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by bizefc (U4603424) 01 June 2008
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hmmm, right on cue, defoe proves the point i'm about to make, ball comes over,he only needs contact,and....... nothing ,again!
right, just tuned in,why play defoe,he's just not good enough, if you're in a tight game where you may only get that one chance on goal, defoe just cant be trusted to convert when it matters, capello, like predecessors keep putting this guy in the side,WHY?
and what are we going to learn from playing james in a friendly, yes he''s been the best english keeper for a few years, but he's no spring chicken,fit a lad as he is,he'll be lucky to make the 2010 world cup, let alone the euros, if this bunch of idiots actually get there...
what does rob green have to do to get noticed ?
many more, but i want to see the game, bye for now

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posted Jun 2, 2008

Oxfordfoxfan is an idiot!

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comment by Andy (U3200718)

posted Jun 2, 2008

No play, no see, no see no know. we want to know so we must see to know

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comment by Skylynx (U1798828)

posted Jun 2, 2008

My England team

Green - one of the few English gk's that is a good shot stopper and gives belief that he can save penalties.

[lb] A.Cole - Tried, trusted and proven.

[cb] Rio - Tried, trusted and proven.

[cb] Terry - Tried, trusted and proven.

[rb] Gerrard - Before you say I've gone crackers but wasnt he influential playing in this position against AC in that final? His ball retention is very poor for England but as much I hate the guy I think this could be his best position for England. His abilities are too well known to the opposition and I think playing at right back with Beckham covering could finally allow him to drive forward, perhaps maybe like Alves does but only Gerrard will be better defensively. Now imagine the crossing from the right!

[dm] Hargreaves - IMO, Englands best midfielder. As a footballer, he's more German then English and thats good enough for me.

[cm] Carrick - For ball retention. He has been absolutely class at club level this season. Spraying balls from deep, keeping it short & tidy etc. Has also developed his tackle not to mention he already plays with Hargreaves for club. If England want to succeed at international level then this guy is a must.

[lm] Barry - He can pass & move and has a sweet left foot that can cross and shoot. Excellent at retaining the ball.

[rm] Beckham - Give this guy any other nationality and he'd still play for his country until he lost that crossing accuracy. There is no other right sided midfielder to take his place and create what he creates (Bentley needs more time to develop his game and international footie is not the place to do it, thats what club footie is for). Love him or loathe him, that right foot creates chances that should be converted with ease. If England had a decent striker that could put his crosses away there wouldnt be any argument. Also, at set-pieces, we know what he can do, but dont let him shoot at goal from them.

[am] Rooney - With players around him that can retain the ball alot better and pick out passes I can see Rooney not only playing well for England, but with enjoyment. However, if he doesnt perform after a few matches I'd drop him and just go with another out and out striker so we are playing a 4-4-2. Tbh, I'd much rather prefer him not being in the starting team.

[st] This is the area of concern. My top 4 picks

Owen, Englands only clinical striker.

I'd prefer the D.Bent at Charlton {who carried that team} as opposed to the D.Bent that is at Spurs. At Charlton he showed us that he's mobile, strong, fast and a decent finisher, all the attributes of a top striker, but until he's playing 1st team footie or moved on from Spurs I wouldnt even pick the guy as a squad player.

Ashton - Not the same player before his injury, seems to be taking an age getting back to full fitness/sharpness.

Heskey - Why not? Definately a squad player. This guy would run himself into the ground for England and had a successful comeback before he got injured. At least he knows what is expected of him, even if he cant pull it off at times.


James - Tried, trusted and proven. The experience he could offer Green is a must.

Woodgate - A solid defender.

Bridge - Cover at left back.

A. Young - A type of player who I like to describe as a potential impact player. Someone who can come on for the final 10-15 mins and just run at defences causing problems for any defender that has tired legs. Very good left foot for someone who is right footed.

T.Walcott - Like A.Young, a possible impact player.

D.Bentley - I dont think he's good enough to be starting matches, but is well worth a place as a sub.

Last spot goes to a striker.

England need to be solid and efficient before trying to win matches with skill and finesse. Get the basics right and the rest will follow. Discuss please

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posted Jun 2, 2008

Friendlies are not just about trying new people constantly. There's something to be said for the best players playing together and learning to play as a team.

Some of you would seem to be happier if we gave 11 debuts every game.

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posted Jun 4, 2008

1. Isn’t this supposed to be about Defoe? I think there are enough Lampard Vs Gerrard threads out there without having to hijack one about a completely different player, in a completely different position.

2. Oxfordfoxfan:

“To play without an attacking midfielder, particularly given Rooney's preference to drop deep, would leave us completely toothless. Next...”

Er, if Rooney is dropping deep, you don’t need an attacking midfielder. In fact, this is part of the problem – with so many people loving to sit in the hole (Rooney, Gerrard, Lampard), nobody has any space to operate which is why they often suck when all played together. Think it’s a conundrum? No – keep the most technically talented one: Rooney, ditch the other two, and play a more defensive cm pairing – Hargreaves and Barry. Both of these boys are better performers for England anyway.

3. Back on topic, Defoe needed a tryout again, and we got a result : we know he’s shid, and we shouldn’t play him again. That’s progress. I look forward to the next option, and my money is on Ashton.

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posted Jun 4, 2008

I question the doubting of Defoe. If he is chosen he is expected to score to help us and that is what he did against low key opposition. If he is to be picked next time and scores again, especially twice, he is doing exactly what is expected. Overall play can be rubbish but if he scores goals thats the main thing. If Sunday was something to go by on Defoe, then Ashton will not be chosen again.

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posted Jun 4, 2008

I appreciate it seems harsh to criticise a player who scores, but you have to look at the deeper picture. He had 4 sitters and netted two, both of which he was a fraction away from fluffing. His touch was poor, his link up play weak, and against higher opposition you are going to have to take every opportunity. Playing against Croatia in September, they are not going to gift 2 or 3 chances to ‘warm’ defoe up before he starts scrambling them in with questionable skill. While he is on the pitch, another player isn’t – one who perhaps would be linking better, creating football as well as feeding from it, and taking the chances that Defoe screws up.

Like I said, his return to regular play and reasonable form for Pompey required England to take a look at him again. We have, and it’s the same old story. Lesson learned, back to the drawing board.

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posted Jun 4, 2008

Who can say how a specific team will perform? Defoe got us the pen when we previously met. We have the Czechs in August, we should have our permanent captain for that game and Rooney back.

The last time we opened up, albeit after realising we needed to score with a 0-2 scoreline, with a penalty via Defoe and Crouch's touch. We should have definitely won that game, for all reasons, and hopefully the omission from Euro2008 in front of the fans will strike some fear into the players to actually play out there with a lot more hunger or face the bench.

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posted Jun 4, 2008

The guy is okay, but if we are placing our hopes in him as a first choice striker, there is no wonder we are a side who are failing to qualify for tournaments.

There is no need to read yesterdays news if there are plenty of copies of today’s scattered around.

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posted Jun 12, 2008


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