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Whats the Gamble with Paul Ince?

Premier League Blackburn Rovers
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Had no change my name as we are no longer sparkys boys! Can understand hughes leaving but i didnt think it would be to city. As much as he says its to match his ambition and for the transfer kitty- he is getting double his wages than they were at ewood!

When Blackburn got Mark Hughes, his only mangerial experiance was with wales- a low quality and low ranked international side
He did quite well with them but didnt get them into any major championships

Paul Ince has managed to league 2 teams (similar quality to wales) and saved one from relegation and one the league with the other, MK dons as well as the johnstones paint trophy

We chose Mark Hughes because of his ability to attract players as he has played at some of the top teams in the world- manchester united, barecelona. He is a motivator, gains respect from his players and has a determination to win

Paul Ince has also played for top sides- Inter and manchester united. As a player he had similar qualities to Mark Hughes and from what i have heard him say on tv he sounds extremly detirmined and has a winning quality. And to win a league trophy and league he must have some tactical knowledge!

I think he could make the step up to the premier league and as much as the fans would love shearer- no managial experiance whatsoever would be a huge gamble

Now lets get paul in with a good back room team (that could include shearer or tugay) and batter city next season home and away!

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posted Jun 8, 2008

I want Slaven Billic. Great man, great manager. I can see him inspiring Blackburn well. It'll be easy to lure him away, as well. His wages for Croatia are 80,000 a year. And we can use a bit of the compensation to compensate Croatia for their loss. It all works.

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posted Jun 9, 2008

Hi all,

I am a Celtic man and I come in piece! I know Steve was rubbish for England, but when was the last time an England manager got England to play the 'best football' with the 'best players'? Never!

He done a fantastic job at Borough and IMO Blackburn fc has much more going for it and think he would do just as goo a job if not better.

Now tell me would you not like a league cup and UEFA cup final?

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posted Jun 9, 2008

i think sam allardyce is a good option because he has good experience and if given a good chance he could do well although id like to see shearer in there

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posted Jun 9, 2008

Would be interesting to see McLaren at Ewood Park. What a fantastic experiement! The team Hughes built has good strong technical and proud players in every position. Now, it would be a quite amazing feat to get this team relegated but I honestly, hand on heart believe that McLaren could do it! In one season too!

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posted Jun 9, 2008

I'm not a Blackburn fan - but surely the thought of McLaren must make their fans blood run cold?

No-one (not even MUFC)deserves this treatment.

Mass demonstration against the board if he's even interviewed - surely!

Him and Barwick should have been given a bottle of scotch and a revolver - and told - "you know what to do!"

He couldn't run a bath.

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posted Jun 9, 2008

Why on earth would any Premiership team want Steve McClwn as their club manager?

What did he do to Boro? A Carling Cup winner and a lucky appearance in the UEFA Cup final - which was a total embarrassment?
Weigh that up against the the amount of Steve Gibsons money that he spent and it seems to be an inept performance, and his appointment as England manager was as bad as KK playing G Southgate in midfield against Germany all those years ago. Let the clown go abroad!!!

A Shearer appointment with Newell or maybe Kidd as an assistant would be ideal for both parties.

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posted Jun 9, 2008

I think McLarens inept performance as England Manager means he realistically has to take an unfancied Chamionship job and rebuild his career from there - surely no Premiership team would seriously consider taking him on? Especially with Euro'08 in progress as we speak.

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posted Jun 9, 2008

Steve Mc Laren did the unthinkable and delivered a deathblow to the fiasco that was Englands qualification for Euro 2008. I am shocked that he is even still allowed to live in the country, let alone consider working here anytime in his natural life. He should have been placed into exile and never darken our doorsteps again. This is a truly shocking and traumatic subject, and English people should be spared from having to even read this fools name in our media print ever again. How he could even consider himself worthy of a job in this country is beyone my wildest comprehension.

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posted Jun 11, 2008

McClaren is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard!!

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posted Jun 13, 2008

Blackburn Rovers have appointed Sam Alladyce as their new manager

A decision has been made by John Williams and the Blackburn Board and a statement will be issued shortly

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