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Federer too cautious, Nadal too good

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Fed blew it big time. I felt he'd lose in straight sets but not this easily.

In my opinion he started off very nervous and cautious when he needed to get off to a flyer. If you look at Monte Carlo and even more so, Hamburg, he came out all guns blazing ready to take on Nadal. He eventually lost those matches because he could not hold on to the lead but at least he had a lead! I think maybe he was trying to pace himself, but it didn't work and he never had an easy service game.

From the moment he walked on court he looked scared. I now feel that after losing to Nadal so many times his mind will be gone against him on any surface. I think Roger has harmed himself by continually getting to claycourt finals and losing to Nadal. If he'd lost here in the 4th round I'd give him a better chance next year rather than losing to Nadal again. Also you can't keep on making finals. Don't think he'll win the French now, but someone (most likely Djokovic) will benifit from Nadal losing one day at Roland Garros.

Nadal played some great tennis, but to be honest I've seen him play better against Federer in the other finals, he just didn't have to be at his best, but on evidence of previous form this tournament, he had plenty more gears.

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posted Jun 9, 2008

Nadal made tremendous improvements this year in his defensive play and his accuracy and penetration when attacking the lines was phenomenal. Also, he's managed risk perfectly. He upped his game when he needed to and at will.

He's typecast as a strong brute but in reality, he showed some finesse with some fine lobs and drops of his own. Not to mention that outrageous passing shot off a deep volley that might have broken Federer's confidence in Set #2 when things were close at 3-3 Ad down.

Federer did what he said he'd do - take chances. He tried serve volley and made a number of successful approaches to the net. Played several artistic and successful drop shots. But he recognized that even he could not pull out high risk winners continuously. Nadal can be thought of as choking his opponents - 80% wasn't good enough - so barrymanulow's suggestion is plain wrong. Fed actually tried to bluff his way in a few times and got slaughtered when the volley was not perfect.

Nadal had a super French Open this year. He was one to two notches up from Hamburg and Federer was basically managing the media saying what he did. What else was he to say? I'm going to have a hard time because my opponent is in top form?

Getting to 16 consecutive GS semi-finals -- hmm not exactly a walk in the park.

Borg never won the US Open, Sampras was far less successful on clay. Lendl had trouble with Wimbledon. But all were great champs. Federer, even if he never wins the French will be remembered as a tennis artist who had a very pleasing to watch technique that was winningly good against almost everyone except Nadal on clay.

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posted Jun 9, 2008


even great champions get humbled. This is against Nadal on clay, and Federer has wanted this title so bad. Plus he's really pushed him on clay before so he was bound to lose easily sooner or later.

He has come back from 2 sets down against Nadal in Miami a few years ago.

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posted Jun 9, 2008

I dont know what happened to Federer yesterday. He has been my hero for many years, and to see him lose so easily was very hard to watch.Nadal is a formidable apponent with so much confidence in himself. I feel that Roders mind set was against him. I am sure that he will recover before Wimbledon.

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comment by KTL123A (U8078650)

posted Jun 10, 2008

No-one could have beaten Nadal on Sunday and in fact no-one could have got close to taking a set off him.

RN had every shot in the bag and executed perfectly and hit every line going.

It was still dissapointing for Federer to lose so easily though. However I still think Federer will win Wimbledon.

Its worth bearing in mind that RF would probably have won 3 french Opens by now if it weren't for RN who is undoubtedly the best clay courter of all time.

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posted Jun 10, 2008

Barrymanulow, you sir are an idot. What you say may have been true on Sunday, but in general it's complete and utter cobblers. Federer had a howler on Sunday, even he said that. On coutless occassions he has shown both fight and a desire to win, Nadal is a phenomenon and one can only suppose got at Federer mentally..again. You don't win 12 grand slams without nouse.

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comment by nb1405 (U12276986)

posted Jun 10, 2008

No he did not blow anything.
He defended his 700 points in the rankings, without exhausting himself.
He is number 1 , and Nadal is number 2.
Furthermore Federer is keeping control
over fatigue and injury, and Nadal has not done this.
We all know that intense tennis burns you out, look at Hewitt,Safin,Borg at 26(my hero) Ferrero(sorry if i spelt it wrong),Roddick,Nalbandian etc etc.
and their rankings changes over time.
Nadal is a great player, but he will not escape injury , and then, how will he do against Federer at the RG final?
We will see Federer beat Nadal at RG by the same margin within 3 years,
I bet my house on it.
But Federer needs a 100sq in racket,
and >Wilson need to learn how to make a clay court racket, not some ultra rigid stick suitable only for the us open. It is a question of physics,ie
longer contact time racket with the ball,
to absorb and take Nadals spin out of the ball, and put speed back on the ball.

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posted Jun 10, 2008

federer had worked out how to beat Nadal in Monte Carlo and Hamburg this year, but given the chance at RG he didn't play the same way. He was nervous and never gave himself any chance. That's what's so sad, it only comes around once a year and now Federer has to go back to the drawing board knowing he's gotten further from winning it each of the last 3 years.

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posted Jun 10, 2008

Federer will take another couple of years to win RG. By that time Nadal's legs would have given out more especially his knees. At the present on clay he is just too strong. For the simple reason that his incredible forehand spins with too much bite and kick high on fed's backhand which is a singlehand backhand. MUch more difficult to fight against that shot on clay with his backhand. Djocko has a great two hander but even he finds it difficult against nadal on clay. On hard court and grass court itv doesnt spin as much hence Fed almost always with the exception of once has defeated nadal on other surfaces. In my book the Fed has already done more than enough to be considered the greatest ever. In my book even if he doesnt win RG he will win 20 grand slams and then will retire. Same as tiger in golf. Sampras 's record will be broken. Fed is the greatest aloso because he reached the final of the french three times. Sampras never made it beyond the semis and always got thrashed on clay by some unkown almost always. Fed has lost to the greatest ever on clay. No shame in that. Will still be the greatest when he retires.

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comment by wsacha (U7369310)

posted Jun 11, 2008

What a disaster for Federer to be absolutely destroyed on Sunday. He clearly will never beat Nadal on clay, he has lost the mental side and that is key.

My biggest fear is that this could be the year that Federer does not win a Grand Slam, and I think it is a real possibility that he will not at Wimbledon. A possible semi and final with the 2 & 3 players in the world will be a step too far.

If he ends the year without a Grand Slam, 2009 will be his ultimate test as a champion. But I have a feeling that we have seen the best of Roger and that he is now on the slow and steady ride to decline.

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