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*Murray-Watch : Almagro beats Murray*

French Open
by Bourne (U3020163) 23 May 2008
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Round 3 : Murray 3-6 7-6 3-6 5-7 Almagro

Andrew Murray is out of the French Open at Roland Garros after losing in 4 sets to Nicolas Almagro of Spain. Murray couldn't perform to the same standard as he did vs Acasuso, but still Murray picks up 75 ranking points.

Murray's clay form in 2008 :

Paris = Third Round: Bt Eysseric, Bt Acasuso, Almagro bt Murray
Hamburg = Third Round: Bt Tursunov, Bt Simon, Nadal bt Murray
Rome = Second Round: Bt Del Potro, Wawrinka bt Murray
Barcelona = Second Round: Bye, Ancic bt Murray
Monte Carlo = Third Round: Bt Lopez, Bt Volandri, Djokovic bt Murray

7 wins, 5 defeats

Murray's RG Campaign 2008:[Rd 1]Eysseric 6-2 1-6 4-6 6-0 6-2
[Rd 2]Acasuso 6-4 6-0 6-4
[Rd 3]Almagro (19) 3-6 7-6 3-6 5-7
French Open record :

2006 - Lost Round 1 to G Monfils (Fra) 6-4 6-7(2) 1-6 6-2 6-1
2007 - DNP (Wrist injury)
2008 - Lost Round 3 to N Almagro (ESP) 3-6 7-6 3-6 5-7

So, Murray is out of Roland Garros for another year, falling just short of his target of the Last 16. Murray now has 10 days off before his grass-court season commences at Queens for the Stella Artois Championships, but will be back in Paris next year for another assault at the French Open.

See you in London Andy.

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posted May 31, 2008

Ok so I think that I is unfair the way you guys are treating Andy.
1. he's 21 years old and doesn't have experience yet to win slams, look at Roger Federer, he only started winning slams after a few years in the game
2. He's the only British player in the top 200. He has a huge amount of pressure on him to perform because of this. Give him time and space
3. Murray turned away Brad Gilbert because he wanted to do things his own way and not be helped by the tennis association. He has his own thoughts and way of doing things.

Finally i think we expect to much of andy. Give him time. We are comparing him to much to the best players in the world. He is just taking longer to mature into a consistant player

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posted May 31, 2008

"Andy Murray still has great pottential and he could win a slam or more.
No one can say for certain that he wont and no one can say for certain that he will."
Never a truer word. Some Peruvians are tall and some aren't.

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posted May 31, 2008

Well we should all cheer him on! Scottish, English, Welsh and Irish! All sportsmen/woman have to have some arrogance in their make up. The will to win; to believe they can be the best. Otherwise what would the point of entering a competition? Personally I think all those saying he won't do anything in Grand Slams are more arrogant than any sportsman/woman!! Arrant nonsense is the phrase that comes to mind. No one can know for certain how the next few years will pan out.

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comment by Robert (U6758932)

posted May 31, 2008

"I did go to school in the north of England. A place called Dirt Pot, near Newcastle. Why do you doubt this? Anyway CU, my Scottish friend, I would say that the English (and less the French) have less pommes frites on their shoulders than some other more envious people. This thread, however, is about tennis, and it is my opinion (and if you don't like it, well...) that Murray is not good enough to win a GS, because he only plays in patches and his serve fails quite often. Troll, I suggest, are CU."

I didn't doubt where you went to school - I was noting that while you claimed to be French I remembered (correctly) that you went to school in England. You seem to have an identity crisis.

Anyway: "This about tennis"
<laugh> <laugh> <laugh>
So you're going to change the habit of a lifetime and discuss tennis rather than indulge in your favourite pastime of character assassination? Hilarious.

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posted May 31, 2008

"No one can know for certain how the next few years will pan out." Some Peruvians are tall.
Nonsense. Why should I cheer him on? I like tennis, which is an individual sport, and I like Nadal and dislike Murray. I support my national team in team sports. He doesn't even play for or support GB in Davis!!

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posted Jun 1, 2008

When the true tennis season starts and first Queens and then Wimbledon is underway the vast majority of British people will begin their annual month's affair with the game. The pot holed public courts will be full of pasty Brits dressed in completely inappropriate God awful attire, swinging and missing and clomping round in Doc Martins. Oh, and the papers will be full of Andy Murray and the success starved British nation will forget his gurning, swearing, lack of personality, and their rage at his perceived footballing insult. Just think without Andy, barring rain interruptions, British interest would be ended on Monday 23rd June. We should thank our lucky stars that we have an Andy Murray available to prevent the interest in tennis dwindling to an all time low. For all his faults I shall be supporting Murray at Wimbledon and so will the vast majority of Brits and certainly the commentators who will be praying that he lasts the first week. Drawing an analogy, how many football supporters are interested in Euro 2008 without any home nations participating?

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posted Jun 1, 2008

The tennis Murray played on the way to winning his first San Jose title was all the evidence I needed to believe he has the potential to win a slam.

He beasted Roddick in the semi and then came back from a set down to beat Hewitt in the final. Neither of those guys are going to lose to someone without a fair bit of talent. He was only 19!

He's followed that up with 4 more titles before he was 21. There aren't that many guys who're doing this. He isn't in the same league as the 'big 3', granted, but that doesn't mean he wont be. His rise has been stellar and you only need to look at Almagro's reaction upon beating him to know that he's considered a decent scalp.

On a separate note, I thought potrodelpicasso's comments to CUJMee were out of order. The petulance on display makes me question whether it was beer being drunk on the terrace bar, or a lemonade.

I think it's possible to appreciate someone's tennis without liking them. I find Djokovic a repugnant character, but he has a fantastic athletic game. It's just all the gamesmanship I can't stand. But I sit through it to watch his tennis.

Unlike Djokovic, Murray's 'foibles' in no way impair my enjoyment of his tennis. I like to see his emotion - at least we know it's there! He just needs to channel it better.

I can't wait for the grass! :-)

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posted Jun 1, 2008

Good comments "intelectual_chav" and absolutley spot on

I actually don't mind Djokovic's attitude - i think it adds to the 'drama' of the game

Unfortunatley, as we can see by his disgusting insulting comments directed at CUJMee and hence all of us Brits, 'potrodelpicasso' is obviously one of those 'old school' French people. i.e. He belongs in the same era as General DeGaule

I mean, surely they do not represent the French nation - anything British is rubbish?

We should ignore him / her. For instance the comments should be reported, but that would only add to their 'notoriety'.

In all the comments "podrel" as posted, that i have read, not a single one has ommited insulting the British

So why waste our time debating with him / her??

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posted Jun 1, 2008


Although I would probably never bother debating with podrel, I had to express my disgust. It's surely my responsibility as an adult?!

Back to Murray - he'll be looking to put a decent run in at both Queens and Wimbledon, hopefully justifying his seeding.

Queens is the sort of tournament you can really see Murray winning, as it's smaller and only runs the one week.

As for Wimbledon, if he's prepared to go out there and fight, there's no reason he couldn't at least make the semis.

It really frustrates me that one minute he's there, the next not. When he's fired up he can hit running forehands, his wonderful two-handed backhand and mix it up with the best of them.

When he lets his shoulders drop he gets bullied around. Players have had success when they prevent him getting a foothold in matches.

When he's prepared to dominate others I think we'll see the best of him.

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