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Good one Kubica!

Formula One
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Nice to see a non-McLaren, non-Ferrari one - two!!
This promises to be an exciting championship!!.

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posted Jun 9, 2008

What a lot of biased overblown nonsense some people spout on here. Why does anyone have to hate Hamilton because they like Ferrari, or like last year hate Alonso because they like Lewis? Grow up FFS - between them this lot are giving us some great racing to watch and if they are capable of respecting each other then you'd at least expect their fans to follow their leads.

Yesterday Hamilton ballsed it up. He knew it, Kimi knew it, and now he's got the ten place drop on the grid that he deserved for it (as has Rosberg for being equally careless). But that doesn't mean he's an idiot or inept or useless - it means he made a mistake. He'll still be fighting for the title at the end of the season.

I'm just thankful that we have such an exciting season this year that could still go any of a number of ways. I still think Kimi is the favourite, but now Massa has passed him in the table it keeps things interesting between them.

My biggest disappointment of the race was Kovalainen's performance. He didn't really seem to make much headway against apparently slower cars and didn't show the kind of determination Massa, Kubica and Heidfeld all showed.

Great race and result for Kubica, I feel sorry for Heidfeld but he had the opportunity to win and didn't take it, and great result for DC - can't see there'll be many more like that.

Here's hoping Hamilton and Rosberg give it some beans at Magny Cours and make it interesting - about time a French GP was worth watching.

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comment by timinQ (U13630860)

posted Oct 11, 2008

It's comments like these...

That make 606 worth reading.

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