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Newcastle United
by Navik (U2222795) 10 June 2008
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He's gone to Lazio on offical website.

We got back the full amount we paid for him

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posted Jun 10, 2008

Six months in English football and he's shown the door. When are we going to start giving players a chance?

The guy is a Czech international. Only Newcastle would give up that easily on a player of his pedigree.

We'll not build a club with this kind of mentality.

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posted Jun 10, 2008

i agree, rocking rio. it seems pretty harsh, he never really got a run of games. the only time he played a few games in a row was when he was adapting. i saw him against switzerland the other day and he looked good.

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posted Jun 11, 2008

rozehnal annoyed me a bit. the fact that he was moaning about not playing enough after he had made 25 apperances between august and january just confused me. fair enough, he wasn't starting every game but he was new. what was he expecting? it would have took him a season to adapt to the league ebtter but i found him to be pretty solid. better than faye and cacapa

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posted Jun 11, 2008

I do hope that this is just the begining
Newcastle FC United must bring donw the wages, invest in younger english players but keep the spine of the team.
Results won't come straight away but we would be building a stronger team for the future and also thinking about the national team.By the way...Why not offload Duff buying then Stewart Downing?Ashley Young?Aaron Lennon?Micah Richards?Wright Phillips?James Vaughan,Giles Barnes,Tom Huddlestone,Jack Hobbs, Paul Anderson,Dean Sturridge?
Look at Sporting Lisbon as an example.Every year they have a fresh load of players ready to sell or loan in order to gain experience at lower clubs and then return.
Cristiano Ronaldo,Simao,Hugo Viana,Caneira,Figo,...Just a few names that all of you might recognize.
I follow Newcastle due to Sir Bobby Robson and i am Portuguese by the way...
I believe that we have the potential and that with that right man on the job, Newcastle FC United will fly it's colours high!!!
So Mr Keegan i support

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comment by Yif (U10801940)

posted Jun 11, 2008

Hmm... to be honest. He didn't perform like I would have hoped
But he's onli been at the club like half a year?

Newcastle need to cool down and give managers and players time. Not many people can perform well straight off the mark.

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comment by kentc81 (U8308933)

posted Jun 11, 2008

he is rubbish, glad we got rid of him,

seemed promising....

but premiership too fast for him

been watching him in the euros - not impressed

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posted Jun 11, 2008

Hopefully the first in a succession of fat Sam signing's to duck off from the Toon.

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posted Jun 12, 2008


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posted Jun 13, 2008

There's the basis of a decent side in

Given/Harper, Beye, Taylor, Enrique, Milner, Butt, Nzogbia, Martins, Owen but the rest of the players bar perhaps the versatile Faye and Geremi should be moved on.

Cacapa is never going to be up to it.
Barton should be booted.
Duff is just taking the money
Viduka is never fit enough for long enough to be relied upon.

NUFC should stop signing cast offs from the likes of Chelsea and Lyon and start signing the good players at smaller clubs who will see the opportunities.

What's needed is a tough centre half to lead the back 4 and bring on Taylor
A creative midfielder
A younger alternative/eventual successor to Butt
Some better quality in wide areas, I mean Ginola magic or Solano consistency
A powerful centre forward ala Ferdinand
Cover accross the back 4

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posted Jun 26, 2008

The problem with Newcastle is that they have been stuck in a bad cycle, when they are not doing well the fans got on the managers back and or Freddie Sheppardís and then he would press the panic button. Get another manger give him more money to spend, sell the season tickets and shirts with the promise of new hope, and then the cycle would star again.

Newcastle need to stick with a manger for at least 5 years, give them time to build a good squad. Every half decent player now is linked with at least 10 clubs and the transfer windows donít help either with some clubs panic buying.

Newcastle need to invest in young quality British talent, with a good mix of experience. But t his doesnít happen overnight and the players are very difficult to find.

Unfortunately football has changed so much from Keegans first spell. Itís so difficult to find good quality honest players who wonít move on the first time they fall out with the manager.

The fans are great but they do have to should some blame, they think that they can win the league etc. There is no chance that Newcastle will break into the top 4 for at least 5 years, and top 2 10 years. Itís this pressure after a few bad runs that are causes this stupid cycle of manager sackings. The players have to want it too and some just donít.

This may sound doom and gloom, but I think that football is too big now, it is hyped up so much. It is not a game anymore it is big business where clubs take advantage of their supporterís loyalty or stupidity in some cases. The actual quality of football in excellent in the top 3 but lower down it is poor. The lack of sportsmanship is a clear sign that money rules in football!!!!!

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