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Australian Cricket Commentry Spoof

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Many years ago I was playing cricket for my team "New Centurians" at Harpenden and one of the oppo had a casette tape spoof of the Australian Cricket Commentry team by imitators. The one that springs to mind, was I think Tony Greigs pen had fallen down a crack during the pre-match pitch inspection and during the game it started to appear. We were in apoplexy, so much so we were all out for 40 odd. Any one recall these and more so know if they are available on CD

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posted May 29, 2008

There was a tape called 12th man which is hillarious and has imitation australian commentators

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posted May 29, 2008

You're after The 12th Man series. Very funny!

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posted May 29, 2008

Yor thinking of Aussie comedian Billy Birmingham and his 'Twelth Man' series, possibly the funniest cricket related comedy of all time.

There's about 5 or 6 albums all on CD (cant be bothered to find the link, but I think they're on all good jungle related CD websites)

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posted May 29, 2008

Yeah, The Twelth Man (Wired World of Sports) - there a a few of them, and I think all done by one guy ... genius!

Am sure you can find them on amazon ...

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posted May 29, 2008

Those sound tracks were brilliant. Probably wouldn't sound as funny now, but they exactly mimicked Ch 9's "Wide World of Sports" and Ch 9's cricket commentary to a tee.

From memory, some of those "albums" topped the charts in Aus.

My favourite was "Still the 12 Man" where we hear Richie Bernard in his own house before the match, practicing saying "teeuuue for twenty teeuuue" in the shower, hearing the bread toaster pop and Ritchie saying "wadacatch! WHAT A CATCH!", and his wife asking which jacket he would like to wear; the white, the off-white, the bone, the ivory, or the beige.

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comment by Sarah A (U9658318)

posted May 30, 2008

I was very recently introduced to the series when someone gave me a copy of "The 12th Man Again" - it's hilarious even now. Have listened to it about 6 times and each time heard something I'd missed before because I was laughing so much. Can't wait to hear the rest.

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posted May 30, 2008

Dude its the 12th Man you want and its hilarious - i listen to them every year just before the boxing day Test to get me in teh mood...the mood for cricket that is...Love this line from Richie...

"And here come the umpires Morgan Freeman or as he prefers to call himself, Steve Bucknore and Billy 'Hey Look at Me' Bowden" smiley

So many classic moments - His Tony Greig and the banter with Bill Lawry is indeed priceless.

"Hoard And Foast! - right awff the meat orv the middle orv the bat!"

Another classic quote during the pitch report...

"The last time i saw this many cracks in one place was at last years Mardi Gras"

But my fave has to be the Pakistani squad names or the New Zealand Rugby squad names...

Check this link - pure gold!!

Ray Warren (Ozzy Rugby Commentator) joins Richie in commentary...

And Ashes 2006 with footage - Awesome.


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posted May 30, 2008

Bloody excellent stuff mate....cheers!

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