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What a man.

Brilliant Manager.

Brilliant handler of the Media.

And right at the end there you saw him showing how much he cares by being the shoulder to cry on.

This man is going to be a managerial legend. Whether he stays with Croatia or moves into club management.

I would still love to have him at Celtic. But I'm willing to wait our turn.

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posted Jun 21, 2008

unfortunately we lost the game due to young and unexperienced side, Italy and/or Germany would never allow something like that (it wasn't nice game to watch due to great tactics from both Bilic and Terim and a lot of running from left to right side but extremely nerve-breaking).

It was a great opportunity for our team but now we have to focus on WC 2010 in South Africa (Ivory Coast and Netherlands could do something there). I'm confident that we and England are going to qualify from our qualifying group.

@ Turkey - winner in the last minute one time - it's luck, two times - coincidence, three times - that's something to be proud of.

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posted Jun 21, 2008

about Bilic: he is very charismatic and knows the game. He was the first foreign captain in Kaieserslautern.

Hammers and Everton wanted him as a manager (he was player there as well) but I sincerely hope that he will stay as Croatian Head Coach for the next qualifying winkeye)

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posted Jun 21, 2008

I don't know how Turkey has so 'many get out of jail' cards.

Turkey perhaps should have a nick name the 'cat' instead?

How many lives do they have? winkeye

You have to be very lucky to score in the last minute no matter how good you're or not.

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posted Jun 21, 2008

@ SimplytheBlues - you are right, but three times lucky... Cats have 9 lives, I think that Turks have "only" three - Ballack & Co. should be too strong for them.

But anything can happen: we were happy when we saw that the Turks are going to play against us, now we are sorry that it wasn't Portugal (Scolari announced move to Chelsea and that had certain influence on his players who were poor against Germany).

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comment by Neso71 (U12426271)

posted Jun 21, 2008

Juree, you have just gave me the pleasure of reading one of the most stupidest comments I have ever read.
"Croats are arrogant and poore losers"?!?! How did you get it?!? Please, read carefully comment from Jerome_Vareille! (the last sentence)...
Slaven Bilic is a great manager already - to take this young, immature team to the heights and produce the results they have had!!! (Croatia won 3 matches and had one draw!)
Turkey, who didn't even deserve to be in the quarter finals clearly got out played but luck again was with them. Turkey's best chance other than the goal was a 35 metre shot from Mehmet Topal. Croatia hit the bar through Ivica Olic and had better chances throughout the match.
And finally, see you in Zagreb: 10.09.2008.! AJMO HRVATSKA!

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posted Jun 21, 2008

Fact is. We had alot of injurys and suspensions (Aswell as croatia rested 8 players from the match against Poland) going into that game and we managed to hold on until they scored. Than the urgency came back and we scored. Against Germany.. I would love to see us in the final but I can't see us doing it without our best players. But this is a sign that Turkey can always contend with the top teams in the world.

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posted Jun 21, 2008

just got home from work and I didn't really expect to see so many comments for this!

Big Slav was a favourite of mine at Everton when I supported them (I've stopped now because I find the Premiership boring and a bit too much like American entertainment for my liking) but he's still a guy who is very down to Earth and speaks the truth whenever he is front of the camera.

To the people who say negative things about him or the Croats, then thats a bit pathetic and sad. How bitter you must be to show glee at something like this.

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posted Jun 21, 2008

Turkey were clever. They do possess a passing game but it's not as effective against top opposition as the defensive long ball game that made normal time so tedious. And then, in extra time, with Turkey coping with the humidity I think a little better (though Tuncay having been playing in the North East was an exception), they started stringing together passes, keeping the ball and putting Croatia under more pressure. Turkey were the better team in extra time.
(Of course the game was still open, Croatia did score after all. And Turkey's goal came from a long ball. But that was the general ebb and flow of things, and it's possibly why Turkey have consistently been scoring late on in matches.)
I will be interested to see if this works against the Germans. I'm thinking not, particularly with the missing players.

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comment by draz17 (U11550183)

posted Jun 22, 2008

well, he did not complain about extra time but the fact that he'd been trying to make a substitution and referees just ignored him for some reason which in the end cost him a semi-final. id be going of my nuts too. in all fairness turkey did well, croatia played some great games and its still a very young team and bilic is young too, but you cant deny things they achieved and god knows we love them..just as much. it doesnt matter if you lose if you lose with a good fight and put your heart to it. by the way bilic and players got a really warm welcome back in croatia. they did us proud and they will only get better. ok he made a mistake but not keeping cool head b4 penalties but hes young and just a man but i would rather see him like that then being like a dead fish with no passion for game.

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