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Portugal pair face uncertain futures

Euro 2008
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As Portugal tumbled out of Euro 2008 on Thursday, the futures of their main two protagonists slid even more sharply into view.

For Brazilian coach Luiz Felipe Scolari, the 3-2 defeat to Germany in Basel marked the end of his five-year tenure in charge of his adopted country.

The 59-year-old will now embark on an altogether different challenge as he brings his own brand of showmanship and histrionics to the promised land of the Premier League.

Those fans who still miss the unpredictable antics of Jose Mourinho do not have too much longer to wait for The Scolari Show.

But for Chelsea supporters, Thursday's disappointing display will not have filled them with confidence ahead of his arrival at Stamford Bridge on 1 July.

Scolari, usually able to inspire his players to great heights and tactically shrewd too, could only watch with increasing bewilderment as his team produced a display lacking the sparkle and energy which Portugal's opponents have become accustomed to.

Their defending for two set-pieces would betray most schoolboy sides and their marauding wingers – Ronaldo, Simao and later, Nani – simply lacked the invention to haul their side level.

"I failed," admitted a forlorn Scolari afterwards. Somehow you can't imagine ex-Blues boss Jose Mourinho saying the same thing, can you?

It is time for some questions to be answered regarding the future of the world’s best footballer
After five years in charge, Scolari took Portugal as far as he could and the master motivator appears in desperate need of a big challenge.

With the futures of Frank Lampard, Didier Drogba and Ricardo Carvalho uncertain, that is certainly what he's got when he walks into English football a week on Monday.

As for the other leading character, it is time for some questions to be answered regarding the future of the world’s best footballer - Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro.

Out-of-sorts and agitated, Ronaldo was helpless to prevent his country bowing out of a major tournament for the third time in his young career.

The genius that he displayed in a Manchester United shirt during a remarkably prolific season, both in terms of goals and silverware, was only on show in brief glimpses in his three games in Switzerland.

Having flirted briefly with suitors Real Madrid prior to the tournament and then saying he would not discuss his future until Portugal were out, Ronaldo now must front up and reveal where he wants to start the 2008/09 season.

He at least owes that much to United boss Sir Alex Ferguson, the man Ronaldo should credit with turning him into such a complete footballer and why Real will not give up their pursuit quietly.

For all the disappointment at Ronaldo's displays at Euro 2008, he remains the outstanding footballer on Earth and must be the hot favourite to succeed Kaka as the Fifa World Player of the Year.

Whether he picks up the trophy as a Manchester United or a Real Madrid player, we are about to find out.

What do you think about Scolari and Ronaldo? Will Scolari be a good addition to the Premier League or should Chelsea fans be worried? And where is Ronaldo going to start next season? Tell us your thoughts.

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posted Jun 22, 2008 feel like a kid in a candy shop with a whole 10pounds....wouldnt no wat to buy!!!!

well with 80m id raid the european market for players like...




ilbrahimovich(he still has to learn an fergie
is the teacher that every1 will learn from)



de jong

robben(controversial, injury proned)


adriano(i hear he is in sensational form for whatever team he is loaned out too)

sergio ramos

pato(could be a little diamond in the future)

im sure ther is plenty more talent in europe or world....

remember, no one is bigger than a football club, especially MANCHESTER UNITED!!

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posted Jun 22, 2008

he is just out ruin his career all because of money. selfish and listening the so called big phil who will be glad seeing him off to madrid to avoid his new team not being messed up by united as a team. what impact and what kind of role model is he for future footballers. he went missing during barca"s match with united. messi was just too good and scintillating. he just waiting for the ball to come to him. rem he misses penalties when it matters most. if he goes he has definitely lost his touch. he should learn from kaka

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posted Jun 22, 2008

2 years ago, united are not considered 1 of the best teams in the world by a long shot. 1 year ago Ronaldo blossoms into the player that he is and suddenly Man Utd become a top team. If Ronaldo leaves United will revert to the level of the team that they were 2 years ago, it's all very predictable. Sir Alex best be praying Tevez and/or Rooney can step out of the vast shadow that Ronaldo has cast over them

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comment by Ozman (U7701585)

posted Jun 22, 2008

If the comments of Ronaldo Are true, then Ferguson's strategy should be to bleed Real Madrid of every last euro in "reluctantly" allowing him to go. I agree with a contributer to an earlier discussion on this topic - without Rooney to play off he isn't worth half of the money people are talking about.

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posted Jun 22, 2008

Zinadine seen sitting next to the Arsenal manager at the EU championships also stirs the pot saying Ronaldo will leave MU. It seems to me both Arsenal and Chelsea managers are trying to influence Ronaldo to leave MU...I wonder why? duh stupid question.

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posted Jun 23, 2008

It's true Ronaldo is now a great player, but he should be allowed to take the best decision to further his greatness. Personally, I don't think it is wise for ronaldo to make a move to the Spanish Champions, rather he should concentrate on football with United where he has coped up with the style of the game. This will give him a third season of a good show that will enter his name among the world greats.
The choice is in his hands.

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comment by U10195129

posted Jun 23, 2008

leemitchell100 (U8964864)

"Real after all want to buy the titles, as these days that is all they can do."

All clubs buy to achieve success. It is the nature of the modern game.

United WERE a club with a great pedigree of producing home grown talent in the early to mid nineties, (the likes of Giggs, Scholes, Beckham, the Nevilles, Butt, Brown).

Since then, United, like most clubs, have used the power of the cheque book to gain success (Ferdinand, Carrick, Rooney, Tevez, Ronaldo, Vidic, Hargreaves, Evra, Anderson, Nani, Van der Saar, Saha, Park Ji- Sung etc).

Can you name one player to have come through the youth system in the past 5 years and establish himself as a regular in the team?

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posted Jun 23, 2008

If Real Madrid are really stupid enough to pay 80 million for a player who is about as loyal as a hyena, then take their money and laugh all the way to the bank.
As for who they should spend the money on...I read the list of has-beens and no-hopers that people here have suggested.
Can you seriously see Man U splashing out on over-the-hill players like Ronaldinho?
Wherea Robben has already proved he doesn't know the meaning of the word loyalty.
I can't see Barca EVER letting Messi go, personally I rate him way higher than Ronaldo.
Bear in mind the age difference and the huge gap in mentality as well as the fact that Messi isn't greedy and Ronaldo is as greedy as they come, in every way.
Let players who have the wrong attitude to the game like Ronaldo and Anelka for example, go to whatever idiots will pay the ransom!
They will get EXACTLY what they deserve.
It is just a pity that clubs cannot build into contracts fines for players who deliberately and purposely don't fulfil their contracts, especially when all they are doing is looking for a bigger payday by signing a bigger contract they never intend to honor.

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posted Jun 26, 2008

i dont cear if ronaldo leave cause if he leaves he is and he is a im a manu suppeorter idk if he leavs we still win the primay leag anf the fa cup

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posted Jul 31, 2008

lol @ Scolari08

did you just pluck that out of the air as you've obviously no basis in fact whatsoever...

SAF is quite possibly the best league manager of all time.

MUN have been one of the top best league teams consistantly each year for a very long time.

anyone who knows anything about football has to admit it, you cant argue with the facts.,,12306~1072601,00.html

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