we would have been up there only we rested players when we shouldnt have,three teams have beaten us in the leafue this year reading westham n man utd twice 11points away from utd could have beat them in the last game we played only the ref spoiled it.ronaldo is the only player that done better than fernando but el nino is only here 1year dont forget ronaldo here a good while babel next year to.

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posted Jul 7, 2008

you say he has a bad record for spain they have been doing bad until they won this sure plus rooney never scored for england for 3yrs until a fiendly against holland so is he a bad player den?is he overated?

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