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Nigel Pearson

Leicester City
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Reading the glowing praises from all the Southampton and Sheffied Wednesday fans it seems that MM has done us proud. Now let's stop all the whinging and give Nigel Pearson our 100% support and look forward to the future.

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comment by U12354595

posted Jun 20, 2008

Give the guy a chance for heavens sake!
Some whingeing Leicester City fans should stay away from The Walkers Stadium because Milan has chosen who he thinks will help the club.
I will back Pearson 100% and I hope be brings sucess to the club.
The Others may not have joined because:
Billy Davies - will be looking for a job in the Championship
Simon Grayson - Blackpool may have stopped him from leaving
Paul Ince - Well MK Dons said no and he's linked with Blackburn
John Gregory - Would give management a miss now.

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posted Jun 21, 2008

comment by TeaTimeAtHarrods (U9112991)
posted 14 Hours Ago

Clueless manager appointed by a clueless chairman.We should start now on who will be number 7 as Pearson will not win games for Leicester.He will produce a mid table, long ball hitting,mediocre team that will not sustain the owners ambitions.Bad decision and i am off to the bookies!

Call yourself a supporter?! You put a bad name for all the supporters actually SUPPORTING the club and the manager..

Nigel Pearson, you have my (along with many others i feel) 100% support!

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posted Jun 21, 2008

The thing which concerns me most about Pearson is that he is such an unknown quantity. As a manager he has taken over struggling clubs and done just enough to keep them up. Therefore he has achieved his objectives even though his win percentage is poor.

He does has lots of experience within the game however. He has worked with lots of very good managers and players. His contacts must be excellent. It must be considered a risk to be the first club to give him a full-time management role though.

On the other hand he does seem sane. We had psychotic Allen and paranoid Megson followed by Holloway's headlong rush towards breakdown when things got tough last season. At least this bloke seems like he can take some pressure.

Lastly, this time last season we rejected Ince due to lack of experience. In a few months time, will we be either be praising Milan's forsight or lamenting another poor appointment.

I'm afraid we will just have to wait and see. My gut feeling however, after seeing and hearing the man, is that we might have found the man strong enough to sort this club out!

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posted Jun 22, 2008

dream on!!! He has a limited vision and is a born number two. I have no pleasure in welcoming the club that entertained me so greatly under the great Jimmy Bloomfield to the THIRD tier of English football.

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posted Jun 24, 2008

Pearson will get u out of that division what u need is someone with a pair of balls that's what u've got with Big Nige. Give him a chance !

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posted Jun 25, 2008

here we go again... new manager and many are knocking him down already GIVE HIM A CHANCE!

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posted Jun 26, 2008

Pearson should be given a chance but I guess he won't, Mandaric is a manager killer and Pearson will be thrown out of Leicster. The fans should overthrow Mandaric, and don't let him overthrow your club.

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posted Apr 25, 2010


friedegg on your faces lads

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comment by fatfox (U9023559)

posted Apr 25, 2010

I bet 'Paul' is really thrilled to be reminded that he called Pearson "this garbage" laugh

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posted Apr 25, 2010

Greetings, I have come from the future. I come with a beautiful vision of the Championship play-offs in the year 2010. Nigel Pearson has become one of our great managers. I'm now off to the bookies in the year 2008 to place a bet that this vision will come true.

Believe it...

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