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Wednesday's Euro 2008 action

Euro 2008
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Hello. Or should I say goodbye. It's time to say farewell to the group stage. Sniff. All is simple tonight - which is a relief for me I can tell you after last night's brain twister. Nothing less than a win will do for Russia against Sweden or it'll be Lars Lagerback's side who go on to face the Netherlands in the quarter-finals. The other game between Greece and Group D winners Spain is utterly meaningless - which means it could be quite fun. Know what I mean?

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posted Jun 19, 2008

Hi! North Manchester, and I stand by what I said. Imagine if english players were to cost 1 million pounds. Then what would the players of all those european nations in Euro 2008 cost? 20 millions each? At least they can play football.And are not thugs, pimps or underwear models!!!!

Got it?

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posted Jun 19, 2008

Defo NORTH MANCHESTER M40 good point!! By the way tigerSanjay judging by your name your Indian or of Pakistani descent. Please name me 1 player from your region thats worth 1 million quid. I know an asian that plays for Tranmere Rovers and hes not fantastic by any means lol

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comment by reuben1 (U9757016)

posted Jun 19, 2008

I'll take the opinions of anyone except the brits, esp, the english, They can't even qualify, yet want to have a say in everything.Typical brit.Don't forget, guys, Brittania no longer rules.They can't even play decent football, for goodness sakes.Now, I'm waiting for them to qualify for the next world cup.Lol!


In which case take yourself off of the BRITISH Broadcasting channels website einstein

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posted Jun 19, 2008

Couldn't agree more, "youngSirWenger". Then, off you go "tigerSanjay" to your very own TV channel with its related "Comments" section. Rudeness, Einstein, against the English just cannot be tolerated!!!

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posted Jun 19, 2008

i personally fink that greece are the worst team to get into that tournament...

russia will beat the dutch as they have no defenders n pavyluchenko has been one of the best strikers in the euro this yr apart from villa n torres.

for me a russia v germany final

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posted Jun 19, 2008

Holland will edge past Russia probably but it won't be easy. I think they may run out of steam come the semis, as seems to happen with them these days. That said, a Russia/Croatia final would hopefully shut up all the bitter England fans claiming that neither side deserved to qualify.

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posted Jun 20, 2008


The USSR side of 1988 (which is what i was on about) had the following UKRAINANS.


Ive counted 9 UKRAINIAN regulars from that 88 side.

Think before you write.

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posted Jun 27, 2008

Not forgetting other Ukrainians who were part of the sqaud and the manager who was also Ukrainian.

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