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Should Ronaldo Stay?

Premier League Manchester United
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posted Jul 14, 2008

As a man Utd fan, it turns my stomach to see that guy play for the club i love..........please sell him.......please!!....

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posted Jul 14, 2008

How are Real bigger than United?

Manchester United are the biggest club in the World, sad but true!

Real have to sign players like Zidan, Beckham now Ronaldo not to inprove there football but to inprove there shirt sales!

United don't have this problem, they sell shirt's no matter what, what United have that Real don't is the abbility to create these players!

United are bigger because:

a) they win more trophies! Now! not years ago

b) they earn more money as a club! (including shirt sales)

c) Are far more cosistant at what they do!

Lets face it most of Reals Europe sucess was during the English Eoropean ban. ( I made that up but it's brobably true)

So save the Real are the biggest club bull and look at things how they really are!

Ronaldo wants to leave United so he can have an easy life, less tax to pay and poor defencess to play against.


RONALDO = Greedy tit

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posted Jul 18, 2008

tannakaobi (U4821464)

what you've said is total crap.

Real have a bigger income than Man U.. FACT! read the papers or watch the news or something.
Man U are in debt over 700 million aswell.
so stop all your 'bull' as you say.

Real have won the last two La Liga titles just like Man U have won the last two Prem titles. Yes Man U have just won the CPL.. no ones denying that.

Truth is im a Madrid supporter, I, like most Real fans dont want Ronaldo to come to us, we've now built our team up with the likes of Sneijder and Robihno, Cassilias and Ramos and
Van Nistelrooy etc.

Real Madrid player dont want Ronaldo to come either, Robihno is far underated and we at Madrid & pretty much everywhere else besides England think he's just as good as Ronaldo. Ronaldo wants to come to us because it would feel more like a home to him, he's wanted to play for Madrid since he was little FACT! No matter what you think about Man U or RM no one will change that.

keep Ronaldo, get over it he isnt the best player ever is he? No. 1 sensational season and you think hes worth 80m. RM will never pay that. Zizou was twice the player he is, you didnt see great players like him and Pele diving on the floor every 5 minutes did you. get over it its boring. No player is bigger than the club and RM are still a bigger club than Man U. Watch this years CPL, Madrid will be strong. our players (Sneijder, Cassilias, Van Nistelrooy etc.) can perform in the big games, unlike your little boy Ronaldo who was crap in the Euro's, and against Barca in the semi's and wonder boy even missed a penalty, which was what about 10 of his goals came from in the 42 goal season anyway.

enough said

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posted Jul 18, 2008

and RM made Zizou a better player, his best seasons were at RM. look on you tube sunshine

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posted Jul 18, 2008

real madrid,,,,kaka,
What bitterness...mmm I see you are really hurt by the way things are going...too bad because they won't get any better for RM...go cry in your bee... (oops lemonade!)

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posted Jul 18, 2008

No he shouldn't but an ankle injury has put the end to that. Nice to see Man Utd don't adopt the same tactics as Madrid o wait my mistake they do. Announcing you are going to get Berbatov and you've made a bid.

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posted Jul 31, 2008

lol, check ur facts...

the berbatov transfer talks were all speculation by the press. SAF never named the 1 signing he was going for.

now raffa on the other hand...

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posted Aug 1, 2008

A lot of crap has been posted on this topic. Zidane's absolute best years were at Juventus FACT! The other posters seem to think this kind of argumentation valid, so I'll use it too (it also happens to be true anyway)

On Real vs Man U: In recent years Real have been hugely dependent on buying in stars for silly money, subsidised by the media company that gives them Abramovich-like funds. Man U has mainly been successful in the same period due to training up youth players or buying promising young players from elsewhere. Cristiano Ronaldo was NOT famous at all when SAF signed him.

Man U have run at a realistic profit and as a real business far better than Real without any form of cross-subsidisation. They have achieved a dominance in the EPL that Real has not matched in the Primera Liga. Real have been more successful in the Champions League than Man U, but not in very recent years, and, speaking as someone who has watched EVERY Champions League season fairly closely, I feel that Real have been VERY lucky and Man U have been VERY unlucky. It's sport, it's life, luck IS a factor. Ask Greece in 2004 or Turkey/Germany in 2002.

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posted Aug 1, 2008

Real Madrid arn't just a football club. They are part of the Spannish Establishment, in a way Man Utd cannot ever hope to be in England.

As such they not only have huge political clout in Spain but throughout European and World Football.

Traditionally they have been the home to some of Europe's indeed the World's greatest players. Man Utd currently have one of these so called Galacticos. They feel it is their god given right to have him at their club. So do many of the Uefa and Fifa Suits that sat glumly watching you win the CL last season.

It is a sruggle that Real are used to having thier own way with.
They will never give up their pursuit. It is a matter of pride and belief in their own status as the World's Premier Football and Sports Club.

They regard Man Utd in a similar light as your club does say Arsenal. You might be playing them regularly and competing for trophies. You may even win occasionally, but ultimately they expect to prevail.

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posted Aug 3, 2008

Man Utd currently have one of these so called Galacticos. They feel it is their god given right to have him at their club
Maybe they should have spotted him as a teenager and helped to make him the player he now is, rather than continuing to be whatever they have always been: a team ten times worse than Chelski in this area, but still mysteriously the recipient of far less abuse than Abramovich's club.

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